Fear Relationship Failure? Here Are 5 Questions That Can Help

Are you terrified of getting into a relationship for fear of the relationship failing? You are not alone, and, to be honest, there are good reasons to fear a relationship and its ultimate doom.

Common fears include:

  • Being cheated on.
  • Being lied to.
  • Being abused either mentally or physically.
  • Being not good enough for them.
  • Being unwanted.
  • Not being accepted for who you are.

Most relationship fears stem from past experiences. But sometimes they just appear from lack of experience. Either way, the fear is real and can hold you back from dating and finding love.

Fear Relationship Failure? Here Are 5 Questions That Can Help Video

Ask The Right Questions Before You Get Into A Relationship

If you are one of those people that feel your relationship is doomed to fail before it even starts, the best way to assure yourself that a relationship can work is to ask yourself questions about potential mates before you decide to start a relationship with them.

Of course, there are no guarantees. Some relationships are not meant to last. But, after asking yourself the right questions, at least you are taking the chance with someone who seems to be right for you. Your chances of relationship success are much higher this way!

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Getting Into A Relationship

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1. How do they treat strangers?

Pay attention to how they treat strangers? Are they compassionate? Are they helpful? Do they pay attention to other people’s feelings and needs?

This will shine a big light on what kind of person they are and how they will treat you. If they treat strangers well, then they should treat you well too. It’s likely they have a high sense of compassion and empathy, which goes a long way in a relationship.

2. Are they currently addicted to something?

This should be a deal-breaker for anyone. This causes a one-sided relationship where you do all the worrying and forgiving and they do all the drugs, drinking, gambling, or other.

People who are addicted to something negative are victims, at best, and they will use you for all you are worth! Avoid them and let them get better before even thinking of getting together with them.

3. What are their beliefs?

If you get into a relationship with someone who thinks and believes the exact opposite of you do then you will be risking a rocky relationship full of arguments and frustration.

If you are already hesitant to get into a relationship for fear of it ending or going badly, then choosing someone with different beliefs is just fulfilling the prophecy.

Take the time to learn what they believe before you get into a relationship with them. When you are confident that your beliefs are a good match, you will be less likely to fear (and have) a rocky relationship.

Keep in mind that beliefs can change over time. But, at least you will be starting off on a good foot if they are similar now.

4. Do I really know this person?

Sometimes we jump into relationships way too quickly and they end badly because we find out we didn’t know the person at all! Finding someone cute is not enough!

Taking some time to learn about the person’s interests, hobbies, and beliefs is essential. It will help you have a better idea if you are getting into a relationship that will work or whether you are heading for disaster.

There is no need to rush a relationship. If it was meant to be it will work out regardless of how much time it takes.

5. How do they feel about the current people in their life?

Ask questions about how they feel about co-workers or their friends and family, and if you find them talking badly about them, then you will gain a little insight into how they talk about their closest allies.

If it’s all bad, then you may want to consider opting out of pursuing a relationship with someone who will potentially talk about you and make you feel bad.

The Best Thing You Can Do Is Increase Your Self-Confidence

By asking these questions and taking the relationship a little slower, you will head into the relationship knowing more about them and improving your chances of a relationship that lasts. But there are no guarantees!

That’s why the biggest thing you can do to get over the fear of relationship failure is to gain self-confidence in yourself. This will help you pursue relationships, despite the possibility of relationship failure. While a failed relationship might not feel great, with a high level of self-confidence, you will know that you will be fine no matter what happens.

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