How to be Happy: 24 Ways to Have a Happier Life

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How to be a happy person? There are many things that can take our happiness away from us. These include our heartbreaks from the past, our worries of the future, and our frustration with the events that are happening in the present.

In this article, you will learn that to live a happy life you have to learn how to heal your own pain, overcome your fears, and appreciate certain things around you. You will also realize that happiness must start within you.

Here are 24 ways to have a happier life:

1. Be humble to accept your weaknesses and be excited to work on your strengths.
In other words, don’t stop working on something to make yourself a better person. If you lack some skills, go find someone who can train you and be excited about the possible growth you can attain from your training.

2. Realize how lucky or blessed you are.
Don’t put much of your attention on your misfortunes. Look at the positive side of life. For sure you have some blessings in disguise. These can be the people who continuously love you and care for you no matter what or even the life itself that you still have.

3. Know thyself.
Always spend time to meditate and discover your inner self. This will help you reflect on the things that are happening around you, find your purpose in life, and be passionate about fulfilling your destiny or chosen path.

4. Have self-control.
If you want to have a happy life, discipline yourself not to make decisions and do things that can cause you sadness and regrets in the future. Control yourself not to commit sins, which will surely lead to your misery in the coming days.

5. Have balance.
Balance is what makes us continue in life no matter how bumpy the road we’re taking. And how do we create balance in life? Just like riding a bicycle, we achieve balance by practicing. We also achieve more balance by calming our minds, not by panicking.

6. Be truthful.
There is pure happiness in freedom. And when there is truth there is also freedom. Set yourself free and be happy by always practicing honesty. Don’t lie or make promises you can’t fulfill. Live only according to your true means. Owe only if you can truly afford to pay. Say No if it’s a No and Yes if it’s a Yes.

7. Have wisdom.
You don’t need to be an intelligent person to have wisdom. To get wisdom, be diligent to learn the laws and rules that exist in your country or land. Read the good books of your church or religion. Know the code of ethics. After having knowledge of what’s right or wrong, simply follow what’s right. By doing what’s right, your actions will give more results that will make your life happier.

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8. Enjoy the things that money can’t buy.
If you want happiness that lasts, put your happiness on things that are priceless, such as true love, family, good friends, honor, dignity, integrity, and great memories. Don’t place your joy on material things, such as money, cars, and jewelry since these things don’t last forever.

9. Exercise regularly.
Exercise helps our body release endorphins, the chemicals that help us boost our level of pleasure and relieve us from stress or pain. Thus, if you want to be happy, work out your body, and keep it moving. Be excited about getting stronger, sexier, and healthier.

10. Eat foods that can make your body and brain healthy.
Consume foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals that can help you promote healthy brain cells and fight depression and anxiety. These include wild-caught salmon, watermelon, grapefruit, carrots, and other foods that can scientifically make us happy. Of course, consult with a medical professional first before changing your normal diet, especially if you are under medication.

11. Be a cheerful giver.
The charity can give you pure happiness in life. When you give something to other people without expecting anything in return, your heart is filled with joy. You will never be frustrated since you really don’t expect anything in return in the first place.

12. Overcome envy.
Envy can kill joy in your life. Hence, overcome any envy that you feel in your heart by learning how to be content and grateful for what you have.

13. Surpass yourself, not others.
To completely get rid of envy, stop comparing yourself to others. Focus on how you can be the best version of yourself rather than how you can be superior to others. Thus, concentrate on surpassing yourself, not other people.

14. Learn to take time and slow down.
Sometimes, what we just need to overcome anxiety and sadness is slowing down and taking time to clear our minds and get back to our senses. When things are getting too fast, learn to slow down. When your heart and mind feel heavy, get some rest. Always give yourself a break to relax, repair, and rejuvenate.

15. Forgive those who hurt you.
Forgive the people who wronged you, including yourself. Pray or meditate to heal your broken heart. Again, take your time for healing.

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16. Leave the past behind.
In addition to #15, let go of the past events that make you suffer in the present. Don’t just forgive people who hurt you, but also forget the wrongs they made against you. In other words, forgive, forget, and forward.

17. Make joyful moments to cherish.
Use your time wisely. Instead of spending your precious time on social media, video games, and other activities that will not give you great memories to treasure in the future, spend it with your family and loved ones. Eat with them, travel with them, and just enjoy life together with them.

18. Minimize social media.
Lurking on social media doing nothing but reading people’s posts and statuses will not make you productive in life. It can even increase your anxiety, envy, and depression since most content in social media is made out of pride and vanity. Hence, instead of giving likes or hearts on the Internet, give real love in real life.

19. Have actions in your faith.
Having faith in your romantic partner, friends, and especially God can help you stop worrying in life. However, to make your faith stronger, and live a happier life, make sure that your faith is supported with actions. With actions, you’ll have more confidence to realize what you believe in.

20. Love truly and fearlessly.
When you love someone, do not be afraid to be hurt. Fear in love will only torment your heart and mind. It will hinder you to love purely and completely. Without complete love, you will not totally enjoy your love life. Therefore, just give your pure love and remember that the love you give is never lost, because it is actually the only love you can keep.

21. Live a spiritual life.
Happiness is one of the fruits of living a spiritual life. When you are spiritual, your focus is on the things that last forever, such as love, kindness, joy, peacefulness, and self-control. You avoid the desires of the flesh, such as adultery, greed for money, and gluttony, which only give you happiness for a short time.

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22. Choose the narrow gate.
There is convenience in staying in your comfort zone. But can you really be happy with it? If you want to live your life to the fullest, choose the narrow gates or the roads which are less traveled. These paths may be harder and more challenging, but they are what offer us the best in life.

“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” – Matthew 7:13-14

23. Be patient when you are tested.
Your good virtues are what make your life happier. These virtues include your love, kindness, compassion, humility, faith, and peacefulness. From time to time, events and circumstances will challenge and try to corrupt them. To maintain your happiness in life, stay patient no matter what. Don’t let anyone or anything take these virtues away from you.

24. Pray for happiness.
Finally, if you seek true happiness, don’t hesitate to ask it from God. Pray for the happiness of others and pray for your own happiness.

Final thoughts
To be happy, you have to transform yourself into a whole new person. You should not only promote happiness through your thoughts and words, but you should also ensure that what you see, what you hear, what you feel, what you decide, and what you always do are always directed towards happiness.

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