Be More Sociable With These 7 Affirmations

When I think of sociable people, I think of my best friend’s father. He will talk to anyone, anywhere, and he does it with good intentions, a sense of humor, and a genuine interest. Naturally, he is well liked by everyone he meets and he has a huge social life full of friends, fun, and connection. He comes from a town of 10 people, yet despite not being around others very often in his early life, he has managed to be the most sociable person around. You can also be more sociable to by using the following affirmations.

Be More Sociable With These 7 Affirmations

1. I Enjoy Being Around Other People

This isn’t about being lonely. You should enjoy being by yourself and having some quiet time to think and create. But, you should also enjoy the company of other people.

If you don’t enjoy it right now, it may be because of your perception of other people. Or, it may because you are surrounded by the wrong people. Try to find people that you relate to and work on nurturing those relationships and developing stronger relationships, then you will see the value of being around other people and really drive this affirmation into a belief.

2. I Find Other People Interesting

You won’t have to say this affirmation long before you believe it and want to be more sociable. Other people are interesting. Some are crazy, some are thoughtful, some are creative, some are quiet, some have weird habits, and some are mysterious. Everyone is interesting.

The most interesting thing is that everyone is different from you. That means that when you are sociable, you are getting to experience something different. And that means that you can learn and grow because experiencing something different helps you develop new viewpoints and beliefs.

3. My Social Life Is Rewarding

So, we’ve already talked about one way that your social life can be rewarding. You can expand as a person by experiencing life from someone else’s point of view and personal experience. But, being sociable comes with many more rewards than just that.

For instance, it gives you a break from your thoughts and improves your mental health. When you are struggling with something, sometimes a break from your thoughts can help you refocus on something better and come out of the struggle. Hanging out with other people is the best way to get a break from your thoughts. You get so engaged with them and what is going on, that you don’t have a chance to stew over negative things.

Being sociable also helps you bounce back from rejection and failure. This comes, in part, from the support and encouragement of people in your social network. They can help you see things differently and get motivated to get back in the game and go for what you want.

It also improves your physical health. We all know that less stress and more support (or less loneliness) affect your health positively. But, what I found interesting was that social support can even help improve your chances of survival if you get sick. For instance, in this study, women diagnosed with breast cancer showed an increased chance of survival when they had a strong social network.

4. I Have A Lot To Offer Other People

Being sociable is not just rewarding for you. It’s rewarding for everyone you are sociable with.

They get the benefit of your uniqueness and creativity, which means they learn from you and expand themselves. They get your support and encouragement, which benefits their mental and physical health. And, they get the reward of having someone genuine and caring in their lives.

It doesn’t matter who you are, you have a lot to offer other people. You are unique which means you will have an impact on other people if you just give yourself the chance to do so.

5. I Connect With Other People Easily

This is an affirmation that won’t be so believable in the beginning, but it’s important. You want to tell yourself that you connect with other people easily because that will help you get out and try to be sociable.

The more you say it, the more you will find yourself having confidence when you approach and talk to people. I know this from experience. Affirming that you are able to connect with others easily helps you feel as though you are capable, and the more you prove it to yourself, the stronger this affirmation becomes.

6. I Enjoy Talking To Other People

One of the reasons you may not want to be more sociable is because you don’t enjoy talking to other people. Listening to other people talk about stuff that doesn’t interest you can be boring and it can feel much more rewarding to get out of the conversation and be left alone to things you really want to concentrate on.

But, when you start to find other people interesting, you start to enjoy talking to them. You want to hear about those little things that bore them, make them happy, or affect their life in some other way. You want to hear their views and get their opinions. And, you want to share your experiences with them.

Trust me, the more you affirm to yourself that you enjoy talking to other people, the more sociable you will become.

And, to add to this affirmation, tell yourself I enjoy listening to other people. When you can become a good listener, other people naturally want to be around you because everyone likes to talk about themselves and what they believe or experience.

7. Everything Is More Fun Shared

Lastly, if you want to be more sociable, affirm to yourself that everything is more fun shared. You probably already have this as a solid affirmation and belief, but it’s important to remind yourself of this often as you attempt to be more sociable.

There is nothing better than reaching your dreams, except for having someone to share the experience with.


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