How to be happy single? 15 Tips to stay happy being single

Tips to Stay Happy while being Single

Happiness is not about being committed in a relationship. Happiness depends upon ourselves. To be single is not a weakness of being unable to find a relationship. Hence it is a strength of having the patience to wait for the right one. Never let yourself be confused about being single with being lonely because your …

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16 Ways How Not to Be Sad All the Time

Ways to Not be Sad

Sadness is a feeling that is brought about by different situations and causes. It is described to be the opposite of happiness, where we experience moments of glee and optimism towards life. However, apart from being a form of human emotion, sadness can also be a choice, just the same way as being happy. There …

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9 Ways to Live a Simple Life and be Happy

Live a Simple Life and be Happy

Living simply and living happily – what’s the connection between the two? The first is actually necessary for the second. If you want to live happily, live simply. This complex world has a crazily fast pace where people tend to get lost. They become unhappy because they no longer know what makes them happy. The …

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How to be Happy: 24 Ways to Have a Happier Life

How to be Happy

How to be a happy person? There are many things that can take our happiness away from us. These include our heartbreaks from the past, our worries of the future, and our frustration with the events that are happening in the present. In this article, you will learn that to live a happy life you …

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12 Effective Ways to Stop Worrying About the Future

Effective Ways to Stop Worrying About the Future

While others look forward to the coming years with hope and optimism, some can’t seem to find their own inspiration to feel positive and hopeful for the future ahead. Being anxious about what tomorrow can bring is a normal and valid feeling, especially when you are still trying to navigate life on your own. If …

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18 Inspiring Tips to be Happy in a Relationship

Inspiring Tips to be Happy in a Relationship

inspiring tips to happy relationship

If you want to be truly happy in a relationship, read the following inspiring tips:

1. Love your partner as you love yourself.
To be happy in a relationship, learn how to happily love yourself so you can also learn how to happily love your significant other. If you can’t love yourself, how can you love your partner? So love your partner as you love yourself and make him/her happy as you make yourself happy.

2. Sacrifice more material things to gain more spiritual qualities.
Be selfless. Selflessness doesn’t mean totally destroying yourself to save others. It means sacrificing your physical or material self to enrich your spirituality. So learn how to give up some money, time, space and even physical energy in exchange for love, kindness, peacefulness and true happiness.

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8 Effective Ways to Overcome Bitterness and Resentment

Effective Ways to Overcome Bitterness and Resentment

woman contemplating

Bitterness does not only happen because of a breakup or when you get dumped by the person you like. You normally feel it whenever you think you are being treated unfairly. Of course, no one wants to feel this way. However, it is an emotion that can easily swallow you up once you don’t feel good about yourself.

So, how can you overcome bitterness or resentment? Can you escape from its poison?

Overcoming resentment is a battle inside you. You’re the only one who can win it. Based on personal experiences, the following ways are proven to be effective in helping anyone who’s being oppressed by resentment. I encourage you to try them.

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12 Ways to Make a Sad Friend or any Person Happy

Ways to Make a Sad Friend or any Person Happy

The most important thing about happiness is that you’re able to share it. There’s a special feeling when you make somebody happy, it is not how much you have but how much you enjoy sharing the happiness you feel inside. Imagine the world how beautiful it would be if everyone could spend more time sharing …

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