6 Mistakes You Can Make When Trying To Work With Your Higher Self

You’ve heard that your higher self is the version of you who is wise and knowing, but how can you work with your higher self? How can you align with your higher consciousness and listen to what it wants to tell you? There are some mistakes that are easily made when you are trying to do this. These mistakes can hold you back from connecting to that version of yourself that you want to connect to.

Let’s talk about why you should want to connect with your highest self, six mistakes that you can make when trying to do so, and three steps to take today to help you more easily connect to that highest version of you.

Why Do You Want To Work With Your Higher Self?

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Being able to connect to your higher self and listen to it gives your life more meaning. You feel more optimistic and you have a sense of purpose that can’t be felt when you are living from a lower state and listening to fear-based thoughts and ideas that determine your decisions and ultimately your life.

Working with your higher self allows you to see that you are more than what you think. Life stops feeling like a random (sometimes miserable) experience. Instead, it starts to feel like there’s more going on than meets the eye. And it’s for your good.

Your higher self knows that you are part of something bigger than what you worry about. It also knows that you have room for growth and that you can achieve great things that bring you joy if you are willing to take its guidance.

When connected, you start to feel less anxiety and fear and more faith and expectancy.

And, you feel more empowered and in control of your life when you work with your higher self. A big benefit of this is that life’s ups and downs won’t feel so bad. If you are connected to your lower self only, then life is going to feel really good when things are going great, but when things turn to crap, life is going to feel horrible. But, your higher self has a constant stream of faith that you can access both in the good and bad times.

The bottom line is that your higher self is the wise part of you that can help you live with more happiness, purpose, and satisfaction. You want to make sure you are giving yourself all the opportunities you can to connect with your higher consciousness and work with it in your life.

6 Mistakes You May Make When Trying To Work With Your Higher Self

These are common mistakes that can block your ability to connect with and work with your higher self.

1. Believing There Is Only One Way To Connect To Your Higher Self

I’ve been down this road. I thought meditation was the only way I could connect to my higher self, and that caused me to become extremely upset every time my meditation failed to do what I wanted.

But, once I realized that there are many ways to connect to your higher self and listen to that version of yourself, I knew that I could simply try another way to get the insight and answers that I needed if meditation wasn’t working.

11 Ways To Connect With Your Highest Self

  1. Through meditation. Of course, when you are quiet and still and present, it’s easier for your higher self to come through with answers and ideas. You can also use guided meditations to help you connect to your higher consciousness and listen to the messages it is sending.
  2. Intuitive writing. This is where you sit down and allow words to come through as you write. You can do this in a journal where you just start writing without thinking and allow the words to flow from your mind. Often times you will find great insights from a higher power in those words.
  3. Through inspiring things that you see or hear. Sometimes your attention will focus on something that you may not normally pay attention to. This is often a sign that your higher self is trying to highlight something in your life or make you aware of it. Pay attention!
  4. Through your dreams. Make sure you are remembering and keeping track of your dreams! This is where a lot of messages from your higher self come from. You can also connect to your higher self consciously through lucid dreaming.
  5. Through music. The right song can put you in a state of mind where you are open to listening to your higher self.
  6. Through prayer. Whether you are religious or not, you should be praying. Prayer has so many benefits, including being able to connect with the part of yourself that has faith and can see a bigger picture than you can.
  7. Through conversations with others. Sometimes a random conversation helps you listen to your higher self and what it is trying to tell you. For instance, when that cashier talks about her troubles and solutions, you may be able to clearly see a message from your higher self around an issue you have been having.
  8. Through sudden moments of intuition. If you have a gut feeling about something, listen to the thoughts going through your mind. That feeling may be coming from the thoughts planted by your higher self.
  9. Self-hypnosis. When you engage in a self-hypnosis session, you allow your awareness to open up to new possibilities.  Your subconscious mind is more willing to stop repeating it’s automatic thoughts and take in new ideas. And that’s when your higher self can get into your mind and communicate with you better.
  10. Energy work. When you view yourself as a body only, it’s harder to connect to your higher self.  But, when you see yourself as an energetic being as well as a body, you are more likely to be open to receiving messages from your higher self. Duality and Unlocking Trasncedence by Jeffrey Allen are great programs to help you see the duality of your physical and energetic self.
  11. Being in that one place that your highest inner-being feels most at home. For me, it’s in the mountains, but for you, it may be in your backyard on your deck. Find a few places that make your soul feel good and go there to receive guidance.

Often times you will just hear a message when you aren’t even trying – whether it be verbally or through something happening around you – and you just know that this is something important for you to remember. That is your higher self trying to send you a message. Don’t ignore it!

