8 Reasons Singles should Stop Worrying

Single and not worrying
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Ever feel tired and somehow annoyed when people ask you, “When are you going to have a partner?” or “When are you getting married?” These kinds of questions would be asked too much that it often leads to you questioning your worth as a person. But that should not be the case, being single does not mean that you are undesirable or there’s something wrong with you. Most of the time, it just means that it’s not yet the right time for you to be in a relationship. There’s more to life than waiting and finding your match.

There are a lot of successful people that prefer to be alone or single forever than being married to someone that makes their life miserable. You must always remember that you are a blessing and whatever you envision your life in the future can be a reality. So stop having negative thoughts and do your very best to improve yourself. It all starts within you and not from anybody else. So, here are 8 reasons for us singles, to stop worrying.

1. You are not settling for less.
The fear of being alone should not be your reason to date someone. It is a bad decision to just “settle” for it because it doesn’t only affect you but also the person you’re seeing. Stop hating yourself because you are alone. You shouldn’t base your worth on having a companion in your life. Learn to love every single part of your body and your life. Stop basing your happiness on temporary and external things – this will make your life much better.

Chances are you are going to find your life partner because as you grow older, your preferences in finding your partner change. And it should be like that, as you get to know yourself more, you tend to look for someone who will understand and accept every single part of your life including your flaws and imperfections. The more mature you are the more you tend to look for someone who has the same thinking as you. This will lessen the chance of you ending up with someone who’s not as mature enough as you are.

2. You get to spend more time knowing yourself.
Instead of staying sad and lonely because you’re single, take this time as an opportunity to learn more about yourself. You will actually have the freedom to do what you want, like what food to eat, what movie to watch or where to go for a vacation. This is also a good time for you to spend more hours being with your family and friends. Because trust me, when you’re already in a relationship, you will most likely spend more time with your partner rather than with them. So enjoy this time to take care of yourself and eventually, loving yourself more. So that when the time comes when Mr./Ms. Right comes along, you will learn to love them as much as you love yourself.

3. Having someone or being married does not cure everything.
A lot of people will feel bad if a person who’s very successful is single. That should not be the case. As I have been saying, your worth shouldn’t be based on whether you have a partner or not. You are capable of becoming whoever you want to be and whatever you want to achieve in your life with or without a partner. Being in a relationship or getting married doesn’t mean you will become successful so don’t let those opinions make you feel bad and worthless about yourself. Focus more on your goals and everything will just fall into place.

4. Being single also has its benefits.
Some people choose to be single because they enjoy this opportunity to live as they please. Being single gives them the sole freedom to choose where to live, what to eat for dinner and etc. Being single often means having fewer social obligations and you can most likely to pursue your hobbies and adventures that you can’t do when you get married or when you already have a partner. People who stay single for life are often just as happy as those people who marry. They learn to live their lives surrounded by their friends, family, activities, and other factors that improve their life and happiness.

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5. You’ll know more about what to prioritize.
Your ultimate goal should not be entirely finding your partner. The thought of being in a relationship should be put aside first so that it can help you focus on other things or life goals you have that are more important. You should invest as well in your future and your emotional happiness above all else.

6. Being single will make you become a stronger person.
Oftentimes we see in the movies that a woman always needs saving, your very own knight and shining armor. How about changing that kind of mindset and become your very own hero? You shouldn’t depend on another person to save you every single time you’re in need. This will help you have more courage and strength to have that kind of thinking, and this will make you also become more independent.

7. Life can bring you a lot of unexpected rewards.
Most of the time, when our minds are fixated on one person or thing, we fail to see opportunities that are right in front of us. Finding the right person consumes a lot of our time and energy. We tend to overlook the fact that we can meet new people who can potentially become our greatest of friends or other opportunities that can actually help us improve and achieve our goals. We should always keep in mind that life has a lot of great gifts in store for us if only we look more closely and become more open to all its possibilities.

8. The right time will eventually come.
Everything worth having takes time. And that includes finding the love of your life. Sure, you sometimes feel impatient and you just want to rush things. But it shouldn’t be that way, because love takes time. You shouldn’t feel discouraged that you haven’t met him/her yet, trust the process and wait for it. The perfect time will come and you’ll meet him/her at the right moment, and you’ll know it. It is worth the wait.

These are just a few reasons for you to stop worrying about being single. Stop questioning your worth. The right moment will come and happen when you least expect it. For now, you should focus on yourself and what you have right now in the present. And that you should always keep in mind that you deserve to love and be loved by the right person and at the right time.

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