How to Know if a Guy Likes You

How to Know if a Guy Likes You
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Do you feel that a particular man is interested in you, but you have no way to prove it? Are you wondering how to know if a guy likes you? If you are looking for signs that someone is attracted to you, the list below can surely answer your questions.

Check out the following indications that a guy is interested in you. Who knows? He could be the right one you have been waiting for.

How to Know if a Guy Likes You Video

Can’t Resist You

1. He Steals Glances at You.

How many times have you caught him staring at you? Or have your friends ever reported they saw him secretly looking at you? His stolen glances are an obvious sign of his attraction. If that guy is brave enough, he may even stare at you openly, daring to lock eyes with you.

2. He Follows You with His Gaze.

And whenever you arrive, can you feel how his gaze follows you from the door to where you will settle? What could be another reason he cannot take his eyes off you?

3. He Will Find Ways to be Close to You.

Is he always near you in the office or school? For instance, does he choose the seat next to yours? Or does he always approach the people in front, behind, or beside you? Then, he will try to get your attention and engage you in a conversation from time to time, right? Why is that so?

4. He Offers You Help.

Whenever you need help with something, is he often the first to offer his assistance? Of course, he could just be a kind guy, but why does he always volunteer to do something for you?

5. He Cannot Say “No” to You.

How many times have you ever approached him for help or favor? Has he ever turned your requests down? If never, it means he truly cares about you. In addition, he takes every opportunity to help you as a chance to show his affection and impress you.

6. He Reacts to All of Your Social Media Posts.

Is he active in reacting or commenting on your social media posts? Then, would he sometimes chat with you about your certain posts? If yes, he really is observing everything you do.

Interested in You

7. He Asks You Personal Questions.

Is this guy fond of asking you personal questions, such as your favorite color and food, dreams, or ideal guy? If he is, you can say that he really likes you. He would not waste time asking about these trivial details if he could not get anything from them.

8. He Stalks You on Social Media.

How do you know that he stalks you on social media? Aside from his constant reactions and comments on your posts, he is checking on your photos from years ago. How would you know? He could have either accidentally reacted to one of these or mentioned some old posts.

9. He Gets Information from Your Friends.

Do you have friends who told you that this guy would ask questions about you? Or has this man ever opened up about something he learned about your life? Then, when you asked how he found out about it, he confessed that he learned it from your friend.

10. He Likes Listening to Your Ideas.

Whenever you are talking, does he listen without getting bored? Like, he really focuses his attention on you, nods in agreement, gives some comments or asks some follow-up questions. One of the possible reasons he loves listening to you is his desire to know you more.

11. He Notices Everything About You.

If he likes complimenting your new dress, awesome hairstyle for the day, or how you have gained weight, you can tell he notices everything. So what could be the best explanation for why he observes all these things about you?

How to Know if a Guy Likes You
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Affected by Your Actions

12. He Finds Out How You React to His Jokes.

Does he love to crack jokes? And whenever you are around, is he conscious of how you react to his jokes? Do you see him looking at you right after he drops it? Is he the happiest when you laugh out loud at his corny jokes?

13. He is Deeply Troubled When You are Mean to Him.

Have you ever been rude to him before? What was his reaction? Could he not stop asking what he had done to annoy you? Had he been apologizing even though he did not know the real reason why you were irritable?

14. He is Bothered When You are Upset.

And what about whenever he sees you sad or in a bad mood? Does he immediately approach you and try to make you smile? Again, his concern about what you feel is a sign that he has affection for you.

15. He Gets Energized When You Cheer on Him.

On the other hand, do you have the power to lift his spirit whenever he is down? For example, does he seem encouraged—or inspired—to keep going after you try to comfort him? Is he motivated by your presence alone?

Being Generous

16. He Likes to Give You Presents.

Another obvious sign that he likes you is his generosity. Is he fond of giving you gifts even on ordinary days? And whenever there is a special occasion, does he make sure to give extravagant gifts? Indeed, he would not be this generous to all his girl friends.

17. He Brings You to Your Favorite Restaurant.

Has he ever asked you about your favorite restaurant? If yes, you should wonder why he asked you in the first place. Then, did he ever bring you there alone or with other people? This does not seem a coincidence at all. He really wanted to know the best place where he could bring you to.

How to Know if a Guy Likes You
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18. He Treats You and Your Friends to the Cinema.

If he has ever treated you and your friends to the movies, there is no doubt that he wants to impress you and your loved ones. Therefore, he would do anything to make you happy. Moreover, if he is exerting enough effort to know your close friends, he wants to get their trust so he can be part of your inner circle.

19. He Sends Food and Gifts to Your Family.

Aside from spending on your friends, is he generous to your family as well? If he likes to surprise your family with food deliveries every now and then, he obviously likes you. The same is when he also spends money to give your parents gifts on special occasions.

Do You Like Him Too?

If this guy is doing most of these listed signs, you can definitely say he likes you. He is interested in knowing you more and getting your trust. The question is, do you like him too? How do you feel knowing that there is someone head-over-heels with you?

Even if you also like the guy, do not be swayed by his efforts right away. See to it that you get to know this person well first before agreeing to date him. You can also ask around to find out what other people think of his character. This can save you from potential heartbreak.

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