100 Simple Ways to Make Your Life Happier

Make your life happier
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Some people believe that success is what can make them the happiest. Some are willing to let go of their dreams just to be with their loved ones, and that is enough to make them happy. There are those who measure their happiness by the material things they possess—and some would call them shallow. However, happiness is a personal choice. It is subjective and relative. Meaning, it all depends on your values and mindset.

If you think you have been unhappy for quite some time, and it seems like you have forgotten how to find happiness, then I suggest you read these 100 simple ways that can make your life happier. These are grouped into categories. Let us start from the most superficial down to the most spiritual. One, five, or all of them could be effective on you.


Level One

1. Get enough sleep.
Lack of sleep makes you irritable and your senses cannot function fully. Not impossible, but it is hard to be happy in this state.

2. Eat healthily.
It is also hard to be happy when you are sick. So, to avoid this, you need to eat a balanced diet. This will make you more energetic as well.

3. Exercise regularly.
Regular exercise helps to keep your body fit and healthy. If you are healthy, you are more energetic and you can do more. Also, if you are physically fit, you become more confident.

4. Groom yourself.
Seeing yourself ugly makes you lose your self-esteem, and this eventually leads to insecurity, depression, and everything else negative.

5. Travel a lot.
Travelling can help you get away from the stress of your world for a while. Meeting new people exposure to other cultures, and being in beautiful places can lighten your heart.

6. Treat yourself once in a while.
Whether you have accomplished something or you just want to relax, celebrate with yourself. You can dine in your favorite restaurant or shop in your favorite mall.

7. Watch funny and feel-good movies.
Nothing beats laughter therapy. So, whenever you feel blue, just grab a bag of popcorn and sit in front of the big screen or the television and laugh your heart out.

8. Hang out with your favorite people.
Being with family, friends, or special someone over dinner or just a cup of coffee is rewarding. It gives you that sense of security and belongingness that you cannot find with material things.

9. Be in love.
Yes, this is something you cannot usually control, but if you have the chance and the circumstances are right, then do not hold back. It is cloud nine.

10. Think of happy thoughts.
What you feel is usually a reaction to what you think of. So, if you want to feel positive, then think of beautiful, positive thoughts. Do not entertain worries and dreadful thoughts.


Count Your Blessings

Count your blessings
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11. Thank God for everything and everyone you have.
Be thankful for the air you breathe, the people who always support you, and the fact that you still live at this moment. For all of these, acknowledge God’s goodness and thank Him wholeheartedly.

12. Be content with what you have.
Do not force yourself to get the things that you cannot afford now. Just be patient and work hard to achieve your goals.

13. Do not be consumed by envy.
Envy makes your heart bitter. Do not wish to have what others have, or else you cannot see the good things about your own life.

14. Avoid complaining.
No matter how unidealistic your situation now, do not complain. It is a sign of ungratefulness, and you overlook the good things you currently have.

15. Do not compare yourself to others.
Comparing yourself to others could either make you prideful or insecure. That is why never base your happiness on what could be your edge over other people.

16. Never wish you were someone else.
Learn to love and value yourself. Every person is unique and you can make your own life beautiful in your own way.

17. Be a good steward of what you have.
You have been entrusted with talents, opportunities, and a unique personality. Use them all responsibly to glorify God and bless others.

18. Value opportunities.
Whenever you encounter an opportunity to make your life better, give your full commitment and best to it.

19. Value second chances.
If you have been given a second chance at love, career, or any area, then be careful not to waste it this time.

20. Pursue simple living.
It is fine to aim for a high position at work and earn much more, but it could cost you less time for yourself and your loved ones. Pressure and stress could result in sickness, frustration, and depression.


Love Yourself

Loving yourself
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21.  Accept who you are.
Love yourself. You are unique. Appreciate your personality, talents, and even your flaws. Embrace what you are complete.

22. Be the best version of yourself.
Work hard to reach your dreams and make yourself attractive by enhancing your assets. Make sure to improve your inward beauty as well.

23. Believe you can.
Be the first believer of yourself. If you want to achieve something, be the first person to believe that you can do it. You are the best encourager to yourself.

24. Do not be harsh on yourself.
Whenever you fail at something, do not punish yourself. You have had enough. Forgive yourself for it and try again with complete trust that you can do it this time.

25. Do something you love.
Do not force yourself to be stuck in a job you have no passion for. Do something that gives you a sense of fulfillment and joy.

26. Know that you deserve the best.
If your relationship or work makes you feel taken for granted and you are treated as an option, then leave. You deserve to be valued.

27. Do not live to please others.
Do not base how you live your life on what others say or prefer. Others have their own perception of goodness and happiness—and you have your own.

28. Let go of what pulls you down you.
Be brave to walk away from what hinders you to move forward. May it be a relationship, job, habit, or your own inhibition.

29. Don’t let others get into you.
No one can hurt you unless you allow them to. You have the power to filter what you hear or receive from others.

