8 Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Realize Your Importance

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Does your boyfriend start ignoring your texts or calls? Does he no longer greet you during special events? Does he no longer appreciate your time and efforts? Or, does he no longer listen to you? These are just some of the signs that your boyfriend stops seeing your importance as his girlfriend. Every woman knows how painful it is to not get the importance she used to get from her boyfriend.

Ladies, you deserve to be treated with respect. You deserve to be given the attention you need. If your boyfriend starts ignoring you, you need to do something about it. Of course, breaking up with him is the last thing you will do.  You might want to try first to make your boyfriend realize your importance as a partner and as a woman. Here are some ways for you to do so:

8 Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Realize Your Importance Video

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How to Make Your Boyfriend Realize Your Importance

1. Know your worth.

First, you need to know what you deserve- that is, to be loved, cared for, and valued by your partner. Don’t forget that you are special. You are amazing.  Hence, value yourself. Don’t let your boyfriend keep making you feel that you are not someone important.  In fact, he is lucky to have you, so he should treasure you just as how you treasure him.

2. Tell him what you feel.

Open communication is always the key to a good and healthy relationship. If you start feeling like he doesn’t value you anymore as his partner, you need to speak up. Be honest about what you feel. Express your grievances. Be specific.

However, you may not always focus on the negative. Emphasize that you’re telling all of these things to him because you want your relationship to work. You want to stay honest with him. By expressing your feelings, you are helping your boyfriend realize his shortcomings as well as giving him a chance to make it up to you.

Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Realize Your Importance
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3. Act what you feel.

Sometimes, telling your boyfriend about what you feel is not enough. You might not see any changes, weeks, or even months after your lengthy conversation with him.  He might think the scenario is nothing new to him. Now, to make him feel the weight of the issue, let your actions speak to him. Create a little distance. Don’t always call or text. Don’t always see him. Don’t always follow what he says. Giving him a cold shoulder will make him realize how serious you are about the issue.  Also, not seeing him that often will make him long for you.

Remember, if he really loves you, he will not allow you to keep feeling unappreciated, unimportant, and unloved. He will make it up to you. He will make you feel important again.

4. Go out with your other friends.

It is always a good thing to spend some time with your friends even when you’re in a relationship. Going out with them will make you feel refreshed. It will make you feel like you’re not in a box.

Now, going out with your friends is even more helpful when your boyfriend starts making you feel less important. Make him see that you’re having fun with your friends. Show him that your happiness does not only depend on him. He might just realize that he can’t afford to see you getting used to a life without him.

5. Limit the things you always do for him.

Do you always cook for him? Do you always give him a massage? Are you always the one who makes peace with him every time you fight? Are you always the one who says sorry even when he’s the one at fault? He might be too used to seeing you being there for him always and being head over heels in love with him that he no longer sees how important your role is in his life.

To avoid that to happen, make sure that you limit the things you always do for him. Yes, limit, not stop. If you stop doing the things that you used to do for him, it might make him feel that you no longer care for him. So, make it just enough for him to realize your importance.

6. Show how independent you are.

One of the effective ways to make your boyfriend realize your importance is to show him how strong and independent you are.  Loving him doesn’t mean making him your world.  Show him that you can still do the things you love doing- even without him. Travel alone. Go to work alone. Eat alone. Watch a movie alone. Doing these things all by yourself will make him realize that he’s not the only source of energy that powers your life.

Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Realize Your Importance
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7. Moderate your tolerance.

If you’re too tolerant of the things he does, even if you don’t like them, then he will think that he’s not doing anything wrong at all. He will keep doing this his own way. Also, if he thinks he has full control over things and over you,  it will be too easy for him to stop seeing your importance.

Hence, moderate your tolerance. Stand your ground. Know when to let him do certain things, and know when not to let him.

8. Monitor your yeses.

In connection with the previous tip, if you always give in to whatever he wants, your boyfriend might be too complacent. He will not take you seriously. Thus, never be that yes type of girlfriend. Rather, monitor your yeses, and learn to say no when needed. Never ever allow him to treat you less.

Sometimes, you can say you don’t have to make an effort to make people see your importance. However, when you are in an unhealthy relationship, you don’t just simply get out without trying to fix it.  If he starts failing to see your importance, you might want to help him realize how lucky he is to have you. Now, if he still continues to ignore you and not treat you as his partner, you know what to do.

Remember: You are strong. You are worthy to be loved. You are beautiful, and you are important.

