Challenge Yourself To Dictate How You Will Feel For 7 Days

How you feel is so important. It’s more important than how you think because your feelings have a larger influence over what you do, what you see, and what you allow into your life. Your feelings influence your attitude and character which influences everything else in your life. A lot of people don’t think they have the ability to choose how they are going to feel and react to things. But they do. We all do. How you are feeling can be a decision, not a reaction. I learned that in Neale Donald Walsch’s Mindvalley program, Awaken The Species, which focuses on evolving yourself.  I highly recommend checking him, his books, or his program out if you want to evolve into a happier human being.

5 Reasons To Take Control Over How You Feel

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1. It Will Help You Lead A Happier Life

We need to stop letting our family, friends, and co-workers dictate how we are going to feel moment by moment because – let’s face it, it’s usually a negative feeling like stress, annoyance, or anger.

If we want to experience emotions like gratitude, joy, or excitement, we can’t depend on other people to help us get there. We have to choose to feel those things despite what other people are doing or saying.

2. It Will Help You Lead A More Fulfilling Life

If you let other people decide how you should feel by reacting to their words or actions, then you are giving up your power in life. But, if you choose to take control of your feelings as often as possible, then you will lead a life more on your terms – a more fulfilling life.

3. It Will Help You Be More Productive

Emotions that promote productivity are not fear, anxiety, depression, shame, or guilt. Anyone who has been stuck in one of those emotions knows that they spend more time thinking and feeling negative than they do work on their dreams and goals.

But, if you choose to focus on feelings of gratitude or excitement, you will be more likely to get stuff done that really makes a difference to your life at the moment and what will happen to you in the future.

I always like to remind myself that what I do today affects my tomorrow. It is absolutely true.

So, if you want a better tomorrow, make sure you choose feelings that make you productive today.

4. It Will Help To Improve your Relationships

You will find yourself choosing to feel love, acceptance, and gratitude around the people you love. When you do this, your relationships will automatically improve.

This is great for your work relationships too. When you can practice feelings positive emotions around people who drive you crazy sometimes, you will find yourself more productive at work and feeling better about what you do for a large portion of your day.

5. It Will Make You Feel Better About Life

Once you start to realize that you can choose to feel good, life becomes more of a pleasure than a pain. It’s not such a drag to get up each morning wondering what life is going to do to you. You know that you have a lot of options during your day when it comes to how you react and how you feel, and that’s pretty damn exciting.

Life is good.

The Challenge: Dictate How You Will Feel For A Week

Again, I learned this technique from Neale Donald Walsch’s Mindvalley program, Awaken The Species. If you are interested, you can take his free masterclass here to learn more about him and the program.

I love this challenge because it really does show you that you can control your feelings if you are serious about having the type of feelings that will be most beneficial to you.

How To Do It

Break your days up into morning, noon, and evening, and then choose an emotion you want to feel for each of those periods.

For instance, if you know that you will be meeting with someone who can teach you a thing or two on Monday morning, you may choose to feel admiration to help you give them respect and stay in a mindset where you learn from them.

Or, if you are going to be meeting up with a group on Thursday evening, you may want to feel trustful so that you can stay open to any help or wisdom that the group offers you.

Write down in a journal, a calendar, or a planner, the emotions you plan to have for the next week based on what’s going on and what you most want to feel.

You will be amazed at what this challenge does for you. You will start to think of how you want to be and adjust your thoughts and actions to help you achieve that feeling. You will spend much more time feeling positive than negative and your whole life could literally change because of it.

There are many other ways to move into more positive feelings, but this is a good challenge to take on. It’s going to help you see that you have a choice in the matter and that will kickstart a whole new way of living.

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