20 Compelling Signs He is Afraid of Losing You

20 Compelling Signs He is Afraid of Losing You
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Are you getting annoyed with your boyfriend for being too clingy? Probably, he is like that because he is afraid of losing you. His fear makes him fixated on you, causing him to be extra thoughtful and emotionally dependent on your relationship.

Keep reading below to confirm if your boyfriend is going through some anxiety involving your love story. Discover the signs that he is afraid of losing you.


1. He is Too Sweet and Caring to You.

One of the most obvious signs that your boyfriend cannot let you go is how he patronizes you. Even after a long time of being together, he remains romantic. He showers you with affectionate words, holds your hands even in public, and kisses you passionately. Moreover, he is always a gentleman who takes care of your needs.

2. He Always Gives You Presents.

Aside from being adoring, he stays generous with you. He does not fail to surprise you with fancy gifts on special occasions. And even on ordinary days, he loves to bring you simple yet thoughtful presents.

3. He Does Everything You Tell Him to Do.

He never says “no” to you. On the contrary, since he does not want to give you any reason to leave, he will do whatever you ask him. For instance, if you told him not to go out with his friends, he would surely oblige even if he was looking forward to it.

4. He Gives You Everything You Want.

Name it, and he will give it. He is willing to spend a lot just to make you happy. If he knows that you want something, he will buy it for you even if you do not ask him. He lavishes you with material things as much as he gives you emotional support.

5. He Makes Sure He is Always Attractive.

Of course, he does not take his physique for granted too. He is afraid of losing you to someone more handsome and charismatic, so he takes good care of himself. His goal is to be the perfect man in your eyes, so you do not have to look at other guys.

6. He Always Initiates Reconciliation.

And whenever you have fights or misunderstandings, your boyfriend is always the first one to humble himself. Even if it is not his fault, he will say “sorry” and initiate a compromise. He does not care if he has to swallow his pride and admit you are right. What matters to him is keeping you.


7. He Always Checks on You.

This guy seems to think of you all the time. Even if you are in separate places, he will keep checking on you. He wants an update about your whereabouts, who you are with, and how you are going. He wants to make sure that you are doing well.

8. He Drives You Home Every Day After Work.

No matter how tired he is from work, he regularly collects you from your office in the evening. He wants to make sure that you will be home safe and sound. In addition, he is afraid that someone else will give you a ride home. It is also his way of letting your colleagues feel his presence as your boyfriend. He wants everyone from your workplace to know that you already belong to someone.

9. He Does Not Like You Being Too Friendly to Other Guys.

Another sign that he is afraid of losing you is his irrational strictness regarding your friendship with men. For example, he gets angry whenever he catches you laughing or having deep conversations with guys. In short, he wants you to completely avoid your male friends.

10. He Has to be a Chaperone Whenever You Will Meet Your Friends.

In connection to no. 9, he wants to be with you whenever you have to meet your friends. He wants to be your bodyguard against guys who might get too close to you. For this reason, he always insists that you have him around. You cannot say “no” because he automatically thinks you are hiding something from him.

20 Compelling Signs He is Afraid of Losing You
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11. He Does Not Want You to Wear Revealing Clothes.

Your partner is stricter than your parents. He hates it whenever you wear skimpy shorts, crop tops, or tight blouses. Instead, he likes you to wear loose shirts and dresses that reach below the knee. According to him, he only wants to protect you from the perverted minds of other guys.

Easily Jealous

12. He Checks Your Phone All the Time.

Does your boyfriend have access to your phone? And whenever you are together, does he always borrow it? He may give you excuses like he just wants to check the time or use the calculator app, but you know it is beyond that. You are aware that he immediately checks your call logs and inboxes.

13. He is Curious About Your Social Media Friends.

Does he always ask questions regarding your friends or followers on social media? And does he often stalk those who message you? Behaving this way means he is suspicious of the people you interact with online.

14. He is the One Who Responds to Guys Who Message You.

Another sign of your boyfriend’s paranoia is how he initiates responding to the males who send you messages. He insists on talking to them whether they are your friends or colleagues. And whenever you confront him, he simply says he just wants to protect you.

15. He is Suspicious of Your Male Friends.

Just as he is skeptical of your social media connections, your partner also distrusts your guy friends. For him, it is impossible for guys to stay friends with an attractive woman without feeling anything else. Since he is very in love, it is not surprising that he thinks of you as the most attractive lady in the world.

16. He Gets Irritable When He Sees You Talking to a Guy.

Have you observed how his mood changes when he sees you talking to another man? He suddenly becomes quiet and sulky, especially if the other guy is more attractive than him. Obviously, he is jealous, fearing you would replace him already.


17. He Compares Himself to Your Exes.

Does your partner wallow in self-pity because he thinks your exes are more attractive and successful than him? If he cannot help comparing himself to your ex-boyfriends, it shows that he is afraid of losing you. He is scared that he does not have what it takes to keep you as well.

18. He Considers Your Male Colleagues and Friends as Rivals.

He is not only insecure about your past but he is scared of the present too. That is why he does not trust your male friends and colleagues. For him, they are his rival to your attention and admiration.

19. He Feels Bad for Not Being ‘Good Enough’ for You.

No matter how much you assure him of your love, he still thinks he does not deserve you. This is one of the unhealthiest signs that he is afraid of losing you.

20 Compelling Signs He is Afraid of Losing You
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20. He is Obsessed with Achieving More to Impress You.

As a result of no. 19, your boyfriend is pushing himself to the limits. He wants to be the best man that he can be to secure your relationship. He thinks that if he were perfect in your sight, there would be no reason for you to leave him. That is why he always wants to impress you.

Talk to Him

If you have confirmed through these signs that your boyfriend is struggling emotionally, find time to talk to him. First, let him open up to you about his worries surrounding your relationship. Then, tell him how much you love him. Assure him that your love is unconditional, so he does not need to be tough on himself just to impress you.

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