2. Believing Your Higher Self Doesn’t Want To Connect With You

If you are in the mindset that your higher self wants nothing to do with you, then you are keeping yourself from connecting to it.

Moreover, even if your higher self does get through to you, believing that it doesn’t want to connect with you is going to keep you from listening to it. You may hear a special message or receive some sort of insight but write it off as nothing important because you aren’t even willing to believe that your higher self would be able to connect with you.

Adopt the belief that your higher self loves you unconditionally. You are one with it. It always wants to connect with you and guide you towards a path that it knows you can be on.

3. Putting Limits On Yourself

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Your highest self doesn’t have limits. It knows that there is always growth to be experienced.

But when you are stuck in your ego, it can be easy to believe that you can’t go any higher or have anything more, and that’s when a big disconnection between your lower self and your high self can happen.

As long as you are a human, you can grow. Never put limits on yourself. Always reach for more and expect more. Have faith that you are supposed to continuously expand as a person and that your higher self will always be there to help you with that expansion.

4. Listening To The Ego And Not Your Higher Self

Your highest inner being is always talking to you, but it’s easier to listen to your ego. The messages that the ego sends you are loud and clear most of the time and can override a quiet message from your higher self.

The best way to tell if you are getting a message from your higher self is to note how you feel when you receive the message. A message from your higher self comes with positive feelings.

  • It comes as an aha moment that fills you with excitement.
  • It makes you feel hopeful.
  • It helps you see what to do next.

An answer from your ego will come with desperation, uncertainty, or pessimism.  You will feel fearful, anxious, or even desperate.

You will notice that over time it will become easier to pay attention to the feelings that are arising with the messages you are receiving. You will start to feel more confident about where the messages are coming from and, if they are coming from the ego, be able to switch things up and try to connect with your higher self using different tactics and until something works.

5. Thinking You Are Doing It Alone

If you feel like you are alone, then you may not care to reach out to your higher self. You may figure you can do things alone already, so why bother listening to what your higher consciousness or awareness has to say – it’s just you after all.

Your higher self is you, so technically you are not reaching out to someone else. But that doesn’t mean you are alone in this. The highest version of you is connected to more than we will probably ever know in our lifetime. It is guided by something more than itself, which means that you are receiving guidance and support from more than just some higher version of yourself.

I like to think of my higher self as part of a larger guidance system that has my best interest at heart. Maybe there’s a network of people or entities out there working for my greater good. Or maybe my higher self is just connected to a network of other people’s higher selves and is working with them to benefit me. Either way, I know I’m not alone in this.

6. Trying To Get Rid Of Your Lower Self

I’m not a fan of using the word ‘lower’, but it represents the distinction between a part of us who experiences things harshly and a part of us who doesn’t struggle with anything.

There is a reason we have a lower self and are not living in a state of higher being all the time.

The self deeply connected with our physical world has a lot of purposes.

  • It can help us survive in a crisis.
  • It can help us feel good and experience physical pleasure.
  • It provides us with the negative thoughts and feelings that guide us towards what we want.

You want to mainly work with your highest self for the betterment of your life, but you also want to experience the rawness of living, even when it feels bad. That rawness is what helps shape us into who we are and who we want to be.

Challenge Yourself To Connect With And Work With Your Highest Self

Now that you know the mistakes that will keep you from connecting to your inner being of guidance and wisdom, it’s time to go ahead and challenge yourself to connect with and work with your highest self. I highly suggest doing the following three steps.

Step 1 – Acknowledge That Your Highest Self Is Waiting To Work With you

It’s very important to have faith that your higher self is waiting for you to connect with it and work with it. That belief will help you look for ways to connect and keep your eyes and ears open for the messages that it sends you.

Step 2 – Use One Of The 11 Tactics To Connect With Your Higher Self

  • Do a guided meditation or a guided hypnosis session.
  • Pray your heart out.
  • Go to a spot that makes you feel present and alive.
  • Look for signs from your higher self as you go through your day.
  • Practice using your intuition as a direct line to your highest self.

Or do something else that you think connects you to the highest version of yourself. For instance, doing charity work may help you stay connected to a higher version of you.

Step 3 – Take What You Learn And Run With It

When you get a message from a higher source that feels good, take action on it. Don’t just sit back and think, ‘Geez, that was nice to hear from a higher source.’

Go out and do something with what you learn and feel the power of living from your highest self.

You may notice some progression in an area of your life, or you may just feel awesome. Either way, you will want to do it again. And that’s where the habit of working with your higher self will come in.

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