15 Ways to Improve Your Focus

Improve your focus
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Are you aiming to top the board exam? Or do you want to graduate with flying colors? Or maybe you want to achieve your dream of being a millionaire in two years. These goals are not impossible to reach, but they all require a great amount of focus to be possible.

Nevertheless, with so much going on around, most people struggle with focus or concentration. If you know you are having a hard time getting focused on your goal, then you need to do something about it. You can take these 15 ways to help you improve your focus:

1. Identify your top priority this season.
It is alright to have many goals, but if you want to achieve excellence, then you need to focus on them one at a time. At this point, which one is the most important that needs your full attention? That means you will be devoting most of your time and energy to it.

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2. Declutter your mind.
You need to organize your thoughts so the rest of your life will be organized as well. Avoid the stressors that usually consume your mind. For instance, you can deactivate your social media accounts to keep yourself from being exposed to toxic rants and dramas online.

3. Declutter your environment.
The mess in your room can actually add to the stress your brain takes—which results in poor concentration. Tidying up your place will help organize your thoughts. Being in a clean and orderly environment can relax your mind and make it more focused.

4. Break free from a toxic relationship.
If you are in a relationship with someone who demands a lot of time and attention, then maybe it is time to ponder whether your partner is an inspiration or a distraction at the moment. If s/he does not understand your need to focus, then maybe you need a timeout in your relationship.

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5. Avoid distractions.
Aside from a demanding partner, you need to avoid other forms of distraction. Other usual distractions that you should be aware of are too much Facebook usage, watching TV and Kdramas, and mobile games. Decide to fast on these while you are trying to achieve your goal.

6. Learn to say NO.
If you are that one-call-away type of person, then you could have a hard time focusing. Learn to decline unnecessary social invitations and short notice errands to avoid destroying your personal schedules. You cannot carry out your own plans if you always let others plan for you.

7. Keep away from the habit of overthinking.
Too much thinking about something can result in idleness, preoccupation, and anxiety—which are hindrances to achieving full concentration. For this reason, you have to immediately divert your attention to anything productive whenever you are tempted to daydream or think about unnecessary thoughts.

8. Make a to-do list for each day.
Another important planning method that can help you focus is creating a daily to-do-list. This allows you to organize your activities, focusing on the important and urgent goals that need to be accomplished for the day. This will help you save time and energy from those that are not necessary.

9. Set short-term goals.
Setting short-term goals (those that can be achieved within a short period, like finishing two books in a month) will help you maintain focus since you have objectives that are more specific, measurable, attainable, results-oriented, and time-bounded (SMART). Although long-term goals are also necessary, they are harder to maintain because many things could happen within a longer duration.

10. Manage your time wisely.
Focus requires a lot of discipline, especially when it comes to time management. Aside from making a to-do-list, you also need to budget your time properly and strictly to complete as many tasks as possible in a day. For instance, if you have set two hours to study one particular subject, then you better maximize that time so you would not need to extend and affect the next schedule.

11. Practice the discipline of delaying gratification.
Most of the time, you need to sacrifice your own leisure to give more attention to your priorities. An example would be missing a night out with your friends so that you can study for your upcoming exams. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, you understand that your sacrifice now will help you graduate on time and land a good job. Then, once you are financially stable, you can bond with your loved ones in better settings and without worrying about the future.

12. Put your whole concentration on what you are doing.
In order to achieve excellence, you need to completely focus on your current activity. For instance, avoid checking your phone for messages while you are studying or finishing some important documents. This will help you maximize time and productivity.

13. Avoid multitasking.
Multitasking is a skill, but it is not always advisable since it defies the purpose of focus. It divides your attention and lessens the quality of the tasks you are simultaneously working on. Moreover, you can finish one activity quicker if you focus on it.

14. Get proper sleep.
Lack of sleep will hinder you from concentrating on the things you do. How can you focus if you are fighting hard to keep your eyes open? Admit it, it is difficult to comprehend what is happening around you when all that your brain wants is to shut down.

15. Stay healthy.
It is impossible to focus if you are sick, not to mention that you miss a lot since you need to rest and recover. Therefore, keeping yourself healthy should be your priority as well. You should eat a balanced diet, drink a lot of water, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep.

Stay Focused

It is not too late to improve your concentration skills and be an achiever. All you need to do is discipline yourself and be determined to achieve that goal. You need to start by knowing what you want and controlling your mind from wandering around.

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