41 Warning Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship and Ways to Fix

Signs in a relationship
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Being in a relationship is not a walk in the park. It always has its good side and bad side. But when your relationship becomes too complicated that it affects every single aspect of your life, stress level, relationships with others, and even your mental health, it’s time to assess if that relationship is still worth fighting for.

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What is an unhealthy relationship?

An unhealthy relationship is a relationship where one or both partners is abusive or controlling towards the other. This can include emotional, physical, verbal, or psychological abuse.

One or both partners is defensive and argumentative, they don’t feel understood by each other, and they’re too dependent on the relationship.

People who constantly feel scared, isolated, or worried might also indicate that their relationship is unhealthy.

It’s important to know that the signs of an unhealthy relationship might not be obvious and can develop over time.

It’s also possible that people aren’t certain if they are in an unhealthy relationship. They may love their partner and want to believe the relationship is fine.

One thing that can make it easier for someone in an unhealthy relationship to get out is if they have a support system, like family or friends.

Your body is telling you your relationship is toxic

You may feel physical symptoms if you are in an abusive, controlling, or dysfunctional relationship. But of course, not all physical aches have to do with a love affair.

Your body could be telling you your relationship is toxic. From headaches to weight gain/loss, some physical and mental health problems have been linked to being in an unhealthy partnership.

The symptoms are sent from your body to alert you that something is out of balance and needs attention. And, maybe, try to escape from the source of your suffering.

Your body is your messenger. Listen to it carefully! Don’t wait until it desperately seeking your own help! This could mean more severe aches and pains or serious illnesses if you ignore them.

1. You have tight muscles

Whenever you see your partner, your body is silently responding. It’s tightening various muscles in certain parts of your body to prepare for whatever it thinks the danger is coming.

Your jaw may be clenched, and your neck tightens as well. Your shoulders might either rise up or become tenser because they feel like they’re under attack too.

2. Your stomach is constantly upset

Studies have found out that people in bad relationships have more discomfort in their abdominal region than those who were happy with their partner.

The stress hormone – cortisol triggers your intestines to absorb the food you eat. This is why unhealthy relationships often cause bloating.

Rumbling stomachs are warning signs that something toxic is happening in your mind.

The brain is a control center, so it’s often where unhealthy relationships start, accelerating stress and anxiety levels as you engage yourself in the drama of being controlled.

Constant rumbling could signify that your body is revolting against the situation, trying to process all negative energy as fast as possible.

So if you feel sick or pain in your stomach area, maybe it’s time to seek help from a psychologist or other licensed therapist.

If it thinks the danger is coming from your partner, then all energy goes into defending itself, leading to exhaustion and fatigue.

Here are some digestive problems you could have in an unhealthy relationship: bloating, gas, constipation or diarrhea, acid reflux, heartburn or indigestion, nausea/vomiting.

So don’t ignore symptoms like these if they happen after a stressful encounter with your partner! Addressing them might help you protect yourself from more serious diseases in the future.

3. Your immune system isn’t functioning properly

You also lose your energy when being in an unhealthy relationship because your body stops working at optimum levels, especially your immune system that fights infection and heals wounds quickly.

The pressure of your bad relationship is adding on top of the stress of daily life, taking a toll on your health and making you vulnerable to severe illness due to constant exposure to hormones such as cortisol.

So if you feel tired most of the time, get sick easily or have different aches and pains regularly, it’s probably because your system isn’t working right and stopping infections from spreading in the body.

We all get sick once in a while, but if this becomes frequent and if you’re getting sick every time your relationship is going through a rough patch, then something’s gotta give!

So listen to what your body’s trying to tell you. If it gets sick more often than usual, either it’s telling you that something got out of hand.

4. You have a hard time sleeping

If you were in a bad relationship, that is taking a toll on your mental and physical health. As a result, you’re probably having a hard time getting to sleep.

This could be due to the high level of stress hormones in your body triggered by overthinking, nightmares, or even anxiety during bedtime.

You may feel exhausted and fatigued from the poor functioning of the immune system.

As a result, this also disrupts your sleep patterns, and the lack of proper rest will eventually lead to irritability.

Sleeping quality is just as important as the number of hours you sleep.

If you keep waking up because of bad dreams, anxiety it means your body isn’t relaxing and healing while you sleep. In an unhealthy relationship, people often engage in actions that continue to provoke them emotionally. Not feeling safe should be the reason you can’t sleep properly!

