Improve Your Sex Life By Building Better Habits

If you are in a relationship, then that relationship is very important. It can make or break you as a person. It can offer you the support and confidence you need or it can make you feel alone in the world and incapable of doing what you want to do. Essentially, your relationship impacts every other area of your life on some level. Your sex life is the same way. And, it may actually have a bigger impact on your life than you can imagine. That’s why you should take on this challenge if your sex life is lacking. It will help you reconnect and experience the power of an erotic and satisfying sex life.

5 Reasons To Focus On Your Sex Life And Kick It Up A Notch

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1. The Health Benefits Are Huge

A good sex life can help you be healthier both physically and mentally. Even the immune system can be impacted positively when you have frequent sex. If you want a full list of benefits, check out this article.

2. Your Relationship Grows Stronger

You feel more connected to your partner when you have a good sex life, and that’s important because it adds even more health benefits. A good sex life increases trust, communication, satisfaction, and connection and reduces stress, anxiety, and loneliness.

3. You Become A Shining Example Of Love To Other People

A good sex life shows. Your body language towards each other, the way you look at each other, and the way you talk to each other is all a reflection of how you feel about each other. When you have a strong connection it shows, and that influences everyone around you.

For instance, everyone will get a shining example of what a strong relationship looks like and that will impact them positively. You may impact them with your positive energy or your example, but you will impact them in some way.

4. You Can Become Awesome In Other Areas Of Life

This is something I learned from Jon and Missy Butcher in Lifebook Online. When you harness an intense sexual power and use it towards things you want in life, you can make magic. They talk about how even Napoleon Hill knew this and wrote about it in his Think and Grow Rich book.

Think And Grow Rich Sex Quote

Think about this. That energetic vibration you get into when you are turned on is a vibration where you have a lot of energy and want to take on any task that comes your way. When you can harness the power of sexual energy, you can go out and boost your ability to do whatever it is you are doing with energy and desire to get things done, and that’s what I call a win-win.

5. It Just Feels Good

It’s so much better to have a good sex life than a poor sex life. It just feels good.

  • It feels good to know that you are desired and wanted in that way.
  • It feels good to have a secret life with someone that no one else gets access to.
  • It feels good to have an orgasm and release some tension from your body.
  • It feels good to do things that turn you on and get you into your body and out of your mind.

Habits Sound So Strict, But They Are Essential To A Good Sex Life

The one thing that every good aspect of your life has in common is good habits. Something as carefree as your sex life may not seem to go with habits, but it does.

Developing good habits means that your sex life will be based around behaviors that ensure you are giving your sex life every chance it deserves. You won’t put things off until later (next week, next month, etc.) You will make your sex life a priority because you have built-in habits that help you do that.

Challenge: Build Yourself Some Solid Habits For Your Sex Life

Following are some examples of healthy habits you may want to build to improve your sex life. Of course, you can create your own habits that resonate with you. The main thing is that your habits keep you turned on, having sex, and enjoying it!

Habit 1: Ask For What You Want During Sex

If you want to truly enjoy your sex life, then you have to get into the habit of asking for what you want. When you do, your partner will know how to pleasure you and keep you happy every step of the way.

Of course, the flip side of this is that your partner will be more open to asking for what they want, and that means you will have to do some things that please them and keep them happy.

When you both get into the habit of being open and honest about what you want in the bedroom, your sex life will take on a whole new life. You will find yourself doing things you never thought of before and trying out things that both of you have never done before, and that’s going to be rewarding for you.

Habit 2: Do Something Intimate Every Day

Have you ever noticed that the less intimate you are with your partner, the less intimate you want to be? After a long enough time, you start to get used to a lack of intimacy in the relationship and just accept it as the status quo. That’s a great way to minimize your sex life.

Doing something intimate doesn’t mean sex. You can sit down and spend some quality time together, you can cuddle, you can go on a date, you can engage in foreplay, kissing, or watch an adult movie. There are so many ways to be close and feel close. You decide what works for you.

Habit 3: Spice Things Up Every Once In A While

You may not know what you want in your sex life yet because you haven’t tried enough stuff to figure that out. That’s where this habit comes in.

Search out some new ideas that might spice things up and then try them out once a week, or every two weeks, or once a month. You choose how often you want to implement this habit, and then stick with it.

Ideas may include role-playing where you act out scenes from a movie or a scenario that gets you turned on, such as meeting a stranger in the bar and then getting a hotel room for the night with that stranger.

If you are not sure where to start, just look up sex ideas in Google and get some inspiration for things that you want to try that might spice up your sex life.

So now you have some ideas on how habits can improve your sex life. What habit do you want to create to improve your sex life? Date night? Intimacy workshops? Reading books that help you spice up your sex life? The list goes on and on. 


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