21 Noticeable Signs a Woman Is Secretly Attracted to You

21 Noticeable Signs a Woman Is Attracted to You
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Being liked by someone can be flattering. It boosts your self-esteem, giving an assurance that you are desirable indeed. But how can you really say if a woman is attracted to you?

If you want to confirm that a girl really likes you, here are some signs that you should watch for:

Cares for You

1. She Constantly Checks on You.

You can say that a woman likes you if she is fond of checking on your well-being. She likes to ask how you are doing and follow up on how you cope with problems. If you get sick, expect her to message, call, or visit you every now and then.

2. She Cooks or Buys You Food.

Is that girl fond of feeding you delicious food? Does she often cook your favorite dishes and excitedly deliver them to your office? Or if she has no time cooking, does she treat you to nice lunch or dinner? Some girls still believe the cliché that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. That could be the reason why she loves feeding you.

3. She is Concerned Whenever You are Sick.

Another sign that a woman is attracted to you is her concern about your health. You can observe this once you get sick. She will find a way to take care of you or monitor your condition. Aside from visiting, she will bring you healthy food, remind you to take your medicines, and encourage you to get enough rest.

4. She is Always Present Whenever You Need Help.

A girl who likes you would take every opportunity to offer you help. Aside from her genuine concern, she wants you to realize that you need her. For this reason, she will do everything to help you in every way possible. She is willing to sacrifice time and resources just to support you.

Notices Everything About You

5. She Compliments You for Everything.

One of the obvious reasons a girl is attracted to you is her constant compliments. She will praise you for your good performance at work or the good deeds you have done for others. Moreover, she will compliment your new haircut, OOTD, and even the scent you wear.

6. She Observes Every Small Change.

Expect her to observe you all the time as well. That is the reason why she knows almost everything about you, including your mannerisms, likes, and dislikes. Therefore, she would immediately comment if something has changed about you.

7. She Notices When You are Not Okay.

In connection to no. 6, she can detect whenever you are upset, angry, or hurt. This girl would immediately sit beside you and ask what is wrong.

Tries to Impress You

8. She Dresses Beautifully When She Knows You Will Be Around.

One of the common signs that a girl likes you is her effort to appear beautiful whenever you are around. She wears a beautiful outfit, fixes a neat hairstyle, and puts on makeup. Of course, she wants you to notice and admire her.

9. She Wears Perfume Whenever You are Near.

In addition to an attractive outfit, the girl who likes you will spray on her favorite perfume before approaching your side. Since she wants to be perfect before you, she will make sure she smells nice and desirable.

10. She Becomes Competitive in What She Does When You are Around.

Have you observed that she is motivated to perform well, may it be at work or anything she does, whenever you are around? If she likes you, it means you are her inspiration. Therefore, your presence will encourage her to aim for her best.

11. She Tells You About Her Accomplishments.

Moreover, a girl wants to impress you if she brags about her achievements when you are together. She would probably mention being a top student way back in school or the awards she received from contests or organizations. Of course, she would try to sound humble and just mention them in a subtle manner.

21 Noticeable Signs a Woman Is Attracted to You
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Drawn to You

12. She Goes Wherever You Go.

Has it ever occurred that your group had to take different directions and this girl followed where you went? Or does she often inquire where you are going and then ask if she can go with you? If you observe that she usually heads to your whereabouts, it is probably because she wants to be close to you.

13. She Makes Excuses to Approach You.

In addition, a woman who likes you will often find ways to talk to you. Thus, do not be surprised if she often approaches you for the lamest reasons, such as asking about announcements or telling you she bumped into your friend.

14. She Leans Toward You Whenever You are Talking.

Can you say that she is really interested in listening to you? Whenever you are talking, is her attention so fixed that she is even leaning toward you? If she always does this, you can tell that she is really hooked on you.

15. She Likes Touching You.

Is she fond of touching your hand, giving you a tap on the shoulder, or pinching your face? If she is not like this to other guys, it is clear that you are special to her.

16. She Often Joins Your Group.

Another sign that a woman is attracted to you is her desire to be part of your social circle. For this reason, she treats your friends nicely. And if you and your friends have plans to hang out, does she invite herself in or ask if she can join?

No. 1 Fan

17. She Agrees with All Your Ideas.

You can also say that a girl likes you if she is totally sold out to what you believe in. Like, she believes everything you say or let you know that she thinks the same way.

18. She Always Cheers for You.

Of course, a girl who likes you will be your number one supporter. She will admire your skills, talents, and performances. In addition, she will encourage you to follow your dreams and let you know she believes you can reach them.

19. She Takes Your Side.

And whenever you conflict with others, does she always take your side? Does she support your stand or defend you from those who attack you? If she does these, you can really say that she likes you.

21 Noticeable Signs a Woman Is Attracted to You
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20. She Praises You as a Person.

Is she vocal in expressing her admiration for you? Whenever she introduces you to other people, is she proud of being your friend? Does she immediately flaunt your background, qualities, talents, or accomplishments? If it is clear that she is proud of you, it is a sign that she is attracted to your being.

21. She Supports You All the Way.

Is she willing to support you in any way she can—time, skill, connection, or even money—just to help you achieve your goals? If she is, it is a clear indication that she is really into you.

Do You Like Her Too?

If you can observe most of these signs in a girl, you can confirm that she really likes you. The question is, do you feel the same way for her? What will you do now knowing that this woman is attracted to you?

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