5. You gain weight abnormally

We become obsessed with our weight and shape when we don’t feel appreciated by our partners, who criticize us a lot or ignore us completely. If this becomes a lifestyle, we stop enjoying life and feel unworthy of being happy.

This is actually part of a bigger problem called co-dependency, where we feel like if someone doesn’t love or care for us, then we must be unworthy and unloved.

So to combat the constant self-loathing, we develop an eating disorder that helps us cope with the pain by focusing all our attention on food. But, unfortunately, over time it becomes more than just comfort eating but rather an obsession with losing weight and being fit a certain size.

So if you have eating issues, then carefully pay attention to what’s going on in your relationships because it could be a warning sign that something’s wrong and you need help.

If you were in a toxic relationship, your cortisol levels would be much higher than normal, making you crave fatty foods.

When that happens, your body is going into stress mode, causing extra weight gain around your belly and thighs.

6. You lose weight abnormally

Weight loss is a common symptom of the body’s immune system going into overdrive.

It’s the body’s way of protecting you from harmful bacteria, viruses, and toxins that could potentially harm the brain or internal organs like your heart.

If your partner is mean, perhaps this explains why you’ve lost a lot of weight when being in a bad relationship. Your body is poisoning itself with the extra stress hormones that affect insulin function, causing loss of appetite.

This also leads to irregular bowel movement and dehydration, resulting in vomiting commonly seen among people who suffer from eating disorders.

So if you notice that your eating habits have changed, losing weight suddenly, or even you’re forcing yourself to throw up after every meal, you need to take a step back and figure out what’s causing all this stress. And it could be your relationship!

7. Your digest system is in trouble

When you’re in a relationship and things aren’t going well, your body will naturally go into self-defense mode to protect you from harm.

So if you have irritable bowel syndrome(IBS), stomach aches, or excessive flatulence, don’t ignore it because these symptoms are clear signs that something is wrong.

It could be the reason why so many women suffer from IBS when they’re in a bad relationship. So don’t wait until it’s too late and make sure you look after yourself properly first!

8. You Have A Headache

Headaches can result from many problems, including stress or dehydration.

It could be due to your body overreacting to the constant emotional abuse you have been receiving either through your partner’s words or actions.

Researchers found that those who are being abused by their partners tend to produce more headaches.

Perhaps that is why so many people suffer from headaches when they’re in a relationship!

9. You can’t breath

When you’re stressed, your breathing patterns will become irregular and shallow.

This leads to poor oxygen circulation in the body and hypoventilation (the process of not getting enough air into your lungs) that can cause panic attack symptoms like shortness of breath or hyperventilation.

If you find it hard to breathe while being in a relationship, take a step back and analyze why this is happening! Chances are everything isn’t well between both of you.

10. You have poor memories

All those negative thoughts and emotions swirling around in your mind can cause stress and anxiety that affect how well you think, process information, and remember things.

Toxins from the stress hormone cortisol can affect how your brain works, causing many problems that could lead to crying spells or feelings of hopelessness.

So if you feel foggy-headed, be aware of it! See what causes this feeling so that you can take steps to remedy it.

11. You’re always sad/depressed, or you’re angry all the time.

Depression could be triggered by emotional trauma like being mistreated, disrespected, or not getting what you need from someone else. Or it may just come out of the blue, in which case you need to seek professional help.

Depression is a manifestation of your immune system’s reaction to an unfamiliar situation or threat. It curbs its activity to focus on dealing with the problems at hand without becoming overwhelmed by more than it can handle. As a result, blood flow to your brain slows and becomes sluggish, making you feel tired all the time and unable to concentrate.

So when someone puts pressure on you constantly through threats or physical violence like pushing or beating, then your body starts feeling pain as stress hormones rush into your bloodstream, causing a state called the inflammatory response.

This results in what we call sickness behavior, meaning that your body goes out of its way to stop this stressful situation from happening again.

The problem is that your mind doesn’t understand the difference between physical and emotional pain, so it reacts in the same way as if you were physically being hurt. This leads to depression and anxiety.

20 Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship

If you want to know if you are in this kind of situation, here are 20 signs of an unhealthy relationship.

1. During an argument, the other or both of you gives the “silent treatment”.

Communication is one of the key elements in maintaining a harmonious relationship with your partner. If he/she gives you the silent treatment, then nothing’s going to get fixed. It might even make your argument worse.

