Challenge Yourself To Develop A Happy Money Mindset

Have you ever heard of the term Happy Money? Ken Honda teaches how to have a Happy Money mindset by having a high money EQ. According to Ken Honda, Money IQ involves earning and making money, spending money, saving money, investing money, and growing money, whereas Money EQ involves receiving money well, trusting in money flow, sharing money with joy, enjoying your money, and feeling abundant.  We should all be striving for a Happy Money mindset or high Money EQ.

3 Big Reasons To Challenge Yourself To Develop A Happy Money Mindset

Happy Money

1. Increase Your Ability To Attract More Money

Having a Happy Money mindset allows you to get into the flow of money. Ken Honda says that money is in a constant state of flow – giving and receiving. A Happy Money mindset allows you to get into that flow and give joyously and receive with gratitude.

A Happy Money mindset allows you to expand your ability to create more wealth into your life. Your ability to see opportunities and financial gains opens up. And when you are happy you are in an energetic state where you can attract the right people and situations to yourself for increased wealth.

2. Enjoy Money When You Get It

Too many people view money as a bad thing, and when they get a lot of it, they either feel guilty or shameful or erratic.

With a Happy Money mindset, you can enjoy the money you have with a calm sense of peace. Even if you make a million dollars or more, the money will not be something that stresses you out or creates havoc in your life. It will be something that you are appreciative of and generous with, and you will end up attracting more and more money because of that Happy Money mindset.

3. Gain Control Over Your Finances

A Happy Money mindset puts you at ease when it comes to money. You view money and finances differently than when you are holding onto negative beliefs and mindsets around money.

This means no more worrying and stressing out about money. Instead, you will have a much better relationship with money and your finances.

6 Tips On How To Develop A Happy Money Mindset

My number one recommendation is to take Money EQ by Ken Honda. If you are not sure if he is the right teacher for you, then you can take the free masterclass here to check Ken Honda out and what he has to offer you. Even that masterclass is going to help you instantly develop more of a Happy Money mindset than you had before it.

Following are 6 Happy Money tricks that Ken Honda taught in a recent class I attended on Mindvalley University.

1. Show Gratitude For Money Daily

In order to develop a Happy Money mindset, you should thank money all the time. Even when you are paying your bills, Ken Honda says that you should be thanking your money.

For example, if you are paying your water bill, you can thank your money for keeping you, your dishes, and your clothes clean. You can thank your money for giving you water to cook food with. Or, you can thank your money for watering your lawn.

There are many things you can thank your money for.

I highly recommend thanking your money on every purchase AND every time you receive money. This helps you get into the Happy Money mindset of how easily money can come into your life and go out of your life. It’s a constant cycle that doesn’t end.

2. Pray For Happiness When You Give Or Spend Money

Don’t focus on your money being depleted when you give or spend money. Instead, pray that the money goes to someone in need, helps someone out, or does something good for someone or something.

One of the things I find fascinating is that your money can go across the world and do something positive for someone else.

For instance, you may buy something from a local shop, then they may donate part of that money to a charity of their choice, then that charity may help someone out, and that person may help someone else out, and on and on it goes – forever – because money is always circulating.

This is why I always give to people asking for money. I don’t look at it as a waste of money. Instead, I hope that it will benefit them or someone else in a positive way as it makes its way from one hand to another. And I know that it will circulate back to me somehow.

What is your money doing when you give it to someone or spend it? Spend some time in the Happy Money mindset. Imagine that is doing great things and uplifting people or the entire world in a positive way.

3. Feel Good When You Receive Money

Another aspect to the Happy Money mindset is feeling good when you receive money.

You may ask yourself things, such as:

  • Where has that money been?
  • Who has it helped?
  • How will I use this money to help someone?
  • How did I get so lucky to receive this money?

Be creative. Focus on feeling good when you receive money because it is a really good thing! And as you receive more money, maintain that joy. It means that flow is happening, and you are engaging in that flow in a positive way.

4. Donate Money

Even if you give someone a dollar, you are working on your Happy Money mindset. You are telling yourself that you don’t need to hold onto every penny because money flows in and out and you know that the process will never end. So, give knowing you will get it back somewhere, somehow as the process of money in and money out continues.

5. Buy From People You Like

Ken Honda says that you shouldn’t go for the cheapest option out there. This doesn’t create a Happy Money mindset; it creates a mindset of lack.

I think it’s also important to buy from people or companies you like because you know that you are using your money in a positive way.

Some people feel guilty when they break tradition or stop buying from a place that they’ve long supported. But I think that it’s OK to boycott a company because their values and morals don’t align with yours. You will feel bad when you give them your money on some level, so there is no point in doing it. It doesn’t help foster a Happy Money mindset.

6. Develop Happy Money Affirmations To Help You Build Your Mindset

I strongly suggest you use positive money affirmations to build your Happy Money Mindset. Here are 25 money affirmations you can start using today.

Ken Honda says that we have a lot of limiting beliefs around money that impede our ability to have a Happy Money mindset. All the above things, including using money affirmations, will help you change your beliefs around money and develop a Happy Money mindset.

What If You Lost Your Job?

Ken Honda was asked this question in the online class I attended, and his answer was to practice the number one Happy Money rule – receive. Ask for help from your family, friends, or community. Be willing to receive help from others as it completes the circle of giving and receiving. Be happy to receive money or anything you get. Express gratitude at every step.

And while you are receiving, give your time and service to others without the expectation of money. Do it in areas that you are interested in. Who knows, you might make some connections that help you find a new job. Or you may make new connections where you can co-create something wonderful and create more money for your Happy Money mindset.


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