18 Overwhelming Signs a Guarded Man is Falling in Love

18 Overwhelming Signs a Guarded Man is Falling in Love
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Most men are not too expressive with their feelings. So, imagine when a guarded man is falling in love. How do you think he behaves? How does he treat the woman he likes?

While it can be challenging to decode a shy guy’s emotions because of his mysterious façade, there are still ways to tell that he is in love. You can check out the following signs. Who knows? A cute, guarded man is falling in love with you already.

Opening Up to You

1. He is Chatty with You.

Most shy men stay away from mingling with other people. They do not like talking much and would rather stay quiet and alone in a corner. So, if an introverted guy is suddenly enjoying conversations with you, it could mean something beautiful for him. He is probably attracted to you and likes to be in your presence.

2. He Makes an Effort to Keep a Conversation with You.

In connection to no. 1, a shy man in love will try his best to engage in a free-flowing talk with the girl he likes. For this reason, he will prolong conversations by asking you questions and responding to you in long sentences. However, since this is not his nature, you can tell how hard he tries because he is awkward at conversations.

3. He Gathers His Courage to Talk to You First.

On top of trying to be conversant with you, he also takes the initiative to start the conversation. He approaches you first, greets you, and opens up about some random topic that might interest you. This is a huge effort for him!

4. He Tells You His Thoughts.

Another sign that a guarded man is falling in love with you is his willingness to open up to you. Normally, an introverted person does not like sharing his thoughts with other people. So, consider yourself special because you are one of the few privileged who gets to hear what runs in his head.

5. He Gets Into Deep Talks with You.

And once he starts opening up to you, expect deep heart-to-heart conversations with him. It means he enjoys your presence and attention, so he gets comfortable discussing private matters with you.

6. He Trusts You But Not Others.

His willingness to share his inner thoughts with you means one thing—he trusts you. But please know that most guarded guys find it hard to trust people. That is why they have few friends, and they often keep their thoughts to themselves.

Inconsistent Behaviors

7. He is Hot and Cold with You.

Most introverted men are not comfortable being around the girls they like. For this reason, they are often in denial of their feelings. This makes them confused about how they should treat these girls. Therefore, if a guy goes hot and then cold with you, he probably likes you. He is still sorting out his feelings.

8. He Treats You Differently When Surrounded by Friends.

Another sign that a guarded man is falling in love with you is his unusual behavior whenever his friends are around. He is probably sweet when you are alone together, but he suddenly ignores you when his buddies surround you. Do not feel bad. He is simply not ready to expose his feelings for you yet. He is afraid that his friends will ruin everything by teasing him.

9. He is Sometimes Rude for No Reason.

Since a shy man can be in denial of his feelings, expect some mood swings. There will be times when he will act rudely toward you. This is his way of convincing himself that he is not falling for you. However, this may not last long, especially if he cannot help but be more attracted to you.

18 Overwhelming Signs a Guarded Man is Falling in Love
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10. He Tries to be Funny with You.

Of course, there will be those times when he craves your attention. He may try hard to be the funny guy. He wants to prove he is not boring by trying to make you laugh. Well, you better appreciate his dry humor as it takes him big courage to shake off his shyness.

11. He Cannot Look You in the Eyes, But He Sometimes Locks Gazes with You.

There are times when he is so shy to look at you directly. However, there will be those moments when he will try to be braver by challenging himself to meet your stares.

12. He is Speechless When He is Surprised by Your Presence.

While he can try to be more talkative with you, he cannot hide his shyness once caught off guard. For instance, try approaching him by surprise, and you will catch him speechless for a minute. You will notice that his shock to see you is so obvious.


13. He Sends You Cryptic Messages.

Has this guy sent you weird messages? He may sound poetic or cryptic in some of your conversations, and you feel it is about some secret affection. Well, your guess is right, and it simply means that the hidden message is for you. He will not send it to you if it is meant to be a secret.

14. He Treats You More Special than Others.

Have you observed that he is more gentlemanly with you than with other ladies? Does he serve you like a princess, which he does not usually do to others? Other people surrounding you two may notice this as well. If this observation is shared with others, it is clear that he is attracted to you.

15. He Likes to be Alone with You.

Most introverted men like to be alone most of the time. They often get annoyed when some people approach them and disturb their peace. However, if he seems happy whenever you join him, he loves your company. What does it mean? He is probably in love with you.

16. He Lets You Read a Poem He Has Written.

Most shy men are old souls. Therefore, do not be surprised if he suddenly becomes a poet. One sign that they are in love is expressing their feeling through writing. So, if he lets you read a poem he has written recently, there is a big chance you were the inspiration behind it.

17. He Walks You Home.

A guarded man prefers walking to driving you home (of course, if distance permits). He finds this more romantic since he can have enough time to talk to you. So, if he offers this gentlemanly gesture, you get a hint that he is in love.

18 Overwhelming Signs a Guarded Man is Falling in Love
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18. He Lets You Wear His Jacket When It is Cold.

And when it is cold, and he sees that you are freezing, he will not think twice about wrapping his jacket around you. He does not mind being cold himself as long as you are comfortable.

Break It to Him Gently

So, have you confirmed that a guarded man is falling in love with you? If yes, and you do not like him, what should you do? Introverts are sensitive, so if you think he has no chance, you must be careful when rejecting him. Instead, assure him that you appreciate all his efforts, but for now, you think you are better off as friends.

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