Stop Being Paranoid: 6 Affirmations To Break Out Of The Paranoia Mindset

It’s not fun to be around a paranoid person and it’s not fun to be a paranoid person. If you are feeling paranoid and want to stop being paranoid, it’s time to take action so that your relationships, happiness, personal growth, and success can expand. According to experts, paranoia is a disorder of the mind where someone has false ideas about the people and the world. It stems from a negative way of thinking about others and the world. This is why it’s important to affirm different things to yourself. Affirmations help to help you change your mind, think differently, and react differently. Following are some affirmations that can help you flip the switch in your mind and stop being paranoid.

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1. My Thoughts Are Rational And Realistic

First, it’s important to not go into a huge fictional story in your mind. When you do, your paranoia is going to intensify.

For instance, if you feel like someone is following you, and you start to imagine that your ex – who you haven’t seen or heard from in years – is planning to kidnap you and pay you back for all the ways you hurt them, then you are probably taking things a little too far. The chances that he or she is following you to kidnap you are very small. Even if it was your ex, they probably wouldn’t have a plan to hurt you. It would be more likely to get you back. But, that aside, you only feel like someone is following you, so it’s important to remember that may be false and it’s just in your head.

The bottom line is that there are a million different scenarios that could happen in every situation, but usually, it’s not as bad as we think it is. Basing your thoughts on real facts instead of imagination or suspicion can greatly reduce paranoia in all situations.

2. I Pay Attention To All The Details Around Me

Paranoid people tend to pick and choose what they hear and see. For instance, during a conversation with a family member, a paranoid person may only focus on something that confirms a fear they are having, thus not being able to spot the true meaning behind what the other person is saying.

Therefore, pay attention to all the details. If you think someone is following you, and you see them stop and talk to someone, don’t overlook that fact. They may have met someone for a brief moment to give them something or meet up and if you don’t acknowledge that, then when they continue moving after you, it’s going to set off your paranoia even more.

3. People Don’t Care About Me As Much As I Think They Do

Paranoid people tend to think that people are out to get them, which means that those people must be focused heavily on them. But that’s not true. It’s very rare for someone to be focused on someone else even remotely as much as they are focused on themselves.

Just as you are worried about yourself, other people worry about themselves. They have their own lives to lead and they are focused on their own needs and wants.

So, if you catch someone looking at you, don’t assume that you are the center of their universe and they are talking about you. They may be daydreaming and you are their focal point, or they may be comparing themselves to you – with an emphasis on themselves.

4. I Trust Other People Until They Give Me A Real Reason Not To

It’s important to be alert and aware around other people because they may have some ulterior motives, and you want to be able to spot them, but you can’t just fly off the handle when anyone says something remotely suspicious to you. That’s a ticket to being alone for the rest of your life.

You need to trust other people until they give you a real reason not to. A clear reason. A concrete reason. Not just one you thought up.

For instance, I knew a guy who was paranoid that all women were out to hurt him. He would start dating a woman, look for any kind of sign that she was going to hurt him, and then fly off the handle when he thought he figured her out. One time a woman who he had asked on a date simply asked him if he wanted to split the bill, and he flipped out assuming she wanted him to pay the bill and decided that she was after his money. Needless to say, they didn’t go on another date.

You have to give people the benefit of the doubt until they give a clear reason not to trust them. And, believe me, if they are untrustworthy, they will eventually give you a clear reason.

5. I Enjoy Being Around Other People

If you want to stop being paranoid, then you have to start enjoying other people’s company for the benefits it provides, not the potential threats.

Stop looking for how other people are going to hurt, abuse, or use you and instead focus on the positives. For instance, other people can help you feel happier, teach you something, encourage you, support you, or distract you from a problem you are having. These are all reasons to enjoy being around other people, but there are many more to add to the list.

6. I Am Safe

You need to be cautious in life, but you don’t need to go to the extreme to protect yourself.

For instance, not driving on a lake with thin ice is smart and safe. But, staying 50 feet away from the ice because you fear that you will somehow fall through is pretty extreme.

If we are being cautious, thoughtful, and preventative in life, then it’s pointless to worry about things happening out of the blue or out of the realm of physics. The chances of something bad happening to you – in any situation – is pretty low, so don’t waste your time being paranoid about what could happen and just enjoy the moment and experience instead.

Stop Being Paranoid With Professional Help

If you work on your affirmations and changing the way you think, but you still don’t find any relief from your paranoia, please seek professional help. You may need someone to help you tackle your thinking and reasoning in a way that you can’t do by yourself. There may be a therapy that will help you, but you need to reach out for help and look for it. Something such as stress, a brain disorder, or drug use may be causing you to be paranoid. While I fully believe in self-help, I also believe that we sometimes need to reach out for help as well. We can’t always fight all our battles alone. Sometimes there are underlying factors that we can’t find without a professional.


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