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Chinese Translation: 让你的男朋友意识到你的重要性的8种方法


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69 thoughts on “8 Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Realize Your Importance”

  1. So my story in a bit shell…met this man I went to High school with and never even knew one day we would be a thing….All is wonderful he moves in then we decide to move to his house and rent mine out. He suddenly turns into a different person and please not I pay my half of all. Starts belittling, demeaning me etc, tells me it is me all the time I’m the issue and he knows what’s best for us so I need to just behave. I love him but never feel good enough or pretty enough or body figure isn’t good enough. He works for his ex and seems to go out of his way for her no matter what and tells me it’s just business and she pays him but if it’s something for me I am incapable to do it so he had to etc. instead of a favor being something you want to do for your other half. Then tells me I’m lazy as far as my career goes bc I have been a single mom and couldn’t quit my job to do clinical for my RN just normal life deal I feel for me bc I have to have income. Yet it’s all me I’m insecure and I’m the one who needs to chill out or this is gonna end when he is ready for it to kind of deal. I’m at a loss he can be a very good man and yet make me feel like the lowest person in the world. I just want some kind of normal and someone to appreciate me I don’t know what is going on anymore or if he even loves me as he says he does. Thoughts?

  2. Reading all you guys comments make me realize that I do not wanna sound like any of you, all insecure, down about a man. We all have a choice to make.. realize your worth and prioritize yourself and say f**k him this is clearly him showing me how he feels about me. Or leave. Period. You only get one life. Is this how you want to spend it? We get down about a man or a relationship that makes you feel like sh*t. But you can’t let it keep you down. Pick yourself up and know that you have value and worth even if he doesn’t see it. Men get distracted by all types of things if he stopped paying you attention it’s because his attention is elsewhere. Go get your hair done, nails feet, massage. Go eat by yourself go drink by yourself. You don’t need people to complete you. It feels hard to come out if it but it’s your choice to. I’m not doing this anymore.

  3. My boyfriend is a stone hearted person………. I’ve been trying to make this relationship better from 4 years……….and some days ago he said he never loved me…………and when I asked for a valid reason he said you were just my last option and I never loved you 😢😢😢 And now he’s saying I should make him regret his rejection………..I just don’t wanna survive………..

  4. Hi
    I m fed up. It’s been about 2 years to my marriage. My husband doesn’t give importance to me. I always create time for him. I always initiate communication with him. I always care for him. He always ignore my care love respect. He never creates time for me. He never enjoy watching movie with me, never like to sit with me enjoying any game, mobile, any activity. He always prefer his family, his mother, his father and his relatives. He never like to go for outing with me.i have complaint him many times but he is not ready to listen me, understand me
    Now I feel I should leave him. What should I do? Suggest

    • Hi Monika. If things are still bad between you and your husband you should try making yourself scarce. Meaning, you can try and distance yourself from him physically, even just for a day. Then pay attention to how he reacts. If you normally do everything for him, try doing less for him or at least with less effort. He needs to appreciate and value you for the woman you are. You are God’s perfect creation and deserve to be treated with kindness every single day! 🙂

  5. I’m reading this in the middle of the Coronavirus outbreak because I’m tired of feeling sad due to my partner. We have been in a bumpy relationship for the past 3 years. We travelled together to Colombia and, in the middle of it, the Coronavirus alarm started. He wanted to go back to the United States, I was not going to be able to go back to Perú, my country. I let him go, I didn’t ask him to stay because I did not want to be selfish.

    He left and I stayed, for the first time in my life, alone. I have never lived alone, let alone in another country in the middle of a crisis. But I wanted to be good for him, especially because he has low tolerance levels and I knew he would stress out about his apartment and being trapped, and etc. I only asked him to be emotionally present for me.

    A couple of days we had a problem because he offered to help me paid half the price of the place I’m staying in. I didn’t accept the first time but I needed his help the second time. Just the day I asked him to do the payment, he told me that he was going to do it but that he didn’t understand how I needed help for the apartment when I was buying take out everyday and buying clothes. I explained that was not the case, that I had just lost an important job and he knew it, and that I only bought clothes with him once when I still had my contract, and that I was buying food every day because I don’t know how to cook and I was anxious and eating like crazy.

    I got mad at him for bringing this out the way he did, minutes after he had just agreed to help me, when he offered it again and again, and when he knew I was struggling with a lot of negative feelings and I had NEVER asked him for any money, NEVER. He didn’t like me calling him out for that sh*tty move, so we didn’t speak for a couple of days, then he said he was not mad and that he was giving me space.
    I sent him a message explaining that maybe I was wrong by just not talking to him, but that I was (I’m still am) in a really bad place emotionally because this situation (being totally alone in a foreign country during this crisis, having to pay for my apartment and college while I’m a freelancer without a title) is making me depressed. I asked him if he is really willing to support me to emotionally, not finantially, but emotionally despite me not being my usual self.