30. Be your own knight-in-shining-armor.
Stop waiting for others to defend or protect you. Learn to be strong and fight for yourself during tough times.


Love Others

be happy by loving others
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 31. Share your blessings.
Being a channel of blessing to those who are truly in need will give you the joy that cannot be compared to any tangible thing.

32. Be appreciative of others.
Be generous in giving sincere appreciation to others. It will not cost you a centavo. The joy you bring to those you compliment will bounce back to you.

33. Intentionally make time for your loved ones.
Do not wait for your availability to visit or bond with your family, friends, and special someone. Commit schedules to be with them. You make them happy, they make you happy too.

34. Have a genuine concern for others.
When you show care for others, make sure that it is sincere. Mean the assuring words you tell them. Be nice to them even if no one else is around.

35. Understand individual differences.
If you cannot understand others’ actions, then just understand that their thoughts and values are different from yours. You can avoid hating them.

36. Don’t judge.
Pointing out the dirt on others’ faces would not make you any cleaner. Condemning other people could create a hypocritical pride in you—and that is not something to be happy about.

37. Pay it forward.
When you receive goodness from other people, do not just desire to pay them back. Instead, use it as an inspiration to bless others more.

38. Be sensitive to how others feel.
It pays to know you have not offended or hurt anyone. You have peace of mind. For this reason, be careful not to hurt anyone with your words or actions.

39. Always show your gratitude.
Sincerely thank everyone for even the smallest act of service or kindness. It can encourage them to keep doing good to others. It will make you feel good too.

40. Apply the golden rule.
“Do unto others what you want others to do unto you.” This will help you live in harmony with others.


Be an Ambassador of Goodwill

heart and goodwill
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41. Willingly help those who are in need.
Be compassionate to help those who are in need. It does not have to be with money. Effort and time count too.

42. Pray for others.
Do not just pray for your own needs. One of the best ways to help others is through prayer. God can do greater things for them.

43. Look for at least one person to encourage or help in a day.
You cannot solve all the problems of the world, but you can save at least one soul from despair a day.

44. Do not expect something in return.
When you help, do not expect anything in return, even a ‘thank you’. You would only get disappointed because not all know how to appreciate it.

45. Volunteer in advocacies or socio-civic activities.
It is fulfilling to be part of any activity that can affect change in the community.

46. Do not lend money.
If someone asks to borrow money from you, just give the amount you can. Lending money makes you expect a payment, and if the borrower fails to do so, you end up mad and disappointed.

47. Make donation a habit.
It does not have to be money. You can donate old toys, clothes, and other stuff that can benefit others.

48. Visit the sick.
Paying a sick person a visit can boost his/her spirit. It can contribute to the fast healing of that person.

49. Do not be too busy to lend an ear.
When someone asks for your company and you know that person is upset, never be too busy for him/her. Your little sacrifice can save a life.

50. Be generous with your smile.
Smile even to those you meet along the road. It could be the only act of kindness they receive for that day.


Spread Love Not Hate

Spread love
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51. Forgive and forget.
Even if they have not apologized, forgive those who hurt you. For your own peace of mind, let go of your grudges.

52. Do not let jealousy conquer you.
Jealousy makes you hateful and envious of a person. It is a poison to your soul.

53. Resolve conflicts ASAP.
If you have a misunderstanding with someone, try to resolve the issue within the day. Waiting for time to cool things off could lead to the hardening of hearts instead.

54. Avoid gossiping.
Gossips can kill someone’s reputation. Stay away from people who like to gossip. Do not be a murderer yourself.

55. Be honest with what you feel.
Do not be afraid to let others know you are hurt or offended by their words or actions. Hiding it would only lead to resentment. However, be gentle when you tell them.

56. Be careful with your words.
No matter how angry you are, be careful with your word choices. Never say anything that can break the soul of the other person, especially if you do not mean it.

57. Zip your mouth.
If you cannot resist saying anything offensive, then do not say anything at all.

58. Forget about getting even.
Revenge can consume your soul like hellfire. It does not remove your pain and hatred. It would only burn your peace of mind.

59. Be humble to ask forgiveness.
If you have done anything that harmed someone, be brave to admit your mistake and humble to apologize.

60. Kill them with kindness.
Show kindness even to those who do not like you. Let them regret any bad word or action they threw at you.


Pursue Your Dreams

pursue your childhood dream
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61. Find what your passion really is.
Do not let monetary demand and social pressure guide your career choice. Make living out of your passion.

62. Do not be discouraged by failures.
No matter how many times you failed, do not give up on reaching for your dream. Take each failure as a challenge to do better next time.

63. Be a master of one thing and not a smatterer of many.
Instead of trying to learn and do all things, focus on one thing you are passionate about. Master it and excel in that area.

64. Aim for SMART goals.
Have specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bounded goals. This will help you avoid frustration.

65. Keep track of your goals.
Always check if you are still on the right track towards your goals. Knowing you are getting there will keep you excited and driven.

