10 Ways to Stay on Social Media Without Being Annoying

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Block, unfollow, unsubscribe those are only some of the things you can do when someone in your social media world is annoying. You hate seeing posts from certain accounts because they invoke the feeling of annoyance, confusion, or hatred. The thing is, how sure are you that you aren’t the one unfollowed, blocked, and unsubscribed because of what you share? Read on to see how you can stay on social media without being annoying:

1. Avoid ranting.
Using your social media accounts to release extreme emotions like anger can give you relief, but the people who are at the receiving end of your anger might feel bad. So, aside from ranting to plainly release your negative emotions, allow your readers to get something in return for giving you the relief you need. For example, there was a rerouting scheme that you didn’t know, and it prevented you from being at the meeting where you are the presenter. When you rant about it on social media, give your readers a warning about the rerouting scheme so they can leave earlier than usual and make it on time. In that way, you felt better after ranting, and you saved your friends from having an annoying experience.

2. Stop damaging someone’s reputation.
Don’t post to destroy someone’s reputation, especially if you don’t have enough evidence. When you only hear one side of the story, don’t readily pick your side and publicize it on social media. For example, you heard that a photography team only gave the client twenty edited pictures out of a hundred, which left the bride devastated. Don’t give warnings about this team without knowing the contract agreed upon by the parties. Who knows? That’s what’s written in the contract and the issue is just a result of a misunderstanding.

3. Correct to instruct.
You can also stay on social media without being annoying by correcting to instruct. Sometimes, you can appear like you are one of those braggers on social media who are best unfollowed when you laugh at someone else’s mistake. To avoid giving that effect, why not post the error to instruct? Include in your post the explanation of why the sentence is considered grammatically incorrect. Then, correct it. In this way, you satisfied the feeling that you need to share that error, at the same time, you prevented your friends from thinking that, yes, you saw the error, but you don’t know how to correct it either.

4. Restrain yourself from bragging. 
Refrain from posting to brag about what you have or where you’ve been. Some posts are outright brags like posts about your bank account reaching a million. On the other hand, there are some posts that just appear to be brags like posts about travels, fancy restaurants, and expensive check-ins. To avoid letting your innocent posts make you one of the braggers on social media, it is best if you post to promote. A brief description of your itinerary can turn your post about your travel from a brag to a guide. A little tweak on what you post can prevent you from being annoying.

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5. Get your facts straight before disseminating information.
Being and unknowingly being an advocate of fake news can also make you annoying. For example, you saw in a post that a certain political or showbiz personality is dead. Without confirming if the source is reliable, you sent out your condolences in the form of a post. Your good intention turned out as something bad because you’ve been a victim of fake news, and you’ve unknowingly become an advocate of it. Avoid that situation by making sure your sources are reliable.

6. Privately send the messages that are meant to be sent privately.
Not using the features of your social media account properly can also make you an annoying one. One example of this is posting in public the messages you can actually send privately to a person. Why should you let everyone see your personal message to someone, anyway?

7. Do not publicize a message sent privately to you.
Respect others’ privacy. You are an annoying social media user if you publicize a message sent privately to you. Making it to this category is taking a screenshot of private messages and sending it to someone else, or worse, sending it to a group of people. Taking the message out of the context of the whole conversation can make others misinterpret what is happening. There’s a reason why private messages are called private. If it is sent to you alone, then the message is for you, not for anyone else to see.

8. Choose to share the things that matter.
Today’s technology made it very easy for people to snap and share, so it became tempting to take a shot of everything and share it on social media. Remember that you’re not required to post all the places you checked in for the day. You don’t have to post your breakfast, your snack, your lunch, and your dinner. What’s the highlight of the hundred shots you’ve taken? Post only that.

9. Be selective of what you share about your relationship.
You can stay on social media without being annoying if you don’t post even the most mundane things in your life as a couple. Yes, you want to show everyone how wonderful your life is that your partner is with you, but you don’t have to remind everyone about that by posting even your picture while lining up at the ATM or your picture while sleeping.

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10. Keep your posts at a minimum.
Even if you learn how to wisely choose the content of what you share on your social media, if your posts cover around 40 of the 50 posts your friends see every day, you are still annoying. As they say, anything in excess isn’t good. The same thing goes with social media. So keep those posts at a minimum.

The social media world gave its users so much freedom that there are others who tend to abuse it. Avoid being one of those people by being mindful of your posts. In this way, you won’t be the one unfollowed, blocked, and unsubscribed.

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