If there’s a constant feeling like there is something wrong but when you try to talk to your partner about it you get shut down and pushed away, then you may be in a bad relationship. It’s not right to bottling up your feelings, for it gets really unhealthy when it explodes.

2. Lack of ability to forgive

Forgiveness is important for the longevity and health of a relationship. If one partner can’t let go of past hurt or anger and tends to holds a grudge, neither of them will feel intimate and safe together. Both parties should learn to ask for forgiveness with sincerity coupled with a consistent behavior change from the other person. With this, both of them should also learn how to forgive, your partner isn’t perfect and also makes mistakes.

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3. You always overthink if your actions are okay with your partner.

A healthy relationship is built on open communication and trust. If oftentimes you find yourself predicting what makes your partner angry and avoiding that as much as possible even if doesn’t always work, it could be a bad situation.

A mature relationship involves two persons, those that do not have to always ask the other for permission. Yes, compromise comes with being in a relationship, and that you should always consider your partner when making life-altering decisions like quitting and switching jobs. But if you feel like you need to ask for permission in everything you do like making plans with friends, or even finding yourself feeling uncomfortable about making simple choices without overthinking what your partner may think, then there’s something wrong. You are first and foremost an individual who is capable of making your own decisions.

4. Your partner isolates you from the world.

Sure, spending time with your partner is very important. But it is also essential for you to make time to see people who are outside of your relationships like your friends and family. When your partner discourages or prevents you from seeing them, then that is a major red flag. You have your own life even before you entered into that relationship, you should not let your partner take that away from you.

5. When subtle insults are being disguised as “jokes”.

If your other half makes comments about you that are insulting but then says that “it was just a joke” then there’s a problem. Emotional bullies will drop subtle insults and then try to make their victims look dumb and stupid or make them think that they’re overreacting. Always remember that a good joke will make you feel included; and that a bad or insulting joke will make you feel angry, small, and powerless.

6. You repeatedly caught your partner lying and cheating on you.

A healthy relationship is mostly built on trust, integrity, and honesty. If you’ve caught your partner lying to you (or worse, cheating on you) several times then how are you supposed to trust your partner anymore? Stop holding on to persons who only take you for granted, you deserve so much more than that.

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7. You hardly do nice things for each other.

Love and being in a relationship is a two-way street. Both of you should learn how to give and take, it’s the only way you can make your relationship work. If both of you can’t even appreciate each other’s efforts by giving simple gifts or by just acknowledging what your partner has done, then it’s time to think twice about the relationship.

8. One or both of you have lost interest in the relationship.

This happens when one or both partners lost interest to invest energy, emotion, and time in the relationship. Here there are a few arguments that are mostly met with passiveness and one-sided from the disengaged person. This situation is often a major sign that the other person is ready to end things.

9. Physical and verbal abuse is present.

Actions such as swearing, yelling, punching and slapping are some examples of physical and verbal abuse. This should never be in a relationship, this might end up hurting you not just physically and emotionally, but also mentally. You should stop making excuses for this kind of behavior and just leave that relationship immediately.

10. One has poor money values or skills.

When one person in a relationship has poor financial skills or financially irresponsible, it will eventually result in resentment, stress, and anger for his/her partner. Money is a major cause of conflict between couples even when both of them are responsible. When the financial relationship is unstable, it greatly impacts trust and respect between the couple and their relationship.

11. There is no respect in the relationship.

Being in a relationship means the both of you are making your relationship work. If one of you doesn’t respect each other’s decisions on certain matters, then why continue being in a relationship? Sure you may resolve things by way of compromise but if it’s the same situation over and over again then it’s not healthy anymore. Both of you should understand that in terms of decision-making, it should be done by the two of you and not by one person only.

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12. You don’t feel relaxed and comfortable being yourself around them.

Most of the time, if you feel awkward or nervous when being with your partner, it means that you’re not comfortable with them. This is a sign that things are going wrong in your relationship, and you should make an effort to change what really isn’t working between both of you.

In a healthy relationship, you can be your true self around the other person without worrying about what society thinks of you. If they reject you for not being “cool” enough or simply because they find someone else more interesting, then that’s ridiculous because, in a real relationship, both people should love and accept each other.

13. There are hidden rules which govern the relationship that has never been discussed and agreed upon.

Remember that maintaining a healthy relationship requires lots of compromises, from little things like choosing the location of your date to bigger ones like deciding who should go out of town next week.

