Learn How To Tap Into Emotional Mastery With Jennifer Partridge

Do you want to learn more about tapping and how it can help you process your emotions and overcome limiting beliefs and negative thinking? Jennifer Partridge uses a technique that incorporates traditional Chinese medicine, neuroplasticity, psychology, and spiritual practice. She has a fun, compassionate, and interesting personality, and she understands emotional freedom tapping on a level that makes her ideal to teach it.

How Can Tapping Into Emotional Mastery Make You Happier?

Tapping Into Emotional Mastery
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The Emotional Freedom Technique that Jennifer Partridge teaches isn’t just about tapping on various body points, although, that is done daily through the course. It’s about ‘tapping’ into our emotions by talking it out through Jennifer’s process and working through them.

In short, if you have emotions that you want to work through, then her course on Mindvalley, Tapping Into Emotional Mastery, can help you. The technique that Jennifer Partridge teaches helps you deal with any upsetting or lingering emotions that are impacting you in some way. It helps you take a look at those emotions, face them, and flip the script that is causing them.

Unless you are in a real state of high emotional intensity, you should come out of each tapping session feeling less intensity than you went in with. Sometimes it takes two sessions to lessen the intensity, but in my experience, it always diminishes, even with the most negative emotions such as grief or despair.

People joined Tapping Into Emotional Mastery for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Releasing emotional trauma and fear.
  • Being able to move on and create a better future.
  • Improving emotional intelligence.
  • Having better relationships with loved ones.
  • To stop avoiding emotions.
  • To have more connection and listen more deeply to their body.
  • To start their day off on the right foot emotionally.
  • To teach other people how to help themselves through tough emotions.
  • To help deal with trauma or sadness from physical issues.
  • To deal with the loss of something or someone.

You May Find Yourself Finding Emotions And Limiting Beliefs You Didn’t Even Know You Have

There are a wide variety of negative emotions and beliefs we hold into that we don’t always acknowledge on a conscious level. I think we are always discovering new aspects from our past that influences things in our current lives, and that’s where something like Jennifer’s tapping technique comes in. We can use it to discover and let go of those hidden emotions and beliefs.

For instance, maybe you’ve been manipulated in the past, and you are holding onto that manipulation in some way. Maybe it’s affecting your ability to heal or move forward in a relationship. This is the type of thing that may come up for you when you are tapping on a particular topic such as forgiveness or trust.

Maybe you feel old and that limiting belief is holding you back in many areas of your life. Or maybe you feel too young!

Jennifer’s tapping technique helps you dig into emotions and thoughts and have some aha moments where you discover issues you didn’t even know you had!

Do You Have To Know Anything About Tapping Or Emotional Freedom Technique?

No. Jennifer Partridge teaches you the basics and the more advanced aspects of tapping and how her method works.

People who had already experienced tapping and EFT were curious to see how Jennifer Partridge did her tapping and technique to release emotions because, in her free masterclass, they noticed she tapped on points that aren’t always used in classic EFT and left some points out.

And, if you are engaged in any kind of healing modality, you will probably enjoy Jennifer’s technique for reducing and even healing negative emotions and limiting beliefs.

The Daily Soul Tap Could Become An Indispensable Morning Habit For You

There’s a daily soul tap that you do every morning. Tapping Into Emotional Mastery is 28 days long, so you will do 28 days’ worth of soul taps. Don’t skip this. There’s a high chance that it will become part of your morning habits, and it’s a really good morning habit to have.

During it, you ask yourself questions about your day, what’s holding you back from having the day you want, and how you would be if there was no issue.

It’s a great introspection exercise that helps you start off the day on the right foot. It helps clear out any limiting beliefs and emotions and dive into what you really want to accomplish for the day at the highest level you can.

Tapping Into Emotional Mastery
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You Will Love Yourself More

I think some of the biggest reasons Tapping Into Emotional Mastery can make you happier is that the tapping process heavily focuses on self-love and self-acceptance, two things that we all need to feel happier.

It also helps you focus on self-forgiveness which is HUGE in becoming happier. There’s no one who can bring you down more than yourself. If you beat yourself up over things, you can’t be happy at the same time. You need to move into one state of being or another. In short, if you carry around regret or self-blame, you need to let that go for a happier life.

Every day for 28 days you will tell yourself in one way or the other that you love yourself and you forgive yourself as you tap. You tap daily, so you will always be exposed to these loving and accepting affirmations that she includes in her sessions, and I can almost guarantee, that after 28 days of doing this, you will see your perceptions around these things shift in a positive way.

It’s Not Too Far ‘Out There’

Some people think that tapping is a little bit out there, but it’s really not. The process that Jennifer Partridge uses includes the science of rewiring thought patterns, among other things that have been shown to work.

There are things talked about such as the need for ancestral healing (crap passed down from generation to generation), setting boundaries in life, gratitude, and the power of simplicity that everyone can resonate with.

While Jennifer Partridge can be a little bit exaggerated at moments, the process that she is teaching feels like a good therapy session where you are discovering things about yourself and letting go. You come out of the sessions feeling better, which is what the emotional freedom technique is all about.

Of course, she does talk about things like the soul, life force, and has a very hippie vibe to her, but everything she talks about will resonate with most people. They are all common issues, emotions, and beliefs that we all deal with, so you should get a lot from the tapping sessions or, at the very least, the reflective sessions.

Before you take her course, you can take her free masterclass to see if you resonate with her.

If you have any questions about the Tapping Into Emotional Mastery quest on Mindvalley with Jennifer Partridge, please ask in the comments below.


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