6 Quotes From Sonia Choquette About Intuition

Sonia Choquette gave a lesson on Hay House’s World Psychic Summit called ‘Tune In: Follow Your Intuition To Fulfillment And Flow’. Not long ago, I almost took a course by Sonia on intuition, but I opted for another course instead. After listening to her lesson for an hour, I regretted my decision. I wish I would have taken her course first! Following are 6 quotes from Sonia Choquette’s lesson that explain how she views intuition and honors it.


1. Her Definition Of Intuition

Your intuition is your inner guidance and it’s your inner teacher.

Sonia described intuition beautifully. She said that it’s our intelligent inner voice that can guide and teach us.

I thought she had said that intelligence comes from our heart because it is the first organ in the body to develop. I checked this out and she’s right according to this article, but according to this article, it seems the brain may develop first.

Either way, she says the heart picks up more vibration and energy information than the intellect does, so it is more intelligent than your mind’s intellect, which is primarily your left-brained awareness.

She said that the heart tunes into the spirit and the field of energy around you and it’s a way of perceiving and getting guidance without using your five senses, which, honestly, often fail you anyway. I mean, how many times have you’ve been holding something and looking for it at the same time. Or how many times has someone been calling your name but you don’t hear it? It seems our sense of touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste can often fail us.

Using our six sense is a great way to get an accurate and subtle reflection of the world around you.

2. Are You Intuitive?

Everyone is intuitive because everyone has a beating heart.

So, it stands to reason that if your heart is an area where you can pick up vibration and energy, then as long as you have a heart, you can be intuitive.

Sonia says it’s just a matter of being open to the fact that you have six senses. By doing that, you will open your heart and your ‘knowing’ from there, and you will be more tapped into your intuition.

During the lesson, she also says that everyone hears their intuition quite often, but most of us tend to ignore it. Like during those moments when you know you should go left instead of right, but you go right anyway.

She also gave a great quote about this that I’ll talk about soon.

3. When Seeking Answers, Your Mind Often Wants To Voice Its Opinion

You have to let your mind speak. It has its opinions.

This is where I really started to want to take Sonia’s course on MindValley. She did an exercise with the woman who was interviewing her that showed how to get your mind’s opinions out of the way so that you can focus on your intuition instead.

The mind thinks it’s right because of the limited way it can receive. In fact, it is right, according to it, because it’s giving you all the information that it gets. But, if you want to tap into a more intuitive source of information, then you need to get out of your head.

Following is a little exercise – paraphrased and summed up a bit – that helps you work through your mind’s opinions and get to your intuition.

Exercise: Pick something you want to get an answer for. For example, if you want to start a new job, then pick that as the topic of the exercise.

Now finish the following statements:

About (your topic) my mind says…

And my mind says…

And my mind says…

And my fear says…

And my fear says…

And my fear says…

Now, notice what you are looking at right in front of you.

Look around a little more and name off a few more things that you see.

Now close your eyes, focus on your topic/problem, and with a breath, allow it to drop into your heart space.

Now imagine an inner teacher in that space. Give it a name. Don’t worry about the name, you can change it later if you like.

Feel the energy of your inner guide that has a name.

Thump your chest and say ‘HAH!’ This wakes up that inner guide, according to Sonia.

Ask your guide what the problem is really about and say the answer out loud.

Ask your guide what the problem is really about again, and say the answer out loud again.

Ask, “And what I really need is?” and say the answer out loud.

Inhale and breathe out.

Ask, “And the best way for me to experience that now is?” and say the answer out loud again.

Doing this exercise seems to let you get your mind and fear out of the way and tap into your intuition. Giving your intuition a name makes the energy stronger and the voice more real.

4. Not Able To Access Your Intuition?

When you get stuck, the energy is stuck.

I have felt stuck lately. After writing quotes about intuition from Heidi Sawyer’s lesson I realized that I needed to get out of my head. Just realizing that helped me to get a little bit unstuck.

But, labeling it as getting my energy unstuck makes so much more sense to me. I need to get that energy flowing through me so that I can follow the waves of inspiration and keep progressing towards what I want.

Sonia says that one way to get that energy unstuck is to walk. She says that when your energy is stuck it’s like being stuck in a bad neighborhood, so you need to walk out of that bad neighborhood and into something more appealing and fun.

Sonia also says that as you go for a walk, you should carry some keys in your hand as a symbol of wanting to unlock another door. With the keys, you will know that they open another door, and you will stop feeling stuck with that knowledge that you have the key to get unstuck.

On this walk, you should notice what’s in front of you to keep your mind in the present, because intuition comes out of the now.

When you feel ready, you can talk to your inner spirit (using the name you’ve given it) and let it know that you are ready to hear it when it is ready. Be comfortable with the fact that the answer may not come right away. Just allow the energy to keep moving and stay tuned to the present moment where you can hear your intuition better.

5. How To Stay Out Of The Should’ve, Could’ve, Would’ve Club

The minute you stop and think about it, you’ve missed your moment.

Think about all the times that you didn’t listen to your intuition. Think about all the times that you stopped to rationalize it. I’m betting that there are many times you’ve ignored your intuition, listened to your intellect, and then later said, “I should’ve done what I felt was right!”

Sonia says that the moment you stop and think about it, you miss your moment.

Intuition moves you like music, according to her. If you aren’t movable, then you can’t follow your intuition.

So, you need to let it move you.

When you hear your next intuitive message, act on it. Even if it’s as simple as getting a feeling you should call your mother or friend. Act on it and see what happens. The more you practice acting on your intuition, the more you will tune into your intuition and let it guide you.

6. Nurture Yourself To Maintain That Connection

I pray for fifteen minutes. Most of my prayers are centered in gratitude.

When asked what practices Sonia does daily, this is one that stood out to me. Probably because I just wrote about prayer’s benefits, and staying in tune with intuition is just another one to add to the list.

Sonia said she also does yoga, meditates, and makes sure she never feels rushed in her day. All of these things keep her in a state where she is able to listen to her intuition and move with it freely.

She says that if you have no room to breathe, it’s going to be hard to make that connection. So make sure you adopt practices that make you feel like you are nurturing yourself and giving yourself room to breathe in your day.

Note: If you want more from Sonia you can enroll here for some free introductory lessons and learn how to tap into your intuition or you can check her out on Facebook.

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