11 Ways to be a Better Woman for Yourself

11 Ways to be a Better Woman for Yourself
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“You’re a woman. You’re supposed to do this.”  “You’re a woman. You’re not supposed to act like that.”

Being a woman comes with a lot of societal pressures.  One unconventional move and everyone will judge you.  In fact, no matter what you do, society will always have something to say. Sometimes, because of your burning desire to please people, you will end up listening to them. No, you will only listen to them. You’d think you’re not good enough, so you’re willing to change for them. However, the truth is, if there’s anything about yourself that you want to improve, you only have to do it for yourself.

Do you think you can still become better? Then, work on becoming a better woman- not to meet anybody else’s standard but to meet your own definition of a better woman.  How? Get some helpful tips below:

1. Embrace your own imperfections.
The road to becoming a better woman starts with acceptance- that is, accepting yourself for who you are. Sure, the media will tell you to get fairer skin, look perfect, and have the perfect body, but know that you are your own woman. You are simply gorgeous. Your worth cannot be reduced by your fats, freckles, or cellulite. You may have a lot of imperfections, but you are truly smart and beautiful. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

2. Be confident no matter what.
With all the expectations and standards set by society, it becomes more challenging to wear that invisible crown. However, don’t lose sight of your goals. Know that you have so much potential in you. You can do anything if you put your heart into it, so stay confident. Be comfortable with your real self. Believe in yourself. One day, you will achieve those goals you have set for yourself.

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3. Keep learning.
You may be good at something you love doing, but remember that there are always opportunities for you to learn new things. Take the chance to improve yourself every day. Get out of your comfort zone. Try liking new things. Gain new skills. There’s no such thing or work designed for men only. You’re too powerful to let traditional gender roles stop you from learning and making it big out there.

Ways to be a Better Woman for Yourself
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4. Take good care of yourself.
Taking care of yourself doesn’t mean conforming to what society expects you to look or act like- as a mother, a wife, a girlfriend, or a woman in general. Rather, taking care of yourself means making yourself your priority. Give time for yourself. Pamper yourself every once in a while. Get a new hairstyle or hair color. Get a massage. Dress comfortably.  Choose your own fashion style. Put on make-up if you want to. Feel good about yourself.

5. Know your heart’s desire.
For you to be a better woman, you have to know what you really want. What are your short-term and long-term goals? Do you want to be a full-time mom? Do you want to be a career woman? Do you want to travel the world? Do you want to stay single? Whatever path you would like to take is the right one for you. Never be afraid to be different and to want different things.  Focus on what makes you happy, and take the necessary steps to achieve it.

6. Stay independent.
Women may have been conditioned to submit to men and serve them, but that is not the case anymore. Know that you yourself can become independent. You can always get yourself a partner, be happily committed to him, and do the things that you want- all at the same time. You are strong on your own. You’re completely on your own, and your happiness does not only depend on your partner. So, be happy and independent.

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7. Don’t hesitate to seek help.
Yes, you can be a strong and independent woman, but that doesn’t mean you will handle all problems by yourself. There are those times that you’d feel weak, lonely, and terrible. You might get crushed, but it’s all right to feel the pain. It’s all right to cry and ask for help from other people. Allow your loved ones to help you in times of despair. That only shows how much you value and trust them, and that also means the world to them.

8. Never be afraid to speak up.
Yes, women might have been trained to please people and to always say yes, but they have fought long and hard to be where they are right now. Remember that your voice is always worthy to get heard. Your opinion matters. So, be more assertive. Learn to say no. Learn to demand what you truly deserve.

Ways to be a Better Woman for Yourself
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9. Accept your mistakes and learn from them.
Because there’s no perfect person, everyone can and will make mistakes. Did you make the wrong decisions? Did something horrible in your past relationship? Went over the line with your family or friends? Learn to be accountable for your own mistakes. Apologize. Move forward by taking all the lessons with you.  Make sure that you don’t commit the same major mistakes again. You always have a chance to become a better person.

10. Be a good example.
Being a good example doesn’t mean any drinking, going out to parties, or wearing skimpy shorts and revealing clothes. Contrary to what society has instilled in you, you can do all of these things and still be a good example. Show how passionate you are doing your own craft. Prove to people that hard work pays off. Keep spreading kindness. Take pride in your own advocacies. Stand up for what you believe in. Be a good example in your own ways.

11. Empower other women.
Instead of bringing other women down, be the first one to help empower them. You can understand each other’s struggle, so why don’t you be each other’s strength instead? Motivate each other. Listen to their stories. Talk about your goals in life. Talk about the challenges you all can empathize with. Create a support group. Women have gone through so much already. All you can do is just be there for them.

Sometimes, it’s too hard to seek self-improvement when what everyone seems to be doing is rule your own life. However, the truth is they can’t if you will not let them. Becoming a better woman all starts with yourself. Keep the tips above in mind as you aim to be a better woman- not for the prejudiced society but for yourself. You rock, ladies.

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