10 Kute Blackson Quotes On The Act And Power Of Surrendering

10 Kute Blackson Quotes On The Act And Power Of Surrendering

Kute Blackson has a wonderful job title. He’s a transformational truth teacher. He wants to help people free themselves from their past, connect to who they truly are, discover their life purpose, and create the life of their dreams. It’s a beautiful goal to have and his energy aligns with his goal. He’s a personable, …

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11 Self-Discipline Quotes That Highlight It’s Importance In Life

self discipline tracker for kids

We all need more self-discipline in our lives. Whether we want to become healthier, happier, or more successful, being able to discipline ourselves is the key. It’s one of the character traits that can have a huge impact on everything in our life, especially our happiness. Living a life of discipline helps us be who …

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10 Quotes On The Purpose Of Life To Help You Figure Out Yours

purpose of life defeat

Is there really one purpose in life? Considering there are many different purposes of life quotes, I would say not. Everyone has their own path in life, and one person’s purpose may not resonate with someone else. That said, having a purpose in life is important. It helps you get up in the morning and …

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7 Awesome Quotes From A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

child appreciated mr. rogers' quote

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood is like an adult version of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. Mr. Rogers’ TV show helped to teach kids lessons about their feelings and be more connected and compassionate, and A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood helps adults see some big issues in a different light and how important it is …

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Quotes From The Mother Earth Video: Nature Is Speaking Series

I Don't Really Need People, But People Need Me (9)

Conservation International gave nature a voice a few years ago through video. They used people like Julia Roberts, Robert Redford, Harrison Ford, and Edward Norton to give the videos a voice in the ‘Nature Is Speaking’ series. Nature is definitely speaking as we move through a pandemic. We can see how impactful we are on …

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10 Productivity Thoughts Using Michael Scott & Jim Halpert Quotes

Jim Halpert the office quote

Was Dunder Mifflin a productive place to work at? I guess that depends on who you were. Some people were more productive than others, but the entire office had to succumb to their boss’s constant need for useless and often inappropriate meetings and interruptions, so the productive people often had to pack their productivity into …

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Why You Should Always Learn New Skills

Learn new skills button on computer

It’s tempting to sit back and get stagnant in life. It feels easier. It feels more rewarding at times. But it’s neither of those things. When you constantly work on learning new skills, you constantly improve your life. You feel less regret and you have more success. Following are some quotes that drive home the …

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A Couple Of Quotes About Happiness In Love

love quote

Not everyone in love is happy. The problem is that love isn’t always enough to keep a relationship together. The element of happiness in love is very important. If you are struggling in a love relationship without happiness – or dwindling happiness – and feel as though love is enough to keep things together, here …

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4 Productivity Quotes That Are Resonating With Me Big Time

productivity quote maggie smith

My productivity has taken a hit lately. I’ve had a ton of unexpected issues come up in my life, but I can only blame those things so much. I found some productivity quotes that are resonating with me big time and have given me some insight into why my productivity levels are not as high …

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A Quote And Thoughts To Get Rid Of The First Date Jitters

first date quote

Getting ready for a first date can be nerve-wracking. A million things can be going through your head and, sometimes, those things can make you so nervous or unsure of yourself, that you are doing yourself a disservice. You don’t want to head into the date with a chaotic state of mind. When you are …

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A Few Quotes About TV To Inspire You To Turn It Off More

Tv quote

Have you ever worried that you were going to look back one day and regret all the time you spent watching TV? Will you regret not using that time for more rewarding activities, like working towards goals or spending time with loved ones? If so, then you may have a TV addiction – or, at the …

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6 Important Quotes To Remember When Trying To Save Your Marriage

quotes save your marriage

A happy and healthy marriage is something we all strive for. Our spouse is the one person in our lives who can lift us up, support us, and understand us like no one else. If your marriage has gone downhill, then you may be trying to save your marriage. But, is it worth saving? And …

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6 Quotes That Will Inspire You To Speak Up More

speak up more affirmations

It’s time to speak up more. You have your own thoughts and you have a voice to speak them. If you don’t speak up when you feel like you should, then you are responsible for the outcome – nobody else. Take ownership of your happiness, health, and success, and speak up more! The following 6 …

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