10 Quotes About Prayer That Will Make You Want To Pray More

Should I pray? Would prayer do anything for me and my problems? Those were the questions I was asking a few days ago. After going through a bunch of prayer quotes, I’ve come to the conclusion that yes, prayer is good for me, my soul, and my life. In fact, I had an epiphany while going through a bunch of different prayer quotes: prayer helps us help God or the universe or whatever higher power you believe in shape our lives. Without prayer – asking for help, guidance, and support – you can’t change the direction of your life. If you are not sold that prayer could help you, following are some quotes about prayer that may help you see the benefit of it and just how much it can really do for your life.

10 Prayer Quotes That May Make You Want To Pray More

Prayer quotes: Prayer should not be regarded as a duty which much be performed but rather as a privilege to be enjoyed, a rare delight that is always revealing some new beauty.

1. Prayer Is About A Connection With Someone Or Something That Cares About You

Prayer is a time for me to spend with the one who calls out to know my heart and wants me to know His. It’s a quiet time to connect in an intimate way with someone I can trust with every detail of joy, hurt, and hope that I have. And in that quiet, I can sit and listen, hear and feel the joy, peace, comfort, and seek the direction He desires for me. – My very religious friend

When I first wanted to find some unique prayer quotes, I thought about one of the most religious people I know in my life. She has a room devoted to prayer, so I knew that prayer was an important part of her life.

She was happy to share her feelings about prayer and how it inspires a connection between her and God and gives her comfort, peace, and direction, like any good conversation would do with a close and trusted person.

So, if you don’t feel like you have someone to talk to and offer you comfort and direction, then you may want to find someone to pray to.

I think that God is a good symbol of who to talk to, even if you are not religious. But, feeling connected to someone or something is what gives you those feelings of conversing with someone who gives a crap about you and your life, so just make sure you pray to someone or something.

2. Prayer Changes Us

Prayer does change us. When we get in contact with God, it changes us. We become more like him when we spend time with him. – Father Mike

I think after reading this quote on prayer, and listening to Father Mike talk, is when I had my epiphany that prayer is what really inspires change in our lives.

We know that prayer affects the brain when you really believe in the power of prayer.

But, I think there is something deeper going on.

When you believe that you are being listened to during prayer and that your prayers could be answered, you do things differently.

You stop worrying so much and allow yourself to take more action. That can easily cause a lot of positive change in your life.

You become more positive and more open to ideas that you may not have considered before. Taking action on these ideas can inspire positive change.

You feel more connected to something or someone outside of your physical life, and that’s powerful. When you feel that connection, you never feel alone, which brings more confidence in yourself and your life. And that confidence can inspire change.

So heck yeah prayer can change you and your life!

3. We Have The Ability To Pray, So Why Not Use It As A Tool?

More than anything, I think that the Lord is trying to remind his people that if you’ll just pray, I will hear, I will heal the land. Prayer is the key he has given us to unlock all the power of heaven. He’s just waiting to release it, but somebody’s got to use that key. – Pricilla Shire

This is one of the prayer quotes I found that make prayer seem like a special key or tool that we can all use to unlock the powers of the universe.

I like that idea.

Prayer is so easy to do. You can do it anytime. So, if it does have the powerful benefits that so many people claim it does, why not use that special tool that we all have access to?

Don’t believe that prayer is a special tool? A friend of mine suggests that you just start praying. The more you do it, the more, he says, you will believe that your prayers are impacting your life because you will see things differently and feel differently.

It’s worth a shot!

4. Trade Worry, Anger, And Hate For Prayer

Worry is such a waste of precious Prana. Convert that same energy into a prayer (or Meditation) – Dinesh Ghodke‏

We all know that worrying does nothing good. It doesn’t solve problems or make things better.

We also know that anger and hate are not good for our health, success, or lives.

So, why don’t we replace that worry, anger, and hate (and other restraining emotions) with something more beneficial, such as prayer or meditation?

In other words, how about every time we start to worry, get angry, or feel hate, we switch to prayer instead?

What kind of impact would doing that have on your life? Wouldn’t there be more happiness and peace?

Isn’t it worth finding out?

5. Our Physical World Demands Physical Action

Religious people pray for peace, but prayer alone is not enough, what will bring peace in the world is people cultivating peace of mind. – Dalai Lama

One of the first people I turned to when looking for prayer quotes was the Dalai Lama, but I was surprised that even the Dalai Lama admits that prayer is not enough in this physical world. It’s good to know that he’s down to earth, so to speak.

Prayer can cultivate the mindset, behaviors, and awareness needed for change. But, taking action is what gets things done in this physical world.