    He flipped the situation and got offended thinking I was telling him he was not doing enough and asked what else do I want from him and bla bla bla. That was literally not my intention, it was not about him but about me, me trying to ask if he was willing to support me besides me being right now an emotional mess, yet he found a way to get upset. We are supposed to be on good terms now but we are only texting like 3 times per day, when we were texting every hour before. Yet, when I ask him if he is upset he says no, making me feel like I’m the crazy one thinking something is off.

    I’m not even sure why we are trying this anymore. He is a wonderful person, respectful, loyal, a hard worker, moral, honest, but he makes me feel emotionally neglected. I should put an end to all this bullsh*t, but I’m in love with him. If I could just stop being in love with him I will, I’m passing the worst time of my life here, not even my family is talking to me and when my mom talk to me it’s only to critize me. I have never felt more alone in my entire life.

    • Hi I’m new on here. I hope you are well. It’s hard not having any support especially with the things you’re going through. I’ve never been to another country. I’m from US. I cannot imagine having to live in a foreign country alone. Your a very strong person. I know you probably do need more help then your letting him know and it sucks you have to keep that inside. I’m dating someone now that I feel doesn’t know my worth. I don’t know what to do but it’s hard to just give up on someone you say you love.

  6. My boyfriend use to show me care,love and always on the phone with me.he change when I find out he was cheating on me and I told him about it in an angry way.now he doesn’t call when we are talking he end my call just to talk to other ladies.i don’t know if I should tell him how I feel or just give him some space am scared he may love the other girl he is giving attention to

  7. Hey, so i have a pretty complicated relationship. I am with a guy who is older than me. I am 23 he is 32. We got together when i was his supervisor at work. It all started as messing around back then, when things got serious. He told me he had 2 kids a boy, and a girl. I gasped ! I said to myself i should not leave him because he has kids. Aside from that, their mom passed away from cancer. I was just so sad to hear that. I didn’t know what to say. I still stayed with him but the moms mom. Aka grama found out that the kids dad was dating after 2 years of her daughter passing away. She was so mad she ended up taking the dad to court to take away his kids so that the kids wouldn’t be around ME. I was so shook because I was jist trying to connect with the kids. Not trying to take away the title of their actual mom. Anyways this court stuff lasted my whole relationship, 4 years. Their grama makes it difficult for me to feel i have any say into the kids life. After all these years i see them as IF the kids are my own meaning love the kids. Since im still with him i guess his love is fading in all types of ways. I do work 2 jobs. I dont like to depend on someone for money. But i guess porn is better than me. I guess i would just like a second opinion or more if i should stay or leave? The kids are really keeping me from leaving because its not their fault that their dad prefers to be on the phone and TV instead of being physically there with the kids and I.

  8. me and my boyfriend have been together for almost a year now and he recently turned off his location on snapchat and he’s been texting a lot of girls on snapchat behind my back. he claims he doesn’t text them but he always does and he flirts with them. he has the audacity to lie straight to my face when i already know the truth. he also constantly calls me toxic and annoying and when he messes up, he’s so quick to put the blame on me and puts me down and telling me that it’s my fault he’s acting that way when in reality i haven’t done nothing wrong. he puts these other girls before me and says he doesn’t. he never wants to admit the things he does and calls me insecure. i love him so much and he tells me he loves me and doesn’t want to lose me. how do i get him to see that what he is doing is wrong and that he needs to change? please reply 😪💔

  9. most of the women on here sound too desperate, live yourself first and learn ti spend time alone, most men are selfish and self centered, Dont always be at their beck and call, value yourself. men arent the answer to everything. Be happy with yourself.

  10. Hello…I read everyone,s problems that made me sad…I too have relationship issues and that,s why am upset now a days…Actually my bf used to like one girl who always use to avoid him..and later my bf and i came in relation…Its not like he dont cares about me ..he does and his behaviour towards me also says that he loves me…But sometimes he say things which are very stupid and which hurts me…He says about other girls who like him..and also sometimes tell about that girl whom he used to like..he says that hee still have little bit feelings for her but he also says that he will never leave me…then last time a two days ago one boy said to him that he loves me..so i thought after hearing this he will get possesive taking me but no,instead of that he said that boy that he will try to make connection between him and me…so u think how it feels when your bf only try to make your connection with other…when i asked him why is he doing like that,he replied that he felt bad for that boy because he understands his feelings and understands that how it feels when u love someone but that person dont loves u back…he also gave example of him and that girl whom he used to like….this topic was almost turning us to breakup..but thank god nothing happened like that…actually still it is not cleared..so thats why i am very sad and upset…..Please help me…!!!

