17 Ways to Be Kind to Your Wife

Be Kind to Your Wife

Being a pleasant husband does not happen automatically. It needs determination, learning, and constant practice. If you know you have been harsh to your wife in the past and you want to change it now, here are some ways on how you can be kind to her, make her happier, and strengthen your marriage to …

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20 Ways to Show Compassion to Others

Show Compassion to Others

How can you show compassion in this world where many people practice hate and violence instead of love and kindness? How can you become a compassionate person and be a blessing to other people? Compassion is a greater virtue than sympathy and empathy. Compassionate people do not only sympathize and empathize but they also actively …

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Want Kindness In Your Life? These Affirmations Will Help

kindness affirmations

Kindness matters. It makes you happier, helps you get along with others better, releases oxytocin, spreads like wildfire, and makes a huge impact on the world. It matters in everything you do and impacts everything. That’s why we all want more kindness in our lives. We want to experience kindness and be kinder so that …

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Don’t Give Up On Being A Good Person: 5 Quotes To Help You Maintain Your Goodness

Don't Give Up On Being A Good Person: 5 Quotes To Help You Maintain Your Goodness

With all the bad people around us, why should we keep being good? Why should we be kind, thoughtful, and compassionate when other people aren’t? Why should we pray for other people when they don’t give a crap about what happens to us? Why should we try to help create a better world when other …

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11 Quotes About Kindness: Just Be Cool And Add Kindness To Your Life

kindness quotes

Sometimes there doesn’t seem to be a lot of kindness in the world, but I assure you there is! I see kindness every day. I practice kindness. I hear about kindness. I find quotes about kindness, like the ones in this article, from some powerful and good people. In order to see more kindness, you …

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Make Someone Smile Challenge: A One-Day Challenge

Make Someone Really Smile Challenge

This ‘make someone smile challenge’ is a one-day challenge.  I’m talking about making them genuinely smile. Not just making them crack a smile or, worse, give you a fake smile, but, instead, making them full-out smile because they feel so good. Are you up for this challenge? There are some really good reasons to take …

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Kindness Challenge: How Much Kindness Can You Handle?

kindness quote 1024x640 1

Is it time to take on a 30-day kindness challenge? If you have been feeling a bit unkind or disconnected from the world, then I would say YES! Some of us know that we have been a little less than kind lately. And, many of us may think we are being kind, but we are …

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