Conscious Uncoupling Review: The Quest For Healing From Breakups

If you are in pain right now because of a breakup or the anticipation of one, then Conscious Uncoupling can help you experience healing. Katherine Woodward teaches how to heal your heart, feel powerful again, and go on living with a sense of happiness rather than dread or despair. Conscious Uncoupling was born when Katherine Woodward wanted to give her children happy children but also wanted a divorce, so she’s practiced what she preaches.

What Is Conscious Uncoupling?

To be conscious is to be aware. It’s to be awake and aware of what is going on. It’s to be responsive based on knowledge and facts.

Conscious Uncoupling is a way of breaking up without the heavy, negative emotions that normally surround breaking up. Yes, you can still feel sad that things didn’t turn out as you hoped, but you will clearly see why the breakup is happening or happened, as well as what you can do going forward to feel happy.

6 Principles Of Conscious Uncoupling

conscious uncoupling

Conscious Uncoupling works on some basic principles that provide the framework for all of the lessons. These are kind of like the steps of Conscious Uncoupling that you need to go through to have a successful conscious uncoupling.

Some of these are going to be hard to swallow for some people, especially if you are in a state of blame or anger. I know that I felt bitterness towards a few breakups that I have been through, and some of these principles produced a lot of resistance in me.

It’s very important to open your mind and allow suggestions into it during Conscious Uncoupling. That will allow you to shift your viewpoints and behavior, which will shift your emotional state and well-being.

Here are 6 big principles of Conscious Uncoupling

  1. Take responsibility for your part. In the quest, Katherine Woodward is going to help you do this. Even if you 100% claim that the other person was at fault, you may start to see that some of the blame is on your shoulders. For me, it was allowing my ex to get away with doing stupid stuff over and over again. What did I expect? If he can get away with it, he’s going to keep doing it. For you, it might be something different. You will discover what that is in this quest.
  2. Be intentional about the future. In other words, be willing to take actions that will determine your future.
  3. Make amends to yourself and others. Apologies and forgiveness can go a long way to feeling better about life.
  4. Work to make everyone whole and complete. There’s no need for one person to feel broken and harmed. You can strive to make everyone feel whole after a breakup.
  5. Redefine success. What’s your current happily ever after? That’s going to likely be redefined in Conscious Uncoupling.
  6. Consider everyone impacted. Take the relationship and breakup past yourself and look at everyone involved.

Will Conscious Uncoupling Really Help You?

Anyone who is suffering from a broken heart, for any reason, will find the quest comforting.

This is a comprehensive quest on uncoupling that helps you tackle every aspect you need to tackle to feel better (no matter where you are in the breakup) and then decide how to go forward, as well as start going forward.

People Who Are Experiencing A Breakup They Feel Bad About Or Experienced A Breakup That They Can’t Get Over

Conscious Uncoupling is for people who are experiencing a breakup, almost to a point of breakup, or feeling the grief from a past breakup – no matter how long ago it was.

If you’ve experienced the death of a romantic partner, this quest won’t help you deal with that loss, but it might help you deal with the relationship and anything you are holding onto with it.

You don’t need to take conscious uncoupling with your partner or former partner to experience the benefits. Katherine Woodward says it only takes one to do the work in conscious uncoupling, and you will quickly learn why this is true as you move through each day and start to feel empowered.

Are You Wanting To Get Your Ex Back?

Conscious Uncoupling might help you get your ex back. It helps you get rid of the pain, see things more clearly, and make the changes in your life that need to be made. If your ex has done the same on some level, then you may get back together in a new relationship where the old problems that caused the breakup are gone.

But, that said, YOU may find that you don’t want to get back with your ex, despite your deep desire to get back with them now. As you work through the quest, you may find that the relationship really isn’t what you want.

Either way, you will definitely look at the relationship with your ex in a new way.

Conscious Uncoupling Will Benefit All Your Relationships

If you want better relationships in the future, then your future romantic relationships will benefit from Conscious Uncoupling.

I found that I looked at all relationships in a completely different way. It helped me move past the mostly me-centric view where I’m mostly considering my feelings and pain, and it gave me a broader picture of what my exes and everyone else in my life were likely feeling.

It helped me see that all relationships, even the worst relationships, are there for a reason. Our breakups teach us and help us become better versions of ourselves… if we are looking at breakups in the right way and taking appropriate action.

If You Don’t Feel Closure After Your Breakup, Conscious Uncoupling Can Help

We’ve all been there. We are dumped harshly or ghosted, and we don’t get the closure we need after a breakup. It hurts and it can scar you and your future relationships if you don’t deal with it.

Inside Conscious Uncoupling, there is an exercise to help you get closure with your ex. It is a meditation, but it feels damn good.

