10 Kute Blackson Quotes On The Act And Power Of Surrendering

Kute Blackson has a wonderful job title. He’s a transformational truth teacher. He wants to help people free themselves from their past, connect to who they truly are, discover their life purpose, and create the life of their dreams. It’s a beautiful goal to have and his energy aligns with his goal. He’s a personable, articulate, and knowledgeable guy who has a knack for making something complicated sound easy.

I’m happy that I caught Kute Blackson in a class through the Mindvalley Membership because he had some great wisdom to share on the act and power of surrendering. Following are some quotes from the class.

kute blackson quotes

1. We Are In A Constant State Of Surrender, Whether We Know It Or Not

Life itself is a process of surrender.

Kute Blackson says that each breath we take is an act of surrender. We don’t force it or resist it, we allow it. We surrender to it.

We surrender to many things naturally in life because we have no resistance to doing so as it’s a part of life. For instance, the body gets older and our hair turns grey, and we surrender to the processes.

2. We Tend To Think Of Surrendering As Losing Out

What if you surrender and you didn’t get less, you got more?

If you think of complete control as winning and surrendering as losing, then try flipping the script on how you view surrendering. This is an interesting tactic that helps you embrace the thought of surrender in your life.

What if you surrendered and had great experiences? What if you:

  • give up looking for that special person and then find them? (This happened to many other people and me by the way.)
  • stop trying to make others act a certain way, and suddenly your relationships improve dramatically?
  • stop trying to make life play out in a specific way, and you end up attracting amazing circumstances and situations into your life?
  • stop trying to make the unhealthy and unhappy relationship work and move on from the relationship and find the love of your life?

Whatever you think your resistance is doing, try to imagine how much better surrender might possibly be.

3. Surrendering Is Letting Go Of What We Think Should Be

To surrender is to let go of this idea of who we think we should be and how our life should be.

The fact is that while we have a lot in our control, there’s a lot that isn’t. I can lay out a schedule for the week and have it completely demolished by a friend coming up to visit.

We don’t always end up who we think we should be. And life doesn’t play out exactly as we imagine in our heads. Surrendering to that fact can help us stop the anxiety, worry, frustration, and self-hatred or self-criticism that we feel when we don’t live up to the notions in our head.

4. When We Can Surrender To Something Bigger Than Us, All Things Are Possible

When we surrender, we open to more possibilities than we can even visualize or imagine for ourselves.

What an inspiring quote from Kute Blackson that should totally make you want to surrender more!

The premise is that when you stop trying to have a perfect life in a perfect way, you open yourself up to so many possibilities.

  • People who couldn’t get into your life before will come in.
  • Experiences that you wouldn’t allow yourself to have before will be experienced.
  • Opportunities that you wouldn’t have looked at before will be more visible and interesting to you.

5. Acceptance Without Surrendering

Acceptance is not necessarily surrendering.

Kute Blackson says you can accept but still not fully show up and partake.

For instance, you can accept that you lost your job but not move to the point of surrendering to what might come next. You may hold on to the feeling that this job was the only one for you and the universe has made some terrible mistake in taking it from you. If you don’t move toward surrendering, then you can’t move forward to what your life has waiting for you.

6. The Missing Piece Between Acceptance And Surrender

Between acceptance and surrender, there is a phase that a lot of people miss… the phase of grieving.

This is a quote to think about. We don’t always grieve the loss or incompletion we feel, but grieving is a human emotion that allows us to put closure onto something and move towards surrendering to what is next.

What causes us to avoid grieving? Kute Blackson said that we could avoid grieving because:

  1. We believe that we can hold onto our past if we avoid grieving what we lost.
  2. We want to stay in high vibrations and avoid getting into the vibration of grief, which is very low, as you can see by the following chart.

grief emotional vibration e1625683444606

But, Kute Blackson says that grieving allows us to feel our feelings and work through them.

We get to work through our loss consciously and intelligently when we embrace the fact that we are grieving, and then we can start moving back up the vibrational scale again.

If we suppress the grief, he says, we carry that energy around with us going forward, and it expresses itself in unhealthy ways.

7. How do you surrender and trust that things can unfold?

How can we NOT trust life?

Basically, Kute Blackson is saying, ‘How can we NOT trust that things will unfold for us the way they should when things already unfold for us perfectly every day without effort.’

He talked about how there is an intelligence that already understands how to heal you and keep your life functioning and going forward. You don’t need to force many things that happen in your life.

This is similar to nature. The laws of nature keep everything moving and repairing when need be. It doesn’t have to figure out how to make things work, there is an intelligence in nature (and in us) that already knows how to do that.

I love this concept.

Kute Blackson says that control can be an illusion. Things aren’t always going to work out the way you want them to. But, if you surrender to a bigger intelligence and listen to your intuition, you can move in the right direction.

8. Live In Curiosity To Embrace Surrender

Living in a state of curiosity; that is the key to surrender.

Yes! Love this quote from Kute Blackson.

Curiosity is so important to embrace the present and go with the flow. It helps you eliminate resistance and embrace new opportunities that can impact your life in a big way, even if you are not sure they are going to be beneficial to you at first.

  • Be open to life.
  • Be curious about someone or something.
  • Be interested in learning something new or discovering something new.

Be curious and Kute Blackson says you will open yourself up to infinite possibilities in life.

9. Fake Surrender Versus Real Surrender

There is fake surrender and real surrender.

Kute Blackson says that fake surrender is when you say, “Well, ok, I’m going to surrender and let go of this relationship or whatever in order to achieve XYZ.” It’s surrender with conditions and attachment. You put limitations on it.

He says that real surrender is when you allow yourself to feel something and then have the willingness to move in that direction and not dictate what you think the outcome should or will be. That’s when miracles can happen.

10. How Do You Move Away From The Ego?

Shifting one’s relationship with the ego is the key.

If you are having a problem surrendering, you may be too heavily intertwined in your ego.

Kute Blackson says that you are not an ego. We are not our egos. It’s simply a belief that you are ego.

The more we hold onto our sense of identity, the more we invest it in and believe in it, and the more we limit ourselves to experience love, joy, and freedom.

He says to step back and observe what you think is your ego and you will see that it’s not something that has control over you. It’s a concept that you take very seriously and allow to have power over your life.

You can view the ego as more of a collection of thoughts and ideas that you’ve accumulated, and this will help you shift your relationship with it and stop it from keeping you from surrendering to life as it is now and the surprises to come.

I really enjoyed his talk and will be digging more into what he teaches. If you want to learn more from him, Kute Blackson has a website here. You can also find him on Twitter here or on Instagram here and on Youtube here.

You can also find his book on surrender on Amazon here.

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