But if you give in to something without any negotiation or discussion just because you’re afraid of fighting with your partner, then there is something wrong in the relationship. If he/she wants their own way all the time, it does not love; it’s controlling.

Even if they sometimes agree on sharing certain responsibilities with you (or other people), they might still have some hidden expectations that you are unaware of. It would be best if you talked about these so that both sides can work together for a common goal.

14. There is no positive communication in your relationship.

We may not always agree with our partners and might get mad at each other, but what will it take for us to talk? If you can’t even make an effort to talk it out, why continue being in a relationship? Communication is key in making your relationship work and keeping things going between both of you, so avoid complaining or blaming each other as much as possible because these could lead to conflicts and break-ups eventually.

15. Overcritical to each other.

One quick way to destroy a relationship is by intentionally or not making hurtful comments towards your partner. This may lead them to doubt themselves and what you say next will be another blow that could break their already fragile self-esteem.

Make it a habit of saying the good things about your partner instead of always talking about the bad ones because they might end up thinking that everything they do is wrong (even if it’s not entirely true). Moreover, constantly criticizing someone makes him/her think that you don’t trust them enough with responsibilities so avoid doing this at all cost!

16. You have a Jealous partner

If your partner gets really jealous easily, with a little of you not paying much attention at all to them, then there is something wrong in the relationship. It’s normal for both of you to get distracted. Still, if they constantly accuse you of having an affair with another person just because they’re insecure about their looks or because they don’t want anyone getting close to you (including family), it would be better for everyone if you end the relationship now before things go out-of-control.

Remember that jealousy may stem from insecurity so try and talk to your partner about this so that both of you can address what really bothers him/her. This way, he/she will know what agitates them which, in turn, will prevent him/her from making you feel bad every time.

If your partner is really nice most of the time but gets mad whenever they see that person makes you happy or if it’s a family member then it won’t work. You cannot force someone to change so what he/she needs now is help and support, not hatred and disappointment.

17. Your partner has a bad temper

One of the biggest red flags in a relationship is if your partner has a bad temper. Unfortunately, this may be hard to realize especially when you’re just starting to see someone because it can take months or even years for that person to show his/her true colors.

If your partner gets easily irritated, mad or angry at little things like being stuck in traffic or if he/she could not get the food he/she wants at the restaurant and then starts yelling on top of their lungs, this is not about being passionate but rather signs of violent behavior.

Remember: this doesn’t mean that all people who yell are abusers, but they should not put themselves into these situations to lose control over their emotions.

If he/she starts cursing and throwing things around, this means the end of discussion (and possibly the relationship). Never be too scared or chicken out just because your partner may not be used to showing their emotions in a normal way, especially when they’re already mad!

18. Your partner makes you feel guilty about everything.

If your partner makes you feel guilty about doing or not doing things for them, then this might be a problem.

You should not feel bad if your work requires you to do overtime hours or that you have to attend certain functions because of family obligations. However, you’re part of something bigger than just your relationship so don’t let guilt get in the way when you need to go somewhere important with other people (not just your significant other).

If he/she always says words like “how could I do this?”, “what will I tell everyone now?” or “I was supposed to meet them today!” every time something doesn’t work out, this is not normal.

If he/she doesn’t understand that you have to make sacrifices to reach your goals (whatever they are), this means there might be a problem. If you end up feeling like a bad person just because you don’t give all the time and attention in the world to him/her, then that’s already a toxic relationship.

Realize that there will be times when neither of you can see each other but these things happen and trying to control everything will only push that person away from you so when the time comes for them to really leave, it would hurt even more!

19. The relationship is full of conflict, fighting, blaming, negative attitude, and emotions.

In a healthy relationship, there is always respect for the different personalities of both partners. Of course, there will be conflicts, but not all of them need to fight or have an argument that ends with one person being left crying in frustration (usually the man).

Realize this: if you’re already arguing about silly things like how he/she didn’t pick up your calls for hours or leaving each other little reminders on what irritates him/her most then forget it now!

This shows a lack of respect and maturity, so instead of addressing the real issues behind these arguments, they blame each other like immature children. Realize this: if you have been together for years already yet there is always tension and fighting, you need to talk about it. This will not get better with time but instead worse so if you have been avoiding this topic for some reason that means there’s something wrong in your relationship.

If things are really bad now then don’t wait for the other person to come back to apologize or say sorry first but rather walk away. Sometimes love alone is not enough anymore so if things aren’t working then move on!

