Fake People vs. Genuine People: 20 Differences You Should Know

Genuine or fake people?
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What is the difference between fake and genuine people? How can we identify a fake friend, a false lover, or any other bogus person? How do you know if a person is really being nice to you or just taking advantage of you?

It’s important to know how to spot a fake person to avoid being deceived and hurt by someone who is pretending to be real and trustworthy but is actually just using you to further their selfish motives.

Although there are some fake people who may not cause you serious harm, there are others who might actually ruin your good name, family, business, and even your entire life.

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Fake People vs. Genuine People

To help you distinguish the two, here are 20 differences between fake and genuine people that you should know:

1. Genuine people help unconditionally; fake people help with self-interest.

Genuine people will help you without expecting anything in return. They are pleased to help you because they are cheerful givers. On the other hand, fake people will help you because they are expecting to gain something from helping you. They are obliged to help you because they are self-centered givers.

2. Genuine people always think about how to make you happy; fake people always think about how they can be happy using you.

Genuine people will call, text or chat with you randomly to check if you’re okay. They are thoughtful people who always think about your well-being. On the other hand, fake people only contact you when they need something from you. They are self-serving and only care about their own satisfaction.

3. Genuine people are happy and thankful for your success; fake people are envious and bitter about your success.

Genuine people are excited about your success. They rejoice when you succeed because they support you to get success in the first place. On the other hand, fake people feel defeated when you achieve success. They envy you, they feel bitterness in their hearts, and they want to pull you down to discredit your success.

4. Genuine people sincerely feel your pain and sadness; fake people are pleased when you’re in pain and sadness.

Genuine people are compassionate. They feel your pain and suffering. They will worry about you. They will comfort you and cheer you up when you’re down. On the other hand, fake people celebrate when you experience failure and sadness. They consider it a victory when they see you down and defeated.

5. Genuine people are there for you through good times and bad times; fake people leave you when you are already useless to them.

Genuine people are there for you through thick and thin, for better or worse. On the other hand, fake people are only there for you in good times but they leave you during difficult times, especially if you cannot already offer something that will benefit them.

6. Genuine people are naturally kind and warm to all people; fake people are only kind to a few and chosen people.

Genuine people show kindness to all people without discrimination because they are naturally good people. On the other hand, fake people only pretend to be kind. Hence, they only show kindness to a few chosen people.

7. Genuine people serve the truth; fake people serve lies.

Genuine people cannot afford to lie. They cannot stop telling the truth because they are addicted to the truth. On the other hand, fake people are skilled in lying and deception. They cannot stop lying because they are addicted to lies.

8. Genuine people defend you; fake people backstab you.

Genuine people will honor and protect your integrity and dignity. On the other hand, fake people will backstab and shame you. They will only say nice things about you when you face them, but they will attack you treacherously when you are not present.

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9. Genuine people are accountable; fake people always blame others.

Genuine people admit their own mistakes and sincerely apologize for not committing the same mistakes again. On the other hand, fake people will not confess their own mistakes but blame others.

10. Genuine people don’t care about getting credits; fake people are credit grabbers.

Genuine people just continue doing good things without thinking of getting any credit or recognition. On the other hand, fake people take credit from other people without working hard to deserve them.

11. Genuine people are humble; fake people are boastful and arrogant.

Genuine people live modest life. They give way to others. They can afford to put themselves low just to raise people’s lives. On the other hand, fake people live beyond their means. They are narcissistic and self-entitled people. They believe that they are superior to other people.

12. Genuine people respect you; fake people are inconsiderate.

Genuine people listen to and value your thoughts, emotions, opinions, and decisions. Fake people don’t care about those because they only care about their own decisions and selfish ambitions.

13. Genuine people strictly follow moral principles; fake people are immoral.

Genuine people obey the laws of God, the laws of the land, or the code of ethics. On the other hand, fake people know these good laws and moral principles, but they ignore and don’t follow them anyway.

14. Genuine people love and care through actions; fake people love and care only through words.

Genuine people show their love and care through consistent actions. They will make efforts and run for you to make you feel loved. On the other hand, fake people will tell you they love you and care for you. But they don’t show up when you need them.

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15. Genuine people inspire you to be a better person: fake people force you to change for their own comfort.

Genuine people will serve as role models to inspire change for the better. On the other hand, fake people will demand change from other people but they don’t want to change themselves. In other words, they don’t practice what they preach – they are a bunch of hypocrites!

16. Genuine people introduce you to their family and friends: fake people hide you from their family and friends.

Genuine people will make you comfortable to be who you really are. They accept you for who you are. They are not ashamed of you. They are happy to have you in their lives. On the other hand, fake people are ashamed to introduce you to their friends, family, or associates. They only think about what other people will say about them. They don’t care about your feelings.

17. Genuine people sincerely forgive and forget; fake people forgive but plan to avenge.

Genuine people do not record your past mistakes. They will forgive you and move forward. On the other hand, fake people will tell you they forgive you. However, they will not forget your sins. They will take revenge. They will use your past mistakes to ruin you.

18. Genuine people honestly tell you your flaws and accept them; fake people don’t tell you your flaws but secretly laugh at them.

Genuine people are like your best friends. They will honestly criticize you. They will tell you what you are lacking if they discover them, but they will accept you no matter what. On the other hand, fake people are always looking for your faults but they won’t tell you when they find them. They will make you believe that you’re perfect, but they will actually use your hidden faults against you.

19. Genuine people need your help because they trust you; fake people only need your help to satisfy their wrong motives.

Genuine people ask for your help because they truly trust you – they view you as a reliable person. On the other hand, fake people may not ask for your help because they may see you as a worthless or unreliable person. Nevertheless, they will ask for your help if they think that it will fulfill their bad motives.

20. Genuine people are spiritual; fake people are materialistic.

Genuine people care about things that last forever, such as true love, kindness, trust, faithfulness, and peacefulness. On the other hand, fake people only care about material things, such as money, jewelry, food, and physical beauty.

12 Ways to Avoid Fake People

1. Limit your interaction with the fake person.
2. Don’t let their annoying demeanor get to you.
3. Do not stoop down to their level.
4. Avoid sharing your personal problems and secrets.
5. Mind your own business.
6. Meet new people.
7. Confront them.
8. Not everyone you lose is a loss.
9. Offer them help.
10. Always remember that it’s not about you.
11. Focus on more uplifting things.
12. Ignore their words and tune them out.

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Wrapping Up

I hope that you have learned some good tips from this article. Now that you have already gained some ideas on how to spot fake people, try to avoid them in your life. Choose genuine people to be within your life. Be with a real lover, true friends, and other trustworthy companions. Remember that bad company can corrupt your good character and destroy your life. Hence, better to be wise than be sorry.

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