Self-Love Will Guide You To Your Dreams

The following quote from Ebonee Davis is an important one to remember because self-love is so important for so many different aspects of life.

Self love quote

When you make yourself a priority and take into account your happiness and well-being, you can’t live in a pit of misery. You can’t stifle yourself. You can’t hold yourself back from doing things to further your personal development because you feel like you deserve all the good things in life.

It’s just like if you have a friend that you love. You don’t want to see them stuck in life. You want them to be happy and achieve all the dreams that they have set out for themselves. That’s what loving them is about! You want them to have the most fulfilling life possible and you can often see what the best choices for them are through your lens of love.

Self-Love Is Not Selfish

Self-love is no different than any other type of love. It’s not about narcissism or the ego. It’s about being your closest ally and wanting the best for yourself because, just like everyone else, you deserve it.

And when you start to practice self-love, you will feel an obligation to spread love and help other people love themselves because you will KNOW how powerful and beneficial it is.

Other People Can’t Love You To Greatness

If you don’t give yourself the self-love that gives you confidence and motivates you to bigger things, then it doesn’t matter how many other people give you love, you will never achieve what you want to achieve.

Despite how much they love you, your inner voice – the one that tells you whether you are worthy of something or not – will not let you make the choices that help you get to where you want to be. If you don’t love yourself, that voice will tell you that you are not worth it or capable of getting what you want.

Work On Making Self-Loving Choices

It’s clear that working on self-love is important. But, it takes work. It takes practice. It takes paying attention to your intuition, which has your best interest at heart. And, it takes some convincing!

What I’ve found is that even if you don’t truly feel like you love yourself, always ask yourself what someone would do if they loved themselves in any given situation you find yourself in. Use the answer to help you make the choice that aligns with love. Each time you make a loving choice for yourself, you will feel that sense of love and it will be energizing and propel you to a way of living that includes self-love!


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