16 Spot-on Signs Someone Is Plotting Against You

23 Subtle Signs Someone Wants to Destroy You
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Do you have a gut feeling that someone’s behavior is off and they may be conspiring against you? Despite considering them a friend and welcoming them into your social circle, you now feel betrayed. So, how can you say that someone is plotting against you?

If you want to find out if someone is planning something bag against you, check out the following signs:

Pretending To Be Your Friend

1. Being Too Nice

You better be careful when dealing with individuals who are too nice to you. It’s essential to be aware that someone who seems overly kind may have ulterior motives. They may be trying to ingratiate themselves with you to gain something from you or take advantage of you somehow. Therefore, do not let your guard down too quickly around such individuals.

2. Trying Hard To Gain Your Trust

One of the common signs that a person is plotting something against you is their effort to win your trust. Before they reveal their true colors, they pretend to be a good friend you can trust. They invite you to coffee dates and constantly ask how you are, hoping you will share your thoughts and feelings. They do this to get some information they can use against you.

3. Gives Sarcastic Compliments

When attempting to conceal their deceitful nature, this person may use compliments to mask their true feelings towards you. These compliments can be insincere and backhanded, such as telling you they’re impressed you got a certain project, which could be interpreted as they don’t think you’re qualified for it. When you notice a pattern of insincere compliments disguised as praise, be cautious of their other behavior. Pay attention to how they compliment others. If their behavior towards you is unusual, it may indicate that they do not like you as much as you initially believed.

4. Being Too-Faced

If someone is scheming against you, they will display one persona to the public and another to you. This clearly indicates that they are not honest with you and are attempting to keep their true intentions hidden. They want to ensure that you don’t get too close to them so that they can maintain their facade. You may notice that they compliment you in public while criticizing you in private. When others are around, they may act friendly towards you, but their true nature will be revealed when you are alone with them.

Turning Others Against You

5. Isolates You From Others

If an individual is scheming against you, they may attempt to distance you from any support system you have. By doing this, they hope to prevent anyone from getting close to you and discovering their true intentions. They want to be the only person you turn to in times of need. If someone else becomes too involved in your life, they could potentially reveal the truth about the individual’s motives.

6. Brainwashes The Closest People To You

If the person cannot harm you directly, they may resort to a different tactic: they will attempt to get closer to the people who support you, such as your friends or family members. Through this approach, they can deceive your loved ones into saying negative things about you. If you begin to notice that those closest to you are expressing doubts or criticizing you, it may be a sign that someone has influenced them against you.

7. Gossips About You

Some people enjoy talking about others behind their backs. Your haters may use this tactic to gain your trust. However, keep in mind that if they are willing to talk about others in such a way, they could easily do the same thing to you. If you become aware that they are gossiping about you, or if you hear rumors or personal information being shared about you, it may be a sign that someone is plotting against you. This individual may even be someone close to you.

16 Spot-on Signs Someone Is Plotting Against You
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Making You Feel Bad About Yourself

8. Uses Guilt-Trip On You

This person manipulates situations to make you feel responsible for every failure, even when it’s not your fault. Being around them makes you feel like you can’t be yourself. Sadly, this controlling behavior can come from a friend or manager who acts as if they have control over your life. If you don’t do what they want or express a different opinion, it hurts their ego. They might even try to set you up to embarrass or ridicule you because of your unique perspective.

9. Never Gives You Credit

One sign that the person you work with is plotting something against you is their tendency to grab credit. You never hear them mentioning your contributions to the project in front of your boss. In essence, they take credit for things they didn’t do, even if you did the majority of the work. It’s crucial to be aware of this behavior and take steps to protect yourself and your work.

10. Overreacts To Small Things You Say Or Do

As you progress and become more successful, these insecure friends or workmates will start to distance themselves from you. Every little thing you do or say will bother them, and they will overreact to even the smallest things, making you feel bad about yourself. This behavior is a clear sign that someone may be plotting against you. They see you as a rival and cannot handle your success.

11. Reminds You Of Your Mistakes

Rather than valuing diversity and respecting your opinions, this person tends to shame and blame you for not following their advice. They enjoy bringing you down, repeatedly highlighting your mistakes, and making you feel inadequate. Even though you express disinterest in discussing these topics, they persist in pushing your buttons and getting under your skin. This behavior indicates a desire to sabotage your confidence and set you up for failure.

Pulling You Down

12. Competes With You All The Time

They engage in constant comparison and competition with you, even if you don’t participate or show interest. Their behavior is persistent in trying to draw you into this negative behavior. If you outperform them in something, they will struggle to accept it, as they believe they are superior to others, including you. They may try to present themselves as your friend, but a genuine friend would not behave this way.

13. Seems To Be Sabotaging You

If you notice unexpected changes at work, such as being excluded from responsibilities you expected, or if people who used to be friendly are now cold towards you, there may be someone plotting against you. They won’t make it obvious that they are trying to harm you, but if you start feeling isolated or unhappy in your team or group, it could be a sign that someone is working against you. Pay attention to these warning signs and investigate further to determine if someone is actively trying to sabotage you.

14. Triggers Petty Fights

Do you usually avoid conflicts and harsh words, but you find yourself involved in arguments and confrontations with a specific person? It seems like they are intentionally provoking you. This person knows how to push your buttons, and even though you want to move on and not let it affect your mental health, you find yourself getting upset and reacting to their behavior. You always feel tense and uncomfortable in their presence.

15. Tries To Manipulate You

This person may be skilled in manipulation and uses emotional blackmail and mind games to achieve their goals. Their manipulation tactics can include giving false compliments, exaggerating, lying, and using guilt as a tool. Before you know it, they will have taken control of your life and decisions. If you suspect that someone is trying to manipulate you in this way, it is important to be vigilant and stay on guard.

16 Spot-on Signs Someone Is Plotting Against You
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16. Lies A Lot

When someone is plotting against you, they may fabricate stories and provide conflicting information. They may downplay your achievements, take credit for their own, and try to hide their mistakes. When confronted, they may become defensive and attempt to cover up their deception. You can tell when someone is lying to cover their tracks. They may avoid eye contact, fidget or scratch their face, hesitate to answer questions, or provide vague responses when asked for details.


It’s often recommended to have a positive outlook toward people and situations. However, if you feel like someone is plotting against you, prioritize yourself. Don’t allow someone else’s envy, lack of confidence, or pessimism to affect you negatively. Stay true to yourself, and defend your beliefs and who you are.

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23 Subtle Signs Someone Wants to Destroy You

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