For instance, the right change in law can cause a positive change.

Or, people working towards a new way of doing things can cause a positive change.

And, the right mindset in everyone can help people take the actions needed to create positive change, such as peace.

6. Can Prayer Alone Heal Your Health?

As a cancer patient, I don’t like the idea that, without medicine & science, prayer alone can cure cancer. – Erin Cummings

A long time ago, I read You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter and I am convinced that we can change our health with the power of our minds.

I would include the power of prayer in that because as we pray for healing, we expect and focus on healing. We turn our thoughts and beliefs towards healing. Prayer could be doing it, or prayer could be the placebo, either way it has worked on others and can work on us.

But, I don’t know if I buy that prayer alone can ALWAYS change our health or completely heal us. Sometimes we need more than just a healing prayer.

For instance, an infection may need antibiotics. Prayer alone may not be able to destroy the microorganisms.

Or, when my dog was unable to walk well, I wouldn’t have trusted prayer to heal him. We went to his vet, which is a holistic vet, and they were able to get him on herbs that helped clear up what turned out to be inflammation in his back.

As someone said to Erin Cummings, “God gives us everything, including our medicines and technology. We should use them.”

So, if you are led to use some sort of technology for healing, then there may be a good reason for that.

If you are led to energy medicine for healing or another holistic medicine, then there may be a good reason for that.

I say, listen to your inner guidance and do what feels right for you.

7. Do Things That Bring You What You Want

The most sincere prayer for health is the daily prayer of respecting your body temple. – Bryant McGill

Along with prayer, do things that bring you what you want.

If you want good health, pray for good health AND eat well, exercise, avoid stress, etc. Don’t eat processed foods and lay around on the couch all day hoping that prayer will keep your body healthy. That’s not the way our bodies work.

If you want to make more money, you can pray for guidance to make more money, but you can’t keep doing what you are doing and expect change. You need to work harder or work differently to get more money.

Prayer can help you stay open to the practices and opportunities needed for what you want, but you got to be willing to do things – take real action – to get what you want.

In short, you can’t pray for an apple to appear in your hand and expect it to happen. You must pick it up.

8. Just Because You Can’t See It Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Working

Prayer is a lot like electricity – I can’t always see it, but it’s producing power to bring forth the promises of God! KEEP PRAYING! – T.D. Jakes

I don’t always agree with T.D. Jakes, but when it comes to prayer quotes, he’s got a lot of them, and I really liked this one.

Electricity is invisible, but it lights up our house, keeps us entertained, and keeps us warm. We don’t need to see it for it to work. We have faith that it will work.

I think that’s the key to prayer. Faith.

  • Have faith that your prayers are doing some good.
  • Have faith that you are being heard and that you are going to receive help and answers that you WILL see!
  • Have faith that you will be guided to do the right things or make the right choices that help your prayers get answered.

Developing faith in the power of your prayers could amp up the way they impact your life.

9. Does Saying “I’ll Pray For You” Do Anything For Others?

To many people, prayer is a great comfort to both the recipient and the person doing the praying. – Second Thought

In the following video, the largest prayer study ever done is talked about. The results may not be what you want to hear as it turned out that praying for others did not have a more positive effect when compared to not praying for others. Go ahead and watch it quickly.

Many of us have heard someone say, ‘I’ll pray for you’. My friend just said it the other day! But, does this study prove their prayers are useless.

I don’t know. If it were a few studies, then maybe, but one study doesn’t convince me.

I think a lot of it has to do with our own personal thoughts and prayers. Just like other people can’t help us lose weight, they can’t help us make decisions that impact our health or life in a positive or negative way. They can’t help us be more positive and reduce stress in our body, which impacts our health and healing.

So what can they do?

When we know that someone is on our side and wanting us to succeed, get better, or become happier, then we can feel like we have more of a support system, which could have positive effects on our success, health, and happiness.

So, having someone tell you that they will pray for you could be a good thing.

And, telling someone that you will pray for them could also be a good thing.

I wouldn’t rule it out as something that could be beneficial.

10. In The Middle Of It, Prayer Offers Comfort

In the middle of the struggle remind Yourself God answers prayer. – Pastor West

I watched a T.D. Jakes’ lesson the other day and he talked about being in the middle of something. In the middle of a disease, a breakup, a financial hardship, etc. It made me think about how we are always in the middle of something and prayer can offer a lot of comforts when we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

What are you in the middle of? Is the light out of it not quite visible? Prayer can help you give up your worries and fears and regain hope, which can help you to keep moving forward.

Do you have any favorite prayer quotes? Please share in the comments below. 

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