Challenge Yourself To Love Being At Home

We are being called to stay at home. It’s not only the safe thing to do right now, but it’s also the ethical thing to do. As the pandemic gets worse, we have a duty to minimize our impact on other people at this time and staying home is the best way to do that. If we don’t do it now for a while, we are putting millions of people at risk for a long time to come. Predictions are that this pandemic will keep us mostly at home for months, maybe even a year or more as we work on slowing the spread and hopefully eliminating it eventually. This means that you need to love being at home because it’s where you are going to be for a while.

The BIG Reasons To Challenge Yourself To Love Being At Home

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1. It Will Help You Make The Choice To Love Being At Home (Because You Do Have A Choice)

When I was younger, I had a friend who hated being at home. I am no longer friends with her, but I imagine she is having a tough time during this pandemic.

The good news is that she, and every one of us, has a choice to love or hate any situation we are in. We just need to choose what we want.

If you challenge yourself to love being at home, then your focus is going to be on choosing to love being at home and doing that will help your mind follow suit. Even if you hate being stuck at home now, the choice to try to love being at home will help you feel happier and happier about your situation as time goes on.

2. You Are Going To Be At Home

The most obvious reason to challenge yourself to love being at home is that you are going to be home! You might as well love it!

You are doing yourself a disservice if you are waking up each day miserable and depressed.

You are doing damage to your physical and mental health if you are complaining and whining all the time.

You are doing your health and other people’s health a disservice if you let your desire to go out take over and put yourself around people who are also letting their desires to go out win.

The virus wants you to go out. It’s the only way it can get to you and others. Don’t let it win.

The Good News Is This Will Help You Carry A Love For Being At Home Long After The Pandemic Is Over

Who knows if social distancing will still be a thing a year from now, but I’m willing to bet that quarantining (staying at home) will be a thing if you are sick. I highly doubt it will be acceptable to go to work and shop and go to the movies when you are sick anymore, which is how it should be. Nobody wants your germs.

But it won’t be an issue for those of us who love being at home. We will be able to stay home, make the most of our time, and feel just as good as having to stay at home as we do when we have lots of plans outside of the home.

5 Things To Do To Love Being At Home

If you are going to challenge yourself to love being at home, there are certain things that you can start doing today.

1. Make A YOU Space

A friend of mine, who has three kids, two dogs, three cats, and one husband, lives in a tiny home. Her husband was working out of the home most of the time and the kids were out to school, but when her husband lost his job and the kids couldn’t go into school anymore, she suddenly lost all of her alone time.

She eventually cleaned out a small pantry and made it into her own little space. She put things that mattered to her in that room. She put a chair and a small TV dinner table in there. She locks herself in there whenever she needs to be alone, and the family knows that if she is there, they need to leave her alone.

A small pantry is extreme. You may have more space than her to make a space that is dedicated solely to you. But, no matter how much space you have, it’s important to have a piece of your home where you can go and do the things that make you feel most alive, whether it’s to meditate, pray, read, sing, play guitar, write, draw, or anything else.

2. Make Sure You Laugh A Lot In Your Home

Watch funny movies, play games that make you laugh, or just talk to someone on the phone who makes you laugh. The more you laugh in your home, the more good energy it cultivates. And, you will start to feel like your home is a place of fun and lightness.

Laughter also helps to reduce stress by triggering the release of endorphins. So, laugh a lot at home and you will start to associate your home with the place that produces the most endorphins for you.

3. Consistently Mention All The Things You Are Grateful For

Gratitude influences your thoughts and feelings in a big way. This is why its important to be as grateful as possible while you are at home if you want to enjoy being at home.

Express constant gratitude around your home.

For instance, I love that I can sit outside, or I love that I have heat or I love that my bedroom feels safe and secure. You can express gratitude towards the little things, such as decorations, your coffee cup, or the color of your walls.

Find as many things as you can in your home that you are grateful for and express your gratitude as often as you can. I guarantee you are going to find this helps you to love being at home much more.

4. Get A Smart Home Device With Video

One of the best things we have for staying connected to people when we have to stay at home is our Echo Show.

We use it to keep in touch with friends and family and we’ve even used it to play games with our family while we can’t be together. Trivia games, where you simply ask trivia questions, works really well remotely!

You don’t have to have an Echo Show. Any device that allows you to connect visually with other people can help you feel like you got to hang out with someone. But the Echo Show also allows you to play music and watch videos, which can help you appreciate being at home even more.

5. Make Home Your New Place Of Consistent Personal Growth

Home is a place to relax, but it’s also a great place to educate yourself and work on personal growth.

It’s time to stop watching so much Netflix, which can make your home feel like a place where you just lay around and waste your time, and time to start learning and growing in whatever area you want!

We have access to more online courses than we’ve ever had, and I have a feeling that in the years to come, there are going to be more and more places online where you can go and connect and learn with others.

One place I have gone to for years and will continue to go to is Mindvalley. Currently, Mindvalley has over 30 free masterclasses. Each masterclass is about an hour-long, so you got 30+ hours of learning there, and if you decide to take some courses from the teachers, you will have months and months of learning. Especially if you take advantage of Mindvalley’s all access pass.

Once you make your home a place of personal growth, it will start to feel like a hub of awesomeness. It will be the place where you expand your mind and go beyond your limits and learn what you are capable of. It will feel like a magical place that allows you to be who you want to be and grow how you want to grow.

I love coming home so that I can get down to learning and studying.

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