  11. It’s high time u go for those guys whom you think they are not your type… I feel like Der have a lot to offer…. Yess you do change guys but u go fr the same type that makes the past to keep on reapting its self, you are beautiful and u derseve better

  12. Hi, exact same problem, been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years and he had changed since the beginning. He use to be really sweet to me and I was always the first thing on his mind and he made me feel good, he then got a job and started working nights so he was getting tired but he was still decent with me, but now I’m just the last on his mind, takes him a whole day to text me sometimes not even a hi it’s usually a blunt question, he says hes too tired to fo stuff with me but yet he still goes out with friends, he said he cant get out on our anniversary because since he hadn’t booked it off his boss is making him do it which I find fishy, I’m not allowed to go out drinking or clubbing with his mates because he wants to have fun without me,if I buy him something or give him money I also never get a thank you,and he use to phone me all the time and let me know when hes home safe, but now when I ask him to let me know he says things like “I’m fine fu*k off” like fu*k me sorry for giving a damn about you? And the problem is if I try to communicate about this, he will try to make an argument about it and say I’m in the wrong and it bugs me that he wont listen and I cant get a word in and all of this is slowly making me feel sad and sader everyday and I’m just ready to give up and not give a sh*t anymore.

  13. I always create time for him each and every second. I even offer to call him myself just to know how he is doing but it has been quite a long period of time since he stopped calling me . in some cases if I don’t start a conversation he doesn’t. He put most of the Blame on me but I persevere because of the love. If I complain he tells me that he doesn’t want stress and if I feel like he doesn’t have time for me then I should leave him alone . If I ask him why he ain’t replying to my text he gives lame excuses because in the end I’ll tolerate him but in the end still clams that he loves me…….. please advise me on what to do because I still love him

  14. Hiii….. My bf thinks that I don’t understand him…. He is going through a trauma.. Cz his exam is approaching…. I understand this… But to always ignore me n yell at me isn’t the solution…. He breaks my heart everytime… But I don’t tell him….

  15. Well I’m a boy and these things happen with me
    She directly ignore me
    If I’ll ask her she’ll say nothing is wrong
    She never realise her mistake
    There are lots of things to be said
    But I’ll be sad

  16. My partner knows that my past relationships have broken me and all i really ask from him is to treat me right, be loyal and honest with me and give me the love that i deserve… All of that is simple but he has been such an ass##le to me lately, talking about random women just to get me jealous, he’d never listen to me when i try to tell him how i feel… He always turns the story around to me and makes me think its my fault. I really love him and i do trust him when it comes to other women but the things he says to me always makes me upset and ive been in a relationship in the past where ive been mentally abused and i feel like this is where its going. I really dont want a relationship like that again. Him and I had a huge argument through text message earlier and i told him we need a break, at first i was gonna break up with him because i was so sick of getting treated badly.. but i realised i dont want to lose him he is really the love of my life, he offered to work through his issues while we were on our break but he said that the last time and nothings changed. What i hate is how he always says sorry and say he’ll be better but he doesnt.. NOTHING EVER CHANGES. Im hurting.. i really dont want to lose him i just want to be treated right. NOT by any other guy, but from HIM. He knows i have type 2 bipolar and sometimes he plays mindgames with me and it really f#cks with my head and im just sick of being unhappy. I need help, i just want those simple things from him but nothing i say will make a change ☹ im so upset right now

  17. I have a boyfriend it’s two years no in our relationship it’s a long distance relationship, whenever he is here he gives me much of his time and also when we first started our relationship he was calling and texting everyday until a year a go when he started changing. He can stay a week or month without even texting and when you text or call it can take even a month for a reply. I know living him is not an option but my concern is can someone be so busy to ignore the person he loves as his future wife. I remember texting him from August this year until today no reply no calls and no texts.
    I m so much pissed off right now and I don’t even know what to do.

    • You already know the answer, long distance relationships are hard.. If you are skipping days of talking then I would drop him, people make time for each other

  18. I stay kn kolkata.I am in a relationship for 1 month now.This boy whom i love,for the past few days has been ignorjng me…i am wanting to speak to him about my problem but whenever after the entire day at night we get the time to speak to each other,he says that he does not want to discuss these topics,but he says that he loves me and he does not want to leave me…recently he has decided to switch his job and go out of kolkata and now he is saying that he wont meet me until he gets a new job.The job he wants to pursue is outside kolkata and if he gets the job,he will be moving…and even after 3 months of not meeting each other,we wont be able to stay together.I dont think a 1 month relationship can sustain such hurdles of 3 months not meeting each other and then again a long distance relationship.But he says that we must make it work, then again he is never able to give me time so well and as i had already told he is not even ready to listen to my problems.He does not return the texts where he finds he is at fault,neither does he return my calls.He texts me at times though.Please advice me.

