Desperately Need To Find Your Soulmate? Why That’s Not A Good Thing

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If you are on a mission to find your soulmate then you are probably looking for someone who will allow you to be you, understands you, loves you, and fits into your life perfectly and easily. The relationship won’t be hard, difficult, or result in a breakup because she will be your soulmate!  But when you …

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3 Ways To Create Instant Attraction With Someone You Don’t Know

eye contact

Sometimes instant attraction just happens, but sometimes we need to make it happen! Instant attraction can be really important. It can make the difference between someone wanting to approach you or someone deciding to move on and keep looking. If you want to make sure you have as many possibilities for romance as possible, then …

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Fear Relationship Failure? Here Are 5 Questions That Can Help

relationship failure

Are you terrified of getting into a relationship for fear of the relationship failing? You are not alone, and, to be honest, there are good reasons to fear a relationship and its ultimate doom. Common fears include: Being cheated on. Being lied to. Being abused either mentally or physically. Being not good enough for them. …

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