10 Ways to Improve Your Relationship

Improve a relationship
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When you are just starting out on your relationship with your partner, every day is always hearts and roses. Both of you spend a lot of time with each other. There are too much passionate and loving emotions every single day and you just want to spend the whole day with him/her. However, as time goes by, these things that you used to do that made you feel giddy or happy just bore the both of you; or you got tired of it. Chances are the so-called “honeymoon stage” is over. But being in a relationship with someone you love should not just end after such “stage”, it takes effort, commitment and making time for your partner. So to help you with that, here are 10 ways to improve your relationship.

1. Communicate more.
Communication does not only help you resolve conflict, but it can also help to know your partner more. Being able to communicate with him/her as much as possible helps in making your partner feel your presence and interest in his/her life. From asking him/her about how their day went to random questions that would let you learn about his/her perspective on certain things, these things will benefit both of you. Of course, everything has its own limitations so be sure that you’re doing it just enough and not to the point of risking or disturbing your partner’s work.

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2. Schedule a monthly date night.
This kind of date night should not just be a “Netflix & Chill” type of date. Going out and having dinner is a great idea for an ideal date night, and it’s not necessary that it should be at a fancy and expensive restaurant. Scheduling your date night is also important so that family or work-related issues that may postpone your date will be fixed.

3. Go on adventures.
Traveling with your partner can be very exciting. Sure it can be fun seeing places and trying out new things alone, but sometimes it can be very enjoyable when you share it especially with the person you love.

4. Let bygones be bygones.
Past mistakes and memories can lead to many potential arguments and the primary issue for future ones, what happens in the past does not always stay there and sometimes it’s too hard to move on in a relationship when you are still thinking about what happened in it from another time. Learning to let go and not dwelling on the past will help you prevent future arguments or making an issue bigger than when it started.

5. Pay attention to the small details.
Little things matter in a relationship, a great example for this just paying attention (this includes not checking your phone!) when your partner is talking to you. If he/she’s sharing something that’s going to happen in the future, make sure to take note of it and remind your partner the day before that event happens. This will show how you pay attention and take an interest in the things that your partner is doing and will surely touch his/her heart.

6. Learn to say “thank you” often.
Appreciating and acknowledging your partner’s efforts no matter how big or small they are really matter. Oftentimes we tend to overlook this aspect that when it becomes too much for your partner to bear, it can potentially lead to arguments. Extravagant and outrageous gifts or gestures can easily get your attention to say thank you, but it also as important as when your partner pays the bill or wash the dishes. That way he/she will know that his/her efforts do not go to waste. It is very important to never take for granted your partner’s effort.

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7. Know your partner’s boundaries.
This is part of respecting your partner as a person and knowing that he/she has boundaries too. Does your partner like to be alone when you are in an argument? Or does he/she like that you text him/her all throughout the day? Learning these things will help you to adjust when or where to make your partner feel your presence.

8. Know when to apologize.
Being egotistic and full of pride will get you nowhere in your relationship. If you know that you are at fault, acknowledge it and learn to say sorry. Have a humble heart to admit your own mistakes. It will also help you resolve your conflicts with your partner without making your argument blow out of proportions.

9. Strive to understand before being understood.
Knowing your partner’s side or perspective helps you understand the things that your partner is saying or acting. Don’t try to push and make it seem like what you’re saying is the absolute truth. Being too defensive already dismisses the chance for your partner to explain his/her side. When your partner has some criticisms about you, learn to keep an open mind and let him/her explain why he/she thinks like that. That way you’ll know if it’s reasonable enough for you to improve that aspect in your life.

10. Be more affectionate.
It is somehow normal for couples to become less affectionate as time goes by. Others will be fine with it but for most people, they often feel like they’re rejected. However, instead of being disappointed and just ignore your partner, try doing small loving actions. Holding your partner’s hand or hugging him/her are one of the few things you can do to show your affection.

These are just a few ways to improve your relationship. Try out new things and ways of finding what works to make your relationship better than ever before. Doing these things are worth it in the end especially when you are doing it for the right person.

There’s this old saying that goes, “you never know what you have until it’s gone.” And this is true for many relationships. When we become too comfortable and complacent on our partner’s presence, it often leads to taking him/her for granted. Always remember that relationship takes commitment, time and effort to make it work. Happiness is not a product of having what you lack, but acknowledging and appreciating what you have.

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