    • Don’t waste your time on him, in your heart you all ready know the answer, I think you just need to hear it from other people to validate it, you will meet the right one oneday ♡

  19. Me and my boyfriend been together for almost a year now & lately all we do is argue about petty stuff. I try to explain to him how i feel and how certain things he does actually really hurts my feelings. But all he says is “i dont care its your fault that it hurts your feelings” or “your the main problem ” but yet he doesnt realize that hes part of the arguments and he does things that make me assume and just feel hurt. Ive told him about my past relationships & how they truly tramatized me . It seems like he just doesnt care anymore and that he doesnt love me…. i honestly feel pathetic … help

  20. Partner constantly looking online searching sexy girls daily, as soon as gets up till he comes back from work. Now deleting history, as guilty but lies to my face. I’ve confronted him and spoken he promised to stop…….but guess what he’s still doing it and all of a sudden has edf!!!!
    He acts as a single person when at work and doesn’t want to do stuff weekends as a family. Help…. micro_cheating? Emotional Cheating.

    • Hi
      My boyfriend has been proposing to me since high school but I didn’t accept because we were in one class
      I accepted when I got to University but then he traveled out of the country.He is now thinking because I he traveled that’s why I accepted. I love him genuinely but he is giving me attitude.He started ignoring me weeks before he told me the reason. I have been falsing a conversation always before he told me that..I sometimes feel I’m in a relationship with myself because he keeps me as a secret
      I’m very confused and dont know what do.
      Please help me

  21. Hey i m in relationship
    He is my fiance. I m not able to understand his behaviour. Sometimes he behaves very well. Call me regularly. But sometimes he did not call full day. Even after i text he replied i m tried. His mood swings on daily basis. Although he tell me about him that he is not that buttering type of gye. But at one point i feel hurted.
    What do i do
    I m very upset.
    He texts but no call
    What does it mean.

  22. Hi.
    My boyfriend and I live together and we are together for 3 years now and we still can’t seem to understand each other in the way we are supposed to. It seems like he never listens to what I say but rather creates his own version of the things I’m saying to him? He always gets frustrated with me over little things. There are things that I need him to realize too. I don’t feel special. What do I do?

  23. I have a boyfriend and we’ve been together for almost 2 years now. Since the beginning of our relationship I noticed that alot of things has changed. He is not the same like before when I first met him. He used to have alot of time for me and he always put me first and very sweet to me. He always call and text me just to check up on me. But now, it seems to me that I am always last om his list. He get annoy when I send him messages and complain that I always check on him. He opened some new businesses and I understand that he spend most of his time handling them. But the thing is everytime I will ask him to go on a date or do some activity together, he always tells me that he is too busy but when it comes to his friends, he can always make time for them. He’s been treating me hot and cold. Sometimes he is still sweet to me mostly when he needs something from me and when he is feeling lonely and none of his friends are around. And then when his friends comes , he just ignore me and hang out with them and seems not to care about me. I told him about that, why he can make time for his friend and not do the same for me, and he said just try to understand him because it is for his businesses. I tried to broke up with him many times already but he always begs me to stay and say the he cannot live without me and that he doesn’t want to lose me. I really dont know what to do? Is it just me over thinking and over demanding for his time and affection?

    • This is the most common problem. Girls tends to over love a man even on a long run but boys usually are vice versa. But It doest mean they dont love you. They love you but however they are used to hearing the same old chubby lovey dovey messages from you and loses the charm to embrace that. I heard boys saying when girls over do, they gets bored or loses charm. Now my suggestion is..
      1. Pretend to be damn nice to your boyfriend even though his action hurts you. Be a soft spoken lady. Let him take the liberty he wants and meanwhile you make a plans as well and let him know. Even though you dont have one.

      2. Find a guy friend whom you ‘d call him a extraordinary friend who is willing to do anything for you. He should be there to comfort you even if anyone dares to harm you, even if it be your own boyfriend. Its Difficult to get one but let
      someone pretend doing that for you. And mean while leave a hint to your bf about your extraordinary friend. Tell him, you knew this friend since 10 years. Tell your bf how this friend of yours knows how to put you before anyone else. Your boyfriend will be jealous though but at the same time dont hurt his ego.. Dont compare them because that comparision will taking automatically in his brain. But Remember the rule no.1 be damn damn nice to your boyfriend. Dont restrict him on anything else. Always say- fine, sure, ofcourse you are right. Okay. Please go ahead etc. He will definitely find out time to check on whats really had happened with you because at this time such nice reply from you will make him realize “she doesn’t really care about me anymore”. This is going to make you miss you.

