10 Ways to Keep Your Friends Forever

Keeping friends forever
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They say that if you have been friends with someone for over seven years, then it is highly likely that you will be friends with them for the rest of your life.

As we grow up and take our journey in this thing called life, we meet many people along the way, those who we love and experience for only a brief amount of time and those who we are fortunate enough to share the rest of our lives. These people are our children, our family, and even our friends!

Friends are an important aspect of life as well. They provide strong backbone support for you and your family in times of need and celebration. These true friends are the ones we would like to keep and cherish forever.

But how do you do exactly just that? How can we keep our friends in this era of fast-lived relationships, busy schedules, and plans that don’t just come true? Don’t worry though, we say that it is possible and here are ten ways to keep them for life and even forever:

1. Always have their back in every crisis.
As one of their family friends, it’s important you always have their back in every crisis that they face in life and they would also do the same for you. You should lean on one another to get through the tough times and learn from it. So whether it’s a funeral you’re attending or a graduation celebration for one of their kids, it’s best to make your support and presence felt.

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2. Don’t talk poorly of them to others.
Good friends don’t talk bad about their other friends especially when they’re not there to defend themselves. These actions of deceit and insecurity will not foster or make your relationship grow, instead, it will do the opposite and draw you away from each other. Long and true friends are those who know which side they are on and maintain their loyalty even if you’re not there.

3. Support them in their goals.
If you want to keep them, you have to support them with their goals and achievements. If your friend is an aspiring actress, don’t hesitate to accompany her to an audition that is a thousand miles away, because you believe in her and you know that your support can help her make it. Make them feel that you believe in them even when nobody else would.

4. Understand that they need their own space to grow.
It’s important for friends to have their personal space as well. We don’t want to be that clingy, needy, and annoying friend who constantly calls up others to hang out every single hour of every day. Each person needs their time to be alone and to recharge for the next time that you hang out with each other.

5. Make the effort to spend time together.
Even if you’re living miles away from each other, it doesn’t mean the friendship has to go away. In this time of communication, relationships are easier kept with social media and fast telecommunication, so it’s easier to plan meetings or hangouts. Make the effort to spend time together, it doesn’t have to be every week, but just enough so that your group can catch up and have some fun time together!

6. Cherish the good times.
Reminiscing doesn’t have to be a sad affair, in fact, when you’re hanging out with your friends this is highly encouraged. Talking about the good and funny times in the past is proven to improve the strength of the bond you have with them. It just shows how many memories you share with each other and how much you’re looking forward to more of it in the future.

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7. Keep communication.
You don’t have to call them up or text them every day, the only important thing is that you keep the communication. Sending an occasional text to your friend is harmless and even sweet, especially if you’re asking how they’re doing or asking for a short hang out. We all need a break from our hectic lives and enjoy some fun time with our buddies.

8. Celebrate their milestones.
Aside from sharing a shoulder for them to lean during tough times, it’s equally important for you to help them celebrate their milestones in life. Whether it’s a birth of a new baby, a promotion at work, or the launch of a successful art exhibit of your artist friend, make sure you’re there to open the champagne and cheer. As a friend, it’s your role as well to share their happy memories in life.

9. Include them in your life.
Just as much as you are a part of their lives, make an effort as well to involve them in yours. Don’t shut them out completely and stop talking to them out of nowhere, instead make them feel like family and that their presence is significant too. Show them that you value their opinions and consider their friendship as an important aspect of your being.

10. Never break their trust and confidence.
Lastly, the best way to keep your friends forever is to never ever break their trust and confidence. If they confide in you about their secrets or any serious matter, then it just means that your friendship level is that high that he or she trusts you enough with this matter. Whatever it is, it is your role as a friend to take that secret to the grave unless they say otherwise. Trust is expensive and you can never buy it.

Friends are such an important thing in our lives. They make each day easier because you have someone you can laugh with, someone you can confide in, and someone that you know will always have your back in any situation no matter what. If you’re lucky enough to have a close and trusted circle of friends, then do your absolute best to keep it.

Reliable, trustworthy, and honest. These people are the ones we need in our life, the ones we should cherish, and the ones we should keep forever.

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