100 Simple Ways to Make Your Life Happier

Simple Ways to Make Your Life Happier
Make your life happier
Photo by Denise Husted

Some people believe that success is what can make them the happiest. Some are willing to let go of their dreams just to be with their loved ones, and that is enough to make them happy. There are those who measure their happiness by the material things they possess—and some would call them shallow. However, happiness is a personal choice. It is subjective and relative. Meaning, it all depends on your values and mindset.

If you think you have been unhappy for quite some time, and it seems like you have forgotten how to find happiness, then I suggest you read these 100 simple ways that can make your life happier. These are grouped into categories. Let us start from the most superficial down to the most spiritual. One, five, or all of them could be effective on you.

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