      3.some times learn to make your phone not reachable. Leave him a message like Darling I am off to outdoor dinner with my friends. I will be home late. Dont wait for me. Advance Goodnight.coco
      Then make your phone not reachable. He will try to call you for sure and when he finds out its not reachable, he will wonder the whole night where the hell had you been. Definitely he will not get a good night sleep for sure. When its almost daylight switch on to network. He will definitely call you. Then share him regarding how interesting session you had with your friends the whole night. This will kill him.

      4.Respect your boyfriend to whatever decision he wants to make. Remember this is a game you are playing to make him curious about you. Even though he flirts with other girls, he will compare you and her but since you are damn nice, he will obviously think of not losing you, the precious gem you. In his mind he will be like “my gf is the best”

      5. Limit your texting, be the first one to hung up the phone but with so much politeness. This will melt him and have him want to talk with you more.
      Never never stalk him or check on him. Even on social media. Boys dont like this.

      6.most of the time you must pretend to live a life like even if he seek break up on you also, you doesn’t care at all because you are strong and happy. This will make him feel so insecure and if boys really love a girl, they are willing to do whatever to make that girl his forever. He will do that but dont get carried away too easily. Limit your lovey lovey text remember. And reply only if he does to you.

      7.don’t be so much a social media. Disappear like if he ‘d stalk you on messenger, “last seen 15days ago” .. This will make him go like damn!where has she been though you guys just texted on WhatsApp or other app a while ago. This will make him think you must be really engaged in some other work where it doesn’t concern his importance to chat anymore. And supposed he ask you, tell him how happy you are doing this that leisure work, friends gathering etc.

      Now start this and see his changes. These tips will change your lover for sure.

    • It doesn’t matter what he says, all that matters is what he does. If you are not happy with him, don’t waste your time. Leave. BUT… before you do that, one thing you have to ask yourself – are YOU busy with a life? If you depend on him for all of your social and emotional needs, no way can he fulfill that.

      Why don’t you try being really busy for a change? Go out with your friends every night or visit your family. Or work late, or take an exercise class. Whatever you want, just don’t be there when he expects you to. Don’t nag him, just get really busy.

      Maybe go on a vacation with friends or family. Or even by yourself. Just do stuff without him.

      If he wants you, this will give him the motivation to step it up. If it doesn’t, you know he doesn’t really care no matter what he says. aCtions speak louder than words.

  24. Gudnews to everyone dat his/her eye sees dis message should received her husband now,his wife now in Jesus name

    • My boyfriend doesn’t acknowledge me anymore. He keeps posting memes about break up shii and I’m not comfortable with it. Tried talking to him about it several times but we still end up going south. At this point I’m really scared of losing him. He now lies that he’s busy even when he’s not. I’m confused. I don’t know what to do. All I know is I don’t want to lose him because I don’t love him.

  25. Realize him that you are really feeling bad.. Whatever u had done.. U won’t do again. Tell him that you love him more than anything else. U had broken the trust so it’s ur responsibility to gain his trust again by any means. If you really love him, do whatever (do good things) you can for getting him back. But if he doesn’t love you anymore bcoz of your mistakes, and may be the chances is he found another girl then you can’t do anything. It’s your fault ,you don’t treasure him, when he is with you. Now the fact is you can only get him if he still loves you otherwise you should accept the things and move on.
    Best of luck..!

  26. Please my boyfreind has been ignoring me cos i broke his trust,bt he din’t end the relationship,i tried to change,and he startd being nice again,until i asked him for somtin he didnt do it for me,so i took it without telling him,dat very day he called it a quit,pls what do i do to get him to forgive me and continue
    the relationship,cos i love him so much and i cn’t let him go,i kept calling him he dosent take my calls,he texted and say he
    is done with me,pls what do i do….since am in an unhealthy relationship and am d cause.please reply

    • hey, so ive broken my boyfriends trust multiple times. i also have a very bad reputation with men. So that makes it hard too, he’s done a lot for me, still does he takes care of me and there have been times where i have become entitled. If you took from him without his permission, you should give it back, you should apologize. and then you should tell him what you want but also think of what he wants. I’ve been realizing in my case… it’s been about me a lot and like not about how what i do affects him. So you taking that probably made you seem entitled.

