11 Ways to Be a Better Woman for Your Man

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When we love a person, we always want to improve and be a better version of ourselves. Changing for the better can be beneficial to ourselves, our relationship, and our partners. So, how can we be a better woman for our man? Read on to see some of the ways that can be effective for you:

1. Inspire him to be successful in life by winning in your own life.
You can’t just tell your man to strive to be successful if you don’t become successful yourself. What are your dreams? Reach for them. If he sees that you are determined to see your dreams come true and be successful, he will be motivated to do the same. Be each other’s drive to win in life.

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2. Support him with his plans.
Does he want to go back to school for another degree or for graduate studies? Does he want to shift his career? Ask him about his plans and support him with them. Don’t just say “I support you” and leave it there. Put your words into action. Help him study or research for him if he needs your help. If he wants to shift in career, layout the possible options and guide him as he finds a better career that suits him.

3. Allow him to have time with his friends.
Or more precisely, allow him to have time with his friends without you. Most women fret with this idea and do not allow their partners to be with their friends without their presence because they think they will be up to no good. That kind of action shows a lack of trust. Remember that your man possibly has been friends with those people long before you came, and he rightfully chose them to be in his life. So, allow him to spend some time with them without you.

4. Compliment the things that he does.
Honest compliments help boost a person’s confidence, so it’s best if you give him some especially if he has done something noteworthy. Did he just successfully make a presentation at work? Has he just fixed your laptop? Verbalize your admiration for what he did. In this way, he will be more confident in doing other things and discovering the others that he can do.

5. Allow him to get in his cave when he encounters problems.
Men and women have different ways of dealing with their problems. Most often than not, women want to talk about the problem and feel the presence of their support group. On the contrary, most men prefer to stay in their cave, in other words, be alone, when dealing with problems. Given their analytical side, they will want to dissect the problem on their own and come up with solutions by themselves. Allow your man to do those. He may ask for your help and assistance if he needs it, but don’t impose yourself. Give him his cave time before you two get into a team again.

6. Let him be your knight in shining armor.
The days of the damsels in distress are over, and women now enjoy being strong and independent. However, some men might not be ready for this big shift, and this change might make them feel useless. So, to avoid making your man feel that way, allow him to help you even with little things. Does he want to drive you home? Allow him to do so even if you can drive yourself. Even when you can carry your own things, allow him to help you if he offers help. It won’t hurt you if you allow him to do small chivalric actions.

Ways to Be a Better Woman for Your Man
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7. Appreciate even the small things that he does for you.
Appreciate even the small things like him watching a movie with you when he can just watch a basketball game. Appreciate his patience as he waits for you while you’re busy looking for your perfect shade of lipstick. Appreciate the effort he exerts when you ask him about his opinion on whether the periwinkle shirt is better than the turquoise shirt when in reality, what he sees is just blue. Your appreciation matters because it can remind him that he is successful with the efforts he exerted.

8. Include him in the decisions that you make.
Have you decided to leave your job and look for a new one? Inform him about it, and ask him for his opinion. Doing so can make him feel that he is valued and that his opinion matters.

9. Understand his love language.
You can’t go on being disappointed with your man just because you don’t understand his love language. The way you express your love might not be the same as his. He might show his love by calling you every time he’s free while you prefer hand-written letters. He might consider spending time with you at home, watching a movie, while you prefer the great outdoors. This difference might make you feel disappointed in him, and he might feel that you are unappreciative. To avoid being in conflict with him, understand his love language.

10. Quit mind games.
Saying “I’m okay” even when you’re not, and expecting that your man will understand that nothing’s okay will not get you two anywhere. It’s the fastest route to argument and miscommunication. If you’re not okay, say it. If you get annoyed by what he did, voice it out. It hurts the pride to admit that things aren’t okay, but swallowing it can help you avoid prolonging the issue that could have been fixed with clear communication.

11. Spend valuable time with him.
The key here is valuable. Yes, you might be spending the whole day with him, but is it valuable? You might still be on your cellphone, texting someone else even when you’re with him. You might still be scrolling on your IG stories while he is talking. Those actions might show that you’re not interested in him and what he says. So make sure you spend valuable time with him by focusing on him.

Ways to Be a Better Woman for Your Man
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Being complacent does no good in a relationship, so it is best if we continue to embrace positive change and strive to be the better version of ourselves for our men. Keep those ways in mind and start putting them into action!

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