Challenge: Use the 5:1 Rule And Focus On The Positive

5 1

Many of us are set to focus on negative things much more than positive things. We can talk for hours about something bad that happened to us or someone else but only a few minutes about something positive. It’s no wonder that we feel so bad all the time! When we consciously focus on negative …

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9 Ways To Make Your Birthday Great… No Matter What Happens

9 Ways To Make Your Birthday Great No Matter What Happens

Does your birthday often make you burst into tears? You are not alone. Whether it’s because everything always goes wrong on your birthday or because you don’t like getting another year older, birthdays can be miserable days without the right planning and mindset. 9 Things You Should Do For Your Birthday To Make Sure It’s …

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Challenge: Create A List Of Things That Make You Happy

Things That Make Me Happy

It sounds like a simple challenge, but it’s important to create a list of things that make you happy. This truly is a hack to happiness. Sometimes it can be hard to know or remember what truly makes us happy, which is why this challenge is so essential. If you want to truly know what …

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Bored With Life? Top 4 Reasons Why And 2 Things You Can Do

bored with life

If you are bored with life, then you may feel out of place amongst your peers. With so much entertainment and so many options at our fingertips, it’s hard to believe that anyone could get bored with life. But it doesn’t happen because the entertainment is boring or the options aren’t interesting. We get bored …

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36 Great Things in Life that Money Can’t Buy

Things in Life that Money Can’t Buy

The best things in life that you will ever encounter or experience are free. There are certain things in life where friends, family, and good memories are much more valuable than any currency. Money may give you material things but these are only temporary. From happiness to honesty, these are some of life’s best gifts …

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A Couple Of Quotes About Happiness In Love

love quote

Not everyone in love is happy. The problem is that love isn’t always enough to keep a relationship together. The element of happiness in love is very important. If you are struggling in a love relationship without happiness – or dwindling happiness – and feel as though love is enough to keep things together, here …

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9 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Choose to be Happy All the Time

You Shouldn't Choose to be Happy All the Time

A lot has been said about always being happy and choosing to be happy. Though there is nothing wrong with being happy, forcing yourself to always be happy might produce results that are contrary to what you want to achieve. Setting your mind to think that you should always be happy even in situations that …

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8 Simple Ways To Enjoy Life

Simple Ways To Enjoy Life

Life can be very overwhelming, especially as we grow older, acquire more obligations, and face more complex realities of the world. The weight of it all can even drive some of us to become physically and emotionally fatigued. However, despite how tiring and complex things can get, we must continue to seek beauty and joy …

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Get Addicted To Things That Affect You In A Positive Way

positive addiction

When you think of positive addiction, you probably just hear the word ‘addiction’, which has a very negative tone to it. I have had many negative addictions in my life, as I’m sure many of you have. Negative addictions can be: Smoking Gambling Drugs Overeating Eating too little Not exercising enough Dating chaotic people But …

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9 Mark Matousek Quotes About The Story We Tell Ourselves And Living Authentically

Screenshot of Mark Matousek

Mark Matousek is all about transforming your life by telling the truth. When he was younger, he left a life that everyone would love to have for one that he knew he needed to have. Now, he’s helping other people discover their truths. When it comes to the story you tell yourself, he can help …

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100 Simple Ways to Make Your Life Happier

Simple Ways to Make Your Life Happier
Make your life happier
Photo by Denise Husted

Some people believe that success is what can make them the happiest. Some are willing to let go of their dreams just to be with their loved ones, and that is enough to make them happy. There are those who measure their happiness by the material things they possess—and some would call them shallow. However, happiness is a personal choice. It is subjective and relative. Meaning, it all depends on your values and mindset.

If you think you have been unhappy for quite some time, and it seems like you have forgotten how to find happiness, then I suggest you read these 100 simple ways that can make your life happier. These are grouped into categories. Let us start from the most superficial down to the most spiritual. One, five, or all of them could be effective on you.

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6 Habits For Healthier Arguments To Improve Your Relationships And Productivity

Argument Habit Productivity

The way you handle arguments in your relationships is very important to your productivity. Fighting can drain you, distract you, and keep you from doing the things you want to do. This is especially true of your romantic relationship. Fighting with the person who you spend the most time with, share big decisions with, and …

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Productivity Tip #16 – Learn To Practice Forgiveness

quote by valerie harper on forgiveness

Here is another unconventional, but really important, productivity tip. Practice forgiveness and do it often. It’s a great way to make yourself more productive in many different ways. You Can’t Be Fully Productive Without Forgiveness Shit happens. People do stupid things. You do stupid things! It’s never going to change. That’s why forgiveness is so …

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Productivity Tip #12: Reward Yourself For Being So Productive

Do what feels like a reward to you.

Being productive is a reward in itself. You feel good about yourself at the end of the day when you have finished important tasks. But, sometimes a carrot at the end of the stick can help motivate you to push through some tasks that you really have no desire or motivation to do. And, sometimes …

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Productivity Tip #8: Create Emotional Reasons Why You Need To Do What You Do

Reasons Why You Need To Do What You Do

This is a powerful productivity tip. We talked about getting clear on what you want to do in life, but you also need to develop the reasons why you want to do what you want to do. You can want something badly, but if you don’t have clear and emotional reasons why you want it, …

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10 Tweets That Outline A No-Brainer Way To Happiness

bigstock Never Put The Key To Your Happ 305865604

Interested in what other people think is a no-brainer way to happiness? On February 27th, the official No-Brainer Day, people were making the hashtag NoBrainerWayToHappinessIs a trend. Following are some of the top tweets and why they are so true! 1. Get Rid Of Facebook #NoBrainerWayToHappinessIs deactivating Facebook — craig onetweetwonder (@craigflynn1) February 27, 2018 …

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Don’t Give Up On Being A Good Person: 5 Quotes To Help You Maintain Your Goodness

Don't Give Up On Being A Good Person: 5 Quotes To Help You Maintain Your Goodness

With all the bad people around us, why should we keep being good? Why should we be kind, thoughtful, and compassionate when other people aren’t? Why should we pray for other people when they don’t give a crap about what happens to us? Why should we try to help create a better world when other …

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Top 5 Reasons To Stop Complaining Today

stop complaining

If you have a complaint, it can help you see when something is not working out or should be changed. But, when all you do is complain, that’s when things get messed up in life. There are some very good reasons to stop complaining today. Following are 5 big ones. 1. You Can’t Create Change …

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