  27. Hello. Its been now 11 months that we are together. However since the beginning of the year he started to act strange. He started to ignore my msgs,my calls. Come up with lame excuses. He even forgot my birthday. I’ve talked about how i feel several times but he doesn’t even reply to them . I told him that i wanna break up with him he says no do that. He says he loves me and is doesn’t want to lose me. However when i told him that he always ignores me and doesn’t tell me anything at all about him he just ignores the msgs . What should i do ??? Its killing me. I love him so much

    • Hello
      So you are at a position where you can do nothing to make your relationship work, because this is a situation which arises when you feel that your partner is not giving you the amount of love, time , importance , respect which you Putin as a person.
      And when you think of getting this thing sorted by communicating with your partner the only result ( in most of the cases) “you are just overthinking , overreacting at things blah blah blah”.
      This leads to increase the anger (helpless feeling) of yours because whenever you try to solve it it becomes way more complex.
      My only advice to you is thatjust leave that person , whether the person loves you or not but you can’t live your life with this ignorance and the second option is Which i think is easiest😂
      ” Do nothing and just go with the flow and leave as it is , if your feeling of love overrules yout self respect”.

      • I am fed up.with my life being with my gf since 3 years ..she abuse me any time.. She curse me for the mistakes I had done..what should be done in this case

      • We have been dating for 6 months now…at first we were like best friends and we were almost perfect not until he traveled and everything changed,if i try to address the issues he would say i love issues and loves fighting but then he abuses me whenever we have issues and would even go to the extend of blocking me and i will always cry practically begging him not to go,he stopped giving me attention and his time and he cares less about me…i dont know wat else to do so it wont seem like am bugging him because i always ask him to stop hurting me and he promises to change but never does….am so hurt with his recent change of behaviour towards me but am truly tired of crying and been heart broken

    • I feel you. My boyfriend gave me no present for my birthday, he broke up with me multiple times already, doesnt speak to me, is on his phone a loot doesnt really value me, doesnt try to understand me, doesnt care when I want to leave, he cheated, he cancelled our vacation, critisized me nonstop and is just always acting distant and cold. I feel like he rejects me nonstop, he also goes out and doesnt text me… I mean.. I dont deserve this cmon.. he never compliments me, never makes me feel good, in fact he makes me feel less than I am..

      • And also, my parents block me emotionally, they are never there for me, dont care, at work I got fired and critisized, its just so much these days. I cant handle this pain anymore. Nobody values me not even my parents and nobody listens. I got fired, lynched, critisized so much.. I mean.. my confidence is goone

        • Hello, you have a feeling of rejection at a very young age due to your parents… however it does not mean what they did is right and it doesn’t mean you are suppose to accept that from everyone. When I read what u wrote it is very apparent what’s going on. you do not think you are worth it … you don’t think your worth loving and respected – until you start loving yourself you will never get what you want. Start by waking up each morning g and saying 10 positive things about yourself out loud… looking in the mirror. do this in the morning and in evening. If you want to chat more let me know.

      • He’s not worth you..!

        Please gladly cut yourself from that relationship otherwise you’ll have to keep enduring for the rest of your life

    • It’s been 6months relationship my bf is like who get him more close he just ignore them and hurt them more like hell the same ignorance showing on me reason is he never take anyone as seriously in his life so nw few days back he started ignoring my calls nd texts if I ask why he said let’s stop talking for few months because I wanna know the value of ur love and you so please ignore me and I will back of u so pls give me some tips how realize him my love and care value

      • Why would you say that?! He is cheating on you? You know him personally? That is hard to swallow..it doesn’t sound like he wants to be with her but saying he is cheating on you is way out of line

    • Move on sweetie he knows he got you so he’s loosing interest hard to do but detach detach detach men are hunters when he sees he got you he’s loosing interest men are like the weather never give Your all!!!! Hope it helps

  28. I am so tired!😓😓😩😞😔..3 years of bullsh*t! I am ALWAYS the glue, even when I’ve come undone.. This guy has no respect for this relationship.

    • Hey,

      I hear you! My partner never makes an effort with me either. If I try to talk to him he stonewalls me even when I am just trying to engage in a conversation to help us communicate better. He sees me addressing issues as a form of confrontation and he shuts down. I am tired of always being the one to offer the olive branch, even if our last argument wasn’t my fault. This exact scenario has happened in my past three relationship. I’m starting to wonder if its just the type of guys I go for, or if I do too much from the get go and then they get use to it.
      Its mentally and emotionally exhausting and it gets to the point where I don’t even want to be here anymore. I know that sounds extreme, but I’m tired of this sh*t!

      • I feel the same way.. When i go to conversate bout how i feel he will ” oh f**k I’m not doing this with you.I don’t want to talk bout it” and say I’m trying to start van arguement but the truth is I’m trying to keep from arguing and stop feeling like I’m worthless because I know my worth. and Iknow the issue isn’t with me.it him

        • Relationships should be easy. I have been dating a guy for 2 years now, we have only had one major fight.

