Take The Superbrain Quest And Challenge Your Brain To Get Stronger In All Ways

Everyone has a superbrain according to Jim Kwik. Even though he was made to feel like he had a stupid brain when he was younger, he found a way to overcome other’s judgments, become a brain coach to the stars, and create a quest on Mindvalley called the Superbrain quest. So, if you think that you can’t learn more or remember more, or you just want to improve your memory, then you need to challenge yourself to take the full 30-day quest, do the exercises, and surprise yourself with your brain’s capabilities.

5 Reasons To Take The Superbrain Quest

uperbrain quest challenge

1. Retain More Information

I was suffering from what I thought was ‘old brain’. Either that or hypothyroid brain. Long story short, I was blaming my inability to retain information on something that I couldn’t help, and that wasn’t helping me improve anything.

Jim Kwik constantly says that everyone can have a superbrain. He promotes brain health in the quest, but he also teaches you how to be creative and remember information that you may not otherwise remember.

Most of it plays on visual memory. His tips and tricks help you see what you need to remember in a way that you couldn’t forget it if you tried.

And, I found that even though I had all these new tricks up my sleeve to retain information, I didn’t always need to use them. My memory just improved naturally as I went through the quest. I started remembering things without having to visualize anything. But, still, what he teaches for better memory is something I use every single day now.

2. Create Closer Relationships

From your family to your coworkers, a better memory works in your favor.  You can retain important details and use those details later on to show that you give a crap about the person.

For instance, part of the Superbrain quest is about remembering names. Jim Kwik teaches you how to remember names, even when you are introduced to a few people at once. I used this trick when a friend of mine introduced their boss to me. Normally I wouldn’t remember the name of my friend’s boss. It’s not something I feel like I need to remember, and I don’t even think I would have heard the name if I wasn’t intentionally trying to use my new Superbrain skills. A few weeks after she introduced us, I asked her how her boss was doing by name and she was blown away. She couldn’t believe I remembered his name and it increased our friendship bond simply because I cared enough to remember.

In any relationship, if you remember important details about them – their family, their friends, their likes and dislikes, etc. – you are going to improve your relationship. They will know that you give a crap which is all any of us really want other people to do.

3. The Tribe Inspires You To Higher Brain Health And Power

Screenshot from superbrain quest tribe

If you want to improve your brain health and power, then you need to surround yourself with other people who also want to improve their brain health and power. They can help you break through plateaus and gain new perspectives. In fact, I found that many times during the course, the tribe was what helped me come up with some creative ideas for my memory tricks when I was creatively blocked.

I’m a part of a few different groups on Facebook, but I have found the Superbrain group to be one of the most interactive and inspiring.

I think Mindvalley quests and courses are really great at getting people together this way. The Speak and Inspire quest tribe was very supportive and interactive too. All of their quests and courses have groups on Facebook where you can talk, share, learn, and support each other.

4. Learn Things Much Easier

One of the draws that many people have to the Superbrain quest is that you can learn how to speak another language using the techniques he teaches. New languages open up so many doors in life, it’s no wonder that people not only want to challenge themselves to get a better brain but use it to learn a new language.

Superbrain does help you learn a new language. You need to use the technique he teaches, and practice it, but once you do, you will find yourself automatically using it as you learn new words in a different language. In fact, you will use it as you learn new words in your own language, which means you will expand your vocabulary.

I now aim to learn 5 new words per day. As a writer, it’s beneficial to expand my vocabulary.

As someone who wants to be able to communicate with anyone I come into contact with, it’s beneficial to expand my vocabulary.

And, as someone who just wants to understand what people are saying or what instructions are trying to tell me to do, without having to grab a dictionary, it’s beneficial to expand my vocabulary.

Oh, and it makes scrabble much more fun!

5. Start Thinking About Healthy Brain Habits

A lot of the Superbrain quest is about strengthening your memory, but it’s also about strengthening your brain health.

As you go through the quest, your brain health will become more and more important to you, and you will develop some new habits (some that Jim Kwik lays out and some that you discover on your own) to help you strengthen your brain.

As someone who has seen brain health decline in a big way, I don’t take brain health lightly. I want to keep my brain strong. And, because I also have MS and Alzheimer’s in my family, I take brain health extra serious. I have for a long time, but the Superbrain quest helped amp up that seriousness and develop some habits that I won’t live without now.

My Superbrain Quest Review Summed Up In A Few Points

You can tell a lot about what I experienced and thought about the quest from the above points. But, I have to add that this is one of the most unique quests I’ve taken on Mindvalley.

The Superbrain quest is so practical. Every single day Jim Kwik taught something valuable that you could implement into your life. Every. Single. Day. There was nothing where I thought, ‘I already know that!’ It was all new to me and very exciting and motivating because of that.

Your creative mind will expand and push you to create new ways of remembering things. In fact, you will find that a lot of times you will play off what Jim Kwik teaches in a way that is totally unique to you. This helps improve your memory even more. It makes it easier to memorize and learn. And the more you practice, the better you will get.

If You Don’t Think You Can Ever Have A Good Memory, Take The Superbrain Quest

If you feel like you don’t have a good memory or even a good brain, then you have to take this quest. Jim was told he had a ‘broken brain’ when he was young and he has flipped the script and become a brain coach.

Just today I saw a post in the Facebook tribe where someone had broken down into tears during the first few days of the quest. He had trouble remembering the words Jim was reciting, and he got so upset that he just stopped the lesson. Apparently, he has learning disabilities, and when he couldn’t remember the words, he felt like the stupidest person in the world. But, after he took a break, and told himself that he needed to at least try to improve his memory, he was able to do the lesson, and in the end, he remembered all of the 20 words in the list Jim had listed out thanks to the trick Jim taught.

That’s how I felt. Before I learned the trick, I remember one word, but after, I remembered all 20. And it feels pretty amazing to know that you can remember 20 things, forwards and backward, simply by using some fun and easy techniques that Jim teaches.

So, if you don’t feel like your memory will improve, take the quest to prove to yourself just how good your memory can be. You will feel like a rockstar, trust me.

You Do Need To Do Some Homework And Practice

The Superbrain Quest is a challenge. There are 5 warm-up lessons, 30 days devoted to the quest + 4 bonus days, so technically 5 weeks. Following is what it would look like in your account.

Superbrain Quest Capture

You need to challenge yourself to show up each day for the 30 days, and you also need to challenge yourself to do the homework and practice.

Practice makes progress. That’s what Jim Kwik says all the time in the Superbrain quest.

So, almost every day you will be practicing what you learned, adding to it, and sharing with the Facebook tribe. This could take a few minutes or an hour. But, it’s FUN. And it’s time well spent. You are investing in your future. The better your memory and comprehension are, the better life gets. It benefits every area of your life.

Want Better Brain Health, A Better Memory, The Ability To Learn Faster, And More? Take The Superbrain Quest!

I’m amazed at how good my memory is now. I can go into a grocery store, without a list, and come out with every item that I need… and then some, but at least I don’t forget the items I need!

Jim Kwik has something valuable to offer you. A better brain, better memory, the ability to learn faster, and more confidence in yourself will all play a part in your future success and happiness in so many different ways.

You can learn more about Jim Kwik and what he can help you do by taking his free masterclass on Mindvalley here. I can almost guarantee you are going to like him and see the potential his quest has for you. But, if you don’t, you will have gotten an 80-minute class and some new information to use in your life. If you would rather just learn about the Superbrain quest, you can do that here. But, I do recommend you take the masterclass first to get a feel for him and how he teaches.

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