66. Be patient with your progress.
In case it is still a long way to your goal, do not be impatient with yourself. Just be encouraged by whatever progress you have made.

67. Do not give up easily.
Giving up would only give you ‘what if’s’. There would not be any sense of fulfillment here.

68. Value humble beginnings.
Celebrate no matter how low your starting position is or how small your initial progress is. At least you are on your way to success.

69. Always give your best.
Making excellence your standard is not easy, but it does not leave any room for regret.

70. Do not compete with anyone.
This could be an effective drive, but instead of bringing you pure joy, any success from this motivation would only lead to pride.


Rise Above Stress

Rise above stress
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71. Keep yourself healthy.
Do this by getting enough sleep, eating healthy food, and doing regular exercise.

72. Manage your time wisely.
Overcome procrastination. This will help you avoid cramming and minimize pressure. This will require the self-discipline to succeed.

73. Avoid overthinking.
Most of your stress comes not from physical fatigue but from mental pressure and too much worrying. Train your mind to control its thoughts.

74. Unwind when needed.
Learn to give yourself a break when the pressure becomes overwhelming already. A short vacation or even just an entire day of sleep can recharge you.

75. Take one step at a time.
Avoid trying to accomplish many goals all at once. You might miss everything in the end because you do not know which to prioritize.

76. Learn to say ‘no’.
When your plate is full already, learn to refuse those who ask you to do something else. You could end up failing at everything instead.

77. End the day with serenity.
After doing much work for the day, give yourself an hour to enjoy a coffee or a walk without thinking about responsibilities.

78. Keep your place in order.
A messy workplace or house can make your mind more messed up. Take time to de-clutter and keep your place tidy.

79. Focus on what is now.
Keep your mind on what you currently do. Empty it from thoughts concerning other stuff.

80. Imitate the river’s non-resistance.
When you cannot handle conflicts and problems anymore, go with the flow of circumstances. You may hit ‘rocks’ but you would only find yourself flowing through a course around them. Resistance could only break you.


Gain Wisdom

light and wisdom
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81. Read the Bible and apply it in your life.
The Bible is full of practical wisdom that you can apply to your daily life. Take time to meditate and live by its teachings that are applicable to your situations.

82. Listen to the advice of older people.
Wisdom comes with age for many. Learn from the experiences of those older than you.

83. Weigh your decisions carefully.
Do not be impulsive when making a major decision. Compare the pros and cons of your choices.

84. Learn from previous mistakes.
As much as possible, do not commit the same mistake twice. Do not suffer for the same reason.

85. Learn from the mistakes of others.
You do not have to experience everything yourself. It is wise to learn from your mistakes, but it is wiser to learn from others’ mistakes.

86. Take problems as challenges.
It takes the right mindset to see the positive in negative situations. See your trials as opportunities to grow as a person.

87. Do not let your heart take the lead.
They say follow your heart, but it is actually dangerous because it is emotion-guided—it is blind. Usually, it would lead you to impulsive, impractical decisions that result in problems.

88. Do not decide or do anything when you are at the peak of your emotion.
This could lead you to regrets afterward. Therefore, wait until you are stable before you decide or act on something.

89. Avoid being with the wrong crowd.
Bad company corrupts character. Stay away from people you know would only influence you to do things against your principles.

90. Always do the right thing.
True happiness comes from peace of mind. Avoid doing things that are against your conscience.


Put God at the Center

Praying to God Bible
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91. Have a regular devotion or “Quiet Time” with God.
Experiencing God’s presence in your personal time with Him is the best kind of joy you would ever feel. Set a daily date with Him. Learn how to truly love God.

92. Start your day with a prayer.
Always start your day by asking for guidance from God. This gives you the confidence to face the challenges for the day.

93. Apply God’s Word in your life.
If you believe God created you, then you believe that He knows best what can make you truly happy. Read His Word as a manual for your life.

94. Confess your sins.
Sin can hinder you from experiencing joy. Take time to repent and confess your sins before God. Know that He is willing to forgive you always.

95. Keep the Sabbath.
It does not matter what day you believe to be the Sabbath as long as you rest on the seventh day. God designed the Sabbath so you can rest and be recharged after a week full of work.

96. Go to church.
It is true that God is not confined to a building and you can worship Him anywhere. The purpose of going to church is you can fellowship with other believers and be encouraged in your faith.

97. Apply the WWJD (What Would Jesus Do).
If you are in a situation in which you are confused about what to do, put yourself in Jesus’ shoes. If you were Him, what would you do in your situation?

98. See others through the eyes of God.
Treat others as to how you think God wants them to be treated. Love people, even the unlovable, because your God loves them too.

99. Work as if working for the Lord.
Offer everything you do as worship to God. Work at it with excellence and dedication.

100. Find out God’s purpose for your life.
Only your Creator knows what exactly your purpose in life is. It is only when you live according to your purpose that you can find fulfillment and true happiness.

Choose to be Happy
These tips have been compiled from the experiences of other people. In the end, it is only you who can determine what really makes you happy.

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