20. Something in your gut tells you this relationship is not healthy for you.

Everyone has a gut feeling about a person and relationship that’s why it is best to listen to your own heart (not just the voice inside your head) but if there are doubts about what’s going on, then trust yourself.

Take time to think about it because you deserve more than being backed into a corner or forced into something that makes no sense. If he/she has been making threats like “I will walk away from this relationship if…” or “if I don’t get what I want, then I’m out of here!” then there is no need for them to stay because they were not meant for you anyway. The truth is there will

This doesn’t mean that it will definitely fail, especially if some things are written here that you and your partner can work on together but realize that this relationship might not last for long or ever be stable. If you have been trying everything yet, this relationship still falls apart, THEN IT IS TIME TO LET GO NOW.

10 Ways to Fix an Unhealthy Relationship.

If you have observed these signs between you and your partner, then you are most probably in an bad relationship. Now you may try to patch things up with him/her if it’s not too late, but if it is, then I do think it’s time to let go.

“But what if something changes? What if he/she realizes his mistakes and decides one day to change?”

Well, do wait for it but don’t get your hopes up too much because sometimes this might never happen. However, if he/she does change and really means it, then great! Then, everything will be alright again.

But if there’s nothing but you two trying your best to fix the relationship, then I think you need to face this reality: this will not work unless something changes for real.

I don’t want anyone out there to waste time by hoping that someday things can still turn around while living in a fantasy world. If both of you are willing to change and find a solution or way to make things right between each other, have faith in each other, and put in the effort, you would save your relationship.

1. Both of you are willing to change this unhealthy Relationship.

If you are reading this article, then it means that one of you has already expressed your desire to make things work out between the two of you. Although there is a great possibility that the relationship can still be saved and patched up between both of you, it might not necessarily happen immediately, especially if things have been broken for a long time now.

It seems like no matter what kind of effort or sacrifices that you make for him/her, the words “sorry” and “I was wrong” from your partner will seldom come out even until now, so singleness becomes unavoidable because this might take time!

Things are going well again right now, but the same old arguments and fights will reappear after a few days or weeks. Why? This is because of unresolved issues and unconscious feelings that are still there between both of you, which need to be addressed before there can ever be real heartfelt love.

2. Both of you will do everything to keep the relationship with each other.

If you have been through a breaking-up or separation with your partner, there’s a big chance that he/she will do everything to keep the relationship going. This means that the one who is willing to sacrifice everything determined to make things work for both of you, and wants desperately to stay together with this person is… YOU!

You love him/her more than anything, but it seems like your partner doesn’t feel the same way about this relationship. So as much as possible, give him/her time because if he/she cannot be bothered with it or even threaten to leave again, it’s time for you to move on when staying in this unhealthy relationship won’t only hurt you anymore.

3. You have both decided to make the necessary changes.

As long as both of you truly want things to work out between you and stop blaming each other for everything, then there is hope because if he/she really wants this relationship fixed, this can actually happen!

The truth is most exhausting fights start because one or two people say something hurtful about the other person, and so it’s normal for arguments to occur but not when it becomes a cycle of abuse or bullying. Your partner has already made mistakes before but instead of pointing out the hurtful words and actions that he/she has done, you continue to make it worse by reacting with more anger. Ask yourself why are you doing this? Are you trying to get back at him/her because of something they did, or is this just an unhealthy habit that you picked up from your family even when living with them for so long?

4. Both of you willing to identify fights and stop them.

If you have been together for a couple of years, there’s no doubt that fights and disputes will happen many times during your relationship. This is why both of you need to make the necessary changes to prevent this from happening again in the future. Even if one or two fights are natural, it’s not healthy when those things happen continuously because it may become abuse and bullying. So both of you must learn how to identify fighting and stop those arguments from getting out of hand.

This means that seeing fighting as something normal isn’t true all the time because arguing too much would be like wasting so much precious time on something frivolous instead of focusing on each other’s feelings and, more importantly, working on the most valuable things in life like your health, family, and career.

If this isn’t already obvious to you now that this relationship has become hard for both of you to work with, then maybe it’s about time that you open your eyes and see what’s really going on here before it gets worse again!

Forgiveness takes time but choosing to forgive doesn’t have a time limit. It does not mean that you are condoning what happened or making things all right again, and it wouldn’t be weird if one of you feels bad days, weeks, or even months after the fight!

