He Blocked Me, Will He Come Back?

He Blocked Me, Will He Come Back?
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One morning you woke up and realize your boyfriend has blocked you. You may wonder why it happened and if there’s a chance that he will unblock you.  Today, find out if there’s still hope for your love story.

You’re not the first person who has been blocked by a partner, so don’t worry. Some couples even make this a habit–blocking and unblocking each other during misunderstandings.  It’s probably comforting, but all blocking on social media must be a popular thing among guys. Well, of course, this is not something to be encouraged, but the point is it’s not necessarily the end of your relationship.

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Reasons Guys Block Partners

Here are some of the reasons a man blocks his girlfriend or wife. Hopefully, these can help you realize what went wrong.

1. Anger

He’s angry and wants you to be aware of it. When he is enraged by something you have done or said to him, he may block you on social media to express his feelings. He hopes you consider why he’s blocked you and ponder what you did or said that caused him to act this way.

2. Disagreement

When you disagree with a guy on certain issues, and he does not share or agree with your point of view, he may choose to block you. People always have disagreements, and this is common between a couple. To stop the heated argument, one may decide to block the other. If you disagreed with your guy last night, he probably got tired of the quarrel, so he decided to block you temporarily.

3. Offended

You unintentionally offended him, so he blocked you, hoping you would realize it. If you have said something that hurt him, blocking you could have been the easiest way for him to get out of the situation. Because he is deeply offended, he refuses to see your messages or confront you.

4. Longing for Attention

Maybe, your boyfriend blocked you because he wants you to miss him. He hopes you will miss talking to him. Probably you lacked time for him lately, so he wanted you to notice him. Absence, in his opinion, causes the heart to grow fonder. So, he believes that you will begin to long for him again by blocking you.

5. Jealous

It is also possible that your partner is jealous of some other guy. To stop the hurt and let you know how he feels. This could be his way of letting you decide who matters more to you.

6. Ghosting

Hopefully, this is not the reason, but this is possible too. Some guys who found someone else and wanted to ditch their current girlfriends just resorted to ghosting. The first step to this is blocking the poor girl on the phone and social media.

7. Wants It Over

He probably has no intention of ghosting you, but he wants to give you a hint that he would like to get out of the relationship already. Or maybe he already broke up with you, but you’re still insisting you can make it work. So, to show you he is serious, he blocked you.

8. Hiding Something

Other men block their partners from social media because they are hiding something. He doesn’t want you to see something he posts online. If this is the case (and someone discovers and tells you about it), you better let go of the person. Why stick to a person who cannot be honest with you?

He Blocked Me, Will He Come Back?
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Will He Unblock You?

The question now is, will he still unblock you? Unless he ghosted you or already gave up on your relationship, there is a big chance he will unblock you sooner or later. For sure, he will miss you eventually, especially if he loves you so much. Here are some signs that this is not how your love story will end:

1. He Blocked You Impulsively.

It’s possible that his decision to block you were made on the spur of the moment. Probably, he was so angry due to an argument that he blocked you.  He didn’t consider the consequences, whether he truly wanted to cut off communication forever or whether it was the mature thing to do. He may have felt like he didn’t want to talk to you at the time, but those feelings are momentary, especially when they lead to rash decisions.

2. He Asked Your Friends for Some Updates.

He’s blocked you for a few days now, and you heard he’s been asking some friends to check on you.  That means he still cares for you and may return! If he genuinely wants you out of his life, he won’t ask common friends about you, will he? The only reason he’s doing this is that he still loves you and wants to ensure you’re okay.

3. He Just Needed Space.

It is normal to need space for a while when a person is going through something. If you don’t remember having some disagreements lately and then he suddenly blocked you, maybe he just needs time for himself. If you know he has been battling some issues; lately, he needs your understanding now. Just give him some time, and he will be back eventually.

4. He Still Stalks You on Social Media.

If your boyfriend still follows you on social media, there is hope that he will unblock you again. It means it is not really his intention to get rid of you from his life. However, if you see him reacting or commenting on your posts, it is an indication that he misses you. For sure, you will be receiving messages from him again soon.

5. He Loves You So Much.

If you know your boyfriend loves you so much, you can be confident that he cannot resist reaching out to you soon. Maybe he is just hurting or angry at the moment, but he will be back soon. Just give him time to compose himself and swallow his pride. He will surely miss you and come back running soon.

He Blocked Me, Will He Come Back
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What to Do

Instead of giving up on your relationship, be optimistic that everything will be okay between you eventually. All relationships go through some trials, and this could only be one of them. So, what should you do while waiting for him to unblock you?

If you have hurt or offended him, find a way to reach out to him. Apologize for what you said or did. However, do not insist he forgives or talks to you right away. Instead, give him the time and space he needs. Stop bugging him while waiting for his response.

However, if you think you have not done anything wrong to him, and feel that your boyfriend is losing interest in you, find a way to confront him without sounding pathetic. Send him a message (you can ask for help from a mutual friend) asking him for proper closure. Somehow, you deserve that.

Whatever the reason for blocking is, please know your worth as a woman. If you think you are being disrespected in the relationship, dare to walk away from it. However, if you know that your partner truly loves you despite what he did (and this is the first time he blocked you anyway), be patient enough to wait for him.

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