          I was visiting my bf about 18 months ago. We’d only been dating 6 months. We’d made plans for me to come over and he was going to make me brunch. Then after I’d only been there half an hour, he gets a call from his son, wanting to get together. So he told me I better eat fast, so he can go meet his kid in half an hour. I’m like, I’m not tolerating that.

          I didn’t say anything. I got up, and marched out the door. I didn’t give him a hug goodbye or a kiss. He RAN after me. He tried to hug me. I refused to let him and just left.

          He never did that sh*t again. Telling me to eat fast so I could leave! No sir. You don;t pull that crap with me. And since then he’s been respectful.

          Here’s the thing though – You have to be willing to LEAVE. He has to know that if he treats you with disrespect, you will be gone. It doesn’t do any good to talk to them. You don’t talk, you let your actions speak.

          BTW, I do know that his kids are important. I have told him I understand they are a priority, but the point was – when he’s made plans with me, he needs to honor that. Just like, when he makes plans with his kids, we honor that as well. So, for example, when we were planning Christmas – I told him, what do your kids want? If they want Christmas Day, spend that with them but then spend Christmas Eve with me.

          I make a point of NEVER interfering when he has plans with his kids. BUT… when he’s with me, he’s with me. And he better NOT try to treat me like I’m disposable, because I’m not.

          So, my advice – NEVER argue with them. NEVER try to have long discussions. Just… if they treat you badly, you’re not going to be around. If they want you in their life, they better treat you with respect. Remember, men need women a heck of a lot more than we need them.

          • Wow! You know I read everyone’s post and sometimes I don’t even end up finishing their replys lol im like “ah” tried that ,heard that lol.but when I came across yours! I suddenly was like WOW! AFTER I had read it about 20times lol.just the words have so much meaning to them I feel connected and I Wana be able to do that like you said be able to Leave! Chat more? Could use advice?

          • I think you make really valid points and your actions are fair and consistent. I’m going to try to practice this as I feel and know my partner is taking me for granted, not appreciating me and things I will always stick around and can’t do better than him

        • I’m sitting outside my apt at 1:40am puffy, watery eyes all red and barely able to open. I’ve just got done with another fight with my so called boyfriend. I came across this site that ive never seen before and I read your message and just burst into tears. You were saying how you try to talk to your boyfriend about an issue that is hurting you but he turns everything into “why are you trying to start a fight. Why are you trying to argu with me….”. Let me tell you, that is so frustrating isn’t it. It’s a f**king cop out for them. I go through this more times than I can count.
          I feel like I’m going crazy half the time and I instantly start second guessing everything about my feelings and thoughts and quickly bash my self internally. I will sit and talk to him and be justifying my feelings as if I am asking him for forgiveness and all that. My gosh it’s so hurtful. Do you feel that way at times?

          • My dear I understand how you feel. This happens to me too. I have just decided to love and respect myself. I have also decided to also set boundaries and try not to reply to things that hurt me immediately when they happen. I give him space then when he realizes, we talk abt it. If he still feels he doesn’t want to talk abt it, I go into my silent mood until we decide to talk and resolve it.

        • Mine always claim everything he does is right he nver accept his wrongs,n i wil b d 1 to always apologies he talk to me lik a baby wen settling issues

      • Faye, Yes!!! Me, too!!! I try to talk to him, try to save us, I’m in love with him, but I’m training myself to fall out of love with him. I deserve better. I am loveable and I am worth it. It’s taken me so long to believe this. 🥺

      • Hello. It happened the same way to us. Of I start a conversation to settle the issue, to tell him what I really feel (which is he said before to tell him what I really feel) He just say, “there you go again, complaining, murmuring, overreacting, over thinking, etc” then, he turn his back or walk away.. He always ignoring me unlike before we’re fresh in relationship. I don’t really know what to do.

    • Hey guys ..,
      It’s been 11 months at first he used to offer a lot of respect for me he cares me he gave a lot of value for my feelings & decisions too …but after few months he kept me at a position where am not able to receive any priority ,importance, value or respect either . Idk wat to do am the same person as before he changed a lot idk the reason i have tried to sort out everything in btw us but being like dis makes me even low n depressed
      If i will make distance from him he used to say No! Dont be apart from me am not doing all this sh*t wantedly give me an another chance ..plz be with me bla …bla…bla
      Then with those words …instantly my hearts melt n gave a lot of chances which were beyond my patience…but afterall that he was the same no change again no importance no value no priority nothingggggg . SO DIS IS THE CYCLE WHICH REPEATS AGAIN …AGAIN ….AGAIN…….. guys plz help me out n give me some valuable advice out of ur experience plzzz let him realise my importance n wanna wish to see him just lyk before ..😑


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