17 Ways to Be Kind to Your Wife

Being kind to wife
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Being a pleasant husband does not happen automatically. It needs determination, learning, and constant practice.

If you know you have been harsh to your wife in the past and you want to change it now, here are some ways on how you can be kind to her, make her happier, and strengthen your marriage to last longer.

1. Be gentle.
If you admit to being harsh to your wife, then the first thing you need to work out is your gentleness. Practice being gentle to her through words and actions. Avoid yelling at her, using insulting words, and showing rude behaviors.

2. Respect her.
Before demanding respect from your wife, make sure that you respect her as well. Respect her beliefs, opinions, and feelings. Include her in every decision-making, especially those that can affect the family. Avoid doing her dislikes too.

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3. Honor your vows.
Honoring your marriage is one of the best ways to treat your wife right. Be honest, open, and transparent. Stay faithful and loyal to her. Also, be a responsible husband and father in the family. See to it that you do your part of keeping the marriage working.

4. Be thankful to her.
Showing gratitude to your wife is one way to be kind to her. Make it a habit to thank her for everything she does for you and the family. Say “thank you” to her even for small things, like when she makes you coffee or she prepares your attire for work.

5. Do not compare her to any other woman.
It is normal if you have exes, but since it is your wife you are with now, make sure that you appreciate her for who she is. Avoid the mistake of comparing her to other women, even to other wives you know. That is degrading to any woman.

6. Be a gentleman.
Even if you are passed the dating stage, stay being a gentleman to your wife. Continue to do the things you were doing to impress her before. Open the door for her. Hold the umbrella and her heavy bag. Keep doing those simple things that any gentleman would do for a lady.

7. Be patient with her.
Wives are not perfect. There will be times when she nags a lot, or she has her tantrums. Regardless of the situation, never lose your temper with her. Do not raise your voice or do anything against her out of impatience.

8. Be a good provider to the family.
You are more than a kind husband if you make sure that your family is well-provided. Being able to provide for the needs of your wife and take good care of her—as well as your kids—shows that you are doing great as the man of the house.

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9. Do the heavy chores.
Another way to show your kindness to your wife is by initiating to do the heavy chores at home, such as doing the laundry, cleaning the garage, and anything that involves physical strength. Not that women cannot do them, but as a gentleman, you do not want your wife to get exhausted.

10. Give her enough time to rest.
In connection with not wanting your wife to be exhausted, make sure that you allow her to take enough rest after a tiring day. A kind husband is considerate towards the welfare of his wife. Let her get enough sleep and even treat her to the spa to be able to relax.

11. Help her with the kids.
Taking care of children is not only your wife’s responsibility. Make your partner feel that she is not alone in raising your kids. Be a hand’s on dad to them as well. Surely, your wife will feel so blessed for having a responsible husband.

12. Spend time with her.
One of the best ways to show kindness is by spending time with a person. Therefore, no matter how busy you are at work, see to it that you make time for your wife. Be available for her, especially whenever she is going through some tough times. This will make her feel valued.

13. Do what makes her happy.
Be kind enough to find out what are the things that can make your wife happy. Then, exert an effort to do them for her. For example, if you know your wife loves the sea, you can plan for a weekend getaway at the beach to help her unwind. Or if you know your wife likes to cook for you, then make sure to come home early so you can eat what she has prepared.

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14. Be supportive.
A kind husband is supportive of his wife. Therefore, do not discourage your partner from pursuing her dreams. Show her that you greatly believe in her and you will do whatever it takes to help her reach her goals.

15. Listen to what she has to say.
Whenever your wife tries to give you any advice, do not tell her to shut up. Show her that you value her thoughts and you consider them whenever you must decide about something.

16. Treat her as a best friend.
If you see your wife as your best friend, it will be easier for you to treat her kindly. Your relationship with her will be automatically harmonious since both of you would know how to treat each other right. Thus, find out how you can get along as BFFs.

17. Be a good spiritual leader.
The best way to be a kind husband is by accepting your role as the spiritual leader of the family. This will condition your mind to be a role model to your kids in how they should treat their mother and future partners. This will encourage you to apply God’s word in your marriage as well, especially the traits and commands for husbands.

Make It a Habit

Kindness can be developed in a person. Thus, if you want to improve how you treat your wife, learn to treat her with kindness. Be more conscious of how you talk or deal with her, and whenever you are tempted to be rude, remember that she does not deserve it. Your wife deserves nothing less than love.

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  2. My husband dont do anything of these things for me > When i need to be heard or listened to he tells me to suffer on my own > When he has a problem he expects me to listen with no judgement i cant get this in return ! Its hopeless !


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