Also, through understanding all the concepts taught by Katherine Woodward, you will find yourself feeling better and better about your ex-relationship(s), even if you didn’t get the closure you wanted. You will feel more empowered despite what happened.

You Need To Confront Some Serious Topics

I know that many of us want to get through a breakup quickly without analyzing it and ourselves and our ex… we just want to move on from the pain and replace it with whatever we can. Sometimes this results in getting into new relationships too fast and sometimes this results in desperately trying to get our back even though the relationship was complete crap.

Conscious Uncoupling is not about getting through things as fast as possible. It’s about spending 35 days taking a look at yourself, your ex, and your breakup, and coming out of that time with a new mindset and new behaviors.

In other words, you must be willing to face some topics and exercises that will feel a little uncomfortable. You have to be willing to commit to yourself and your growth past your pain.

Topics Covered In Conscious Uncoupling

As I said, I found this quest to be extremely comprehensive, touching on every aspect you can think of when breaking up and getting back to a place of happiness.

There are many topics covered in the quest. Just to name a few:

  • Releasing breakup shame.
  • Committing to your own life.
  • Asking better questions.
  • Embracing a growth mindset (this is so important to move on in a way that will benefit you the best, whether it’s with your ex or not).
  • Overcoming painful patterns.
  • Learning about the power of making amends.
  • Forging yourself and others.
  • Getting rid of anger and resentment.
  • Communicating in a way that empowers you.
  • Learning what’s possible for you going forward.

Everything you need to work through the pain, hurt, and anger of a breakup is in Conscious Uncoupling.

Besides the daily content and the exercises, there are also Q&A sessions each week that will help you further clarify how you think and feel about yourself, your ex, and your breakup.

You Can Reach Out To The Conscious Uncoupling Community For Help

conscious uncoupling community

An awesome aspect of taking this quest on Mindvalley is that you get access to a group of people who are going through or have gone through, the same feelings and processes that you are going through.

There are coaches in the community who can help answer your questions and clarify things for you.

And it’s a space where you can share your concerns, setbacks, and triumphs along the way.

Sometimes we go through a breakup and everybody else is happy and not relatable to us when we are in pain. This group is comforting, to say the least. You are going to find people in the same space as you.

I was moved by many people’s stories and the hope and strength of the people who were taking Conscious Uncoupling and actively trying to create more than just pain and anger and resentment in their lives.

Each Class Has Growth Work And Healing Power Statements

I would say that the lessons taught and the growth work are pretty equal as far as time spent. As said, you are going to need to do the work in this course. But Katherine Woodward lays the exercises out for you with no guessing or confusion.

Also, every class she puts out a power statement that is related to the topic covered in the class. It helps you retain what you learned in the class and start to shift your focus to more positive aspects of the topic.

Conscious Uncoupling Growth Work

Katherine Woodward Is a Little Weird

It’s good to be unique, but I found her to be a little too soft and exaggerated. She uses words that nobody uses, like darling, which is a little annoying to me.

But I tend to be annoyed by things like that. You may not be. I tend to relate more to people like Dr. Shefali Tsabary in Conscious Parenting. She tells it like it is, without mincing words or being overly kind and soft.

But Katherine’s advice is solid. She’s coached thousands of people through separations, and she’s heard every question in the book. If you are willing to listen to her advice and do the work, she can help you see and deal with your breakup in a completely different way than you are doing now.

If You Are In Pain, You’ve Likely Never Approached A Breakup As You Do In Conscious Uncoupling

The bottom line is that there are things you can do to feel better before, during, and after a breakup. By following the principles of Conscious Uncoupling, you are going to find yourself looking at breakups in an entirely different way.

More than that, you are going to behave differently during or after a breakup, which will impact you and everyone around you in a positive way. This is great if you have kids, like Vishen Lakhiani (founder of Mindvalley) and Kristina Mand. How you handle a breakup will impact your kids now, and in the future, so it’s important to handle it in the best way possible.

The way I see it is that you have two choices: feel miserable about your breakup OR work with Conscious Uncoupling to at least try to feel better about it.

I found it a great course for moving out of a place of anger and hurt and into a place where I felt in control of my emotions and could move forward feeling good about my past and present relationships.

Take the masterclass here if you are not sure. It has Katherine Woodward talking about Conscious Uncoupling topics, and you should get a sense if it will help you or not.

If you are just ready to get started and move towards a lighter heart where you see and approach things differently, then check out this page for the next start date (intake) and sign up! You won’t regret working on yourself and overcoming the negativity that we commonly feel with breakups.

Lastly, if you have any questions about Conscious Uncoupling, please feel free to ask me in the comments below.

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