Forgiveness is something that takes place in your heart and mind, which makes it natural for each of you to heal at different rates, but this will eventually happen (if not already) as long as there is love left between both of you. There is nothing wrong with having arguments now and then, but don’t make it a habit because an everyday fight can lead to serious injuries for both of you physically and emotionally.

5. You are both willing to compromise and put your differences aside.

If you’ve been together for a long time now, then it’s more than likely that there is something about the other person that annoys you. Still, these small things should be ignored for this relationship to work out and never be brought up into arguments again if possible. It’s normal to talk things over after an argument just so both of you can hear each other out, but sometimes talking does not solve anything because your partner might say something hurtful or maybe even do worse by purposely ignoring whatever was said during the fight, which will lead to another one until it becomes a pattern. This would show how much he/she cares about your feelings ( lack of it).

A relationship is a two-way street, and neither of you should bear all the responsibilities and take care of everything. Be considerate enough to help out with the chores, finances, or even something as simple as grocery shopping from time to time.

It’s not always about being right or trying to prove that you are better than he/she is but never allow an argument to start because one person feels like they’re getting used to doing too much sometimes.

Also, don’t let arguments occur because both of you forget your boundaries, such as respecting each other’s space, whether physically (in public) or emotionally (don’t text what you cannot say face-to-face!). Letting these things go can be hard, especially when you’re venting to your friend but don’t let it get to you and keep things private.

6. Never forget how much he/she loves you!

Remember the start of this relationship? Your partner was fun, gave compliments, laughed a lot, and he even planned these surprise dates that make your heart flutter every time. You felt like you had met your soul mate (while some people still think that way now!), so why is it so hard for him/her to treat you well again?

This means that whatever happened between both of you in the past, no amount of anger can ever erase his/her love for you. Find a nice quote or something that describes how great each of you is together and post it in your bedroom or write it down and keep it in your wallet to remind you that the closeness you once felt with each other is still there somewhere.

7. Don’t place unrealistic expectations on him/her.

When you were younger, you wanted to marry this person, and now years later, he/she is not acting like the person you fell for anymore! But, we move on too, so don’t compare what he does today to what he used to do before because there are some things that people can only find out when they get older, especially if they have been living independently from their family after graduating high school.

It’s hard accepting change sometimes but bears in mind that falling in love over and over again isn’t easy either because you need to let go of the past and move on into your new future together as a couple.

This doesn’t mean that you should stop loving him/her but never question why this person became distant from you. He/she will eventually come back home to you if he truly cares about your relationship regardless of whether or not he has done something wrong before. If both of you still have these feelings for each other, hold onto those all-consuming emotions and never let them go!

The road isn’t always easy when finding love again, especially after everything that happened in your first relationship. Keep things simple by being yourself because people like genuine individuals, so don’t change who you are to make somebody else happy.

8. Find a fun activity you both can do together.

Life is all about the small things, so remember to take time for yourselves and go on dates or make your own night with each other! It really is true that “chick flick” moments are very important because it shows how much effort you put into your relationship and reminds him/her why he fell in love with you in the first place!

It also doesn’t matter if you’re just watching TV on the couch together or going out to dinner, as long as there’s more communication than arguing. Keep reminding each other that you love one another during these times; tell him/her how grateful you are that he/she was there for you when things got tough.

9. Give each other space.

It’s not always easy but understand that giving each other space is important to keep both of you happy. You should never forget about him/her while out with friends or something. Doing this causes misunderstandings, especially if you are talking about a third party and things get really heated! Don’t approach the subject on your own; instead, talk it through when he/she gets back home from work and make sure that any jealous feelings don’t ruin your relationship.

Often remember to communicate more because this will help your relationship become healthy by reducing misunderstandings and arguments. For example, a big misconception is that asking for too much time alone means cheating, so don’t be afraid to depend on each other every once in a while!

10. Keep your love alive!

And last but not least, be open to change and try new things together because this helps you develop a deeper understanding of one another. A relationship is about the small ways you make each other feel. It doesn’t matter how long you have been with someone or how many fights you’ve had in the past; what matters most is that both of your feelings never changed from the moment when you first met.

When he/she says something funny or touches your hand, remember to smile and laugh out loud because these are things he/she loves about you! Your life might look different than others but remember that every day is an opportunity for improvement, so don’t lose hope if things get hard.

All in all, remember to keep your love for each other alive! You will never know how precious it is until you lose it, and that’s why I hope this article was able to give you some understanding about fixing an unhealthy relationship. Good luck!

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