5 Quotes By Donna Eden That Will Make You Want To Practice Energy Medicine

Donna Eden and energy medicine go hand in hand. She has taught thousands of people the power of their energy system and how to use it to feel good and improve health. It’s hard not to like this woman as you watch her. I’ve never seen someone so full of joy. You can’t fake the kind of joyous energy she gives off! But besides that, she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to energy medicine. If you have been thinking about learning more about energy medicine and practicing it, then her books or course is what you should be seeking out. If you are on the fence, following are 5 quotes by Donna Eden that may make you want to practice energy medicine as soon as possible.

1. Energy Medicine Helps Improve Every Area Of Your Life

Donna Eden quote

Our energy system affects all areas of our bodies. So, why wouldn’t you use energy medicine? As someone who has taken Donna Eden’s energy medicine course on Mindvalley, I know that she has techniques in her pocket that can help you in all those areas.

Using energy medicine for things like improving your mood or energy, getting rid of a headache, and regaining your focus are all things that you have the ability to do when you know how to. You don’t need to wait it out or go to a doctor or search the internet for answers; instead, you can just use what you have learned, get over the issue at hand, and get on with your life.

2. Worried About Issues You May Be Having?

Energy testing allows you to identify underlying health problems.

Donna Eden teaches energy testing. She says that everything is about energy so we can test our energy to see where there is congestion or deficiency. We can also test to see when our energy is out of balance.

Energy testing allows you to understand what is happening in your body. It’s a free tool that you have to discover possible issues and seek specific help if you need to.

Moreover, learning about energy testing can help you understand how other people can influence your energy negatively and bring you down both in body and mind. And, it can help you discover which foods, medication, and more is good for you or bad for you. Because everything is energy, you can test to see how other energy interacts with you.

It’s fascinating stuff and takes you beyond the ‘My energy feels low today’ or ‘Something doesn’t feel right’ mindset and helps you discover why.

3. Energy Medicine Is A Free Universal Healing Tool

The world needs some real good healing tools that we can all use.

Energy medicine is not the biggest tool for healing… yet. Even though we all have access to it no matter where we are, it’s just starting to take off and it will likely take some more time before it becomes more mainstream. But that’s the way it is with everything, especially in the Western world. We are very wary of more natural methods of maintaining health and healing and I don’t really understand why.

Alternative medicine is called an alternative, after all. It almost has a negative vibe to it – as if it’s not as good as conventional medicine. But alternative medicine involves medical therapies that are working all over the world.

Even our pets can benefit from alternative medicine. I have a Miniature Pinscher who suffered from back issues suddenly. He was sometimes tipping over as he walked. He wasn’t able to jump. Often his back legs were walking very weird. It would come and go, and we thought it was just a part of his old age. But one day when it wouldn’t go away, we went to our holistic vet (who also practices conventional medicine, but focuses on holistic medicine), and she figured he was suffering from spinal cord inflammation. She gave us some herbs – Duhuo Jisheng Wan and Pentagensis. And he had acupuncture done. Within a few days he was walking better and he’s never had the problem again. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how holistic medicine has helped all my dogs. Let’s just say I swear by it. I honestly think if I was going to a conventional vet, my Miniature Pinscher would have died years ago.

The bottom line is that energy medicine is one of those alternative medicines that we have available to us. We don’t need to go out and pay someone to use it on us. It’s free, simple, organic, safe, and has been proven to work time and time again.

4. Learn To Reconnect With Your Body

Inside of us, I believe with all my heart, our bodies best medicine is energy. Because it already knows how to heal us, fuel us, and restore us. But we have to somehow listen to what our bodies are saying.

Donna Eden says that if you use your own energy to get well, your body evolves and figures out how to do it. It’s like the more you practice, the more you develop the skill of using energy medicine to heal, fuel, and restore.

It’s listening to our bodies that is hard. We have so many external noises and distractions calling our attention that hearing the subtle signs our bodies are giving us can be hard. And we’ve become disconnected from our bodies as we place our trust in doctors and other professionals. But, reconnecting can have a big impact on our health.

My father, who has Lupus, is turning 70 next year. He does have issues that arise once in a while, but he also strongly believes that he can heal his own body. When things get bad in an area, he focuses on it and tries to move the energy around and heal it. He doesn’t call it energy medicine. He simply calls it focusing. But the fact is he’s doing something to his body to heal and keep going despite what his Lupus decides to do to him.

Donna Eden herself says she overcame her Multiple Sclerosis using energy medicine.

The fact is if we are made up of energy and we have the ability to understand it and use it to our advantage, why wouldn’t we? All we need to do is learn from people like Donna Eden and practice what we learn, and then we have a tool at our disposal no matter where we are or what is happening to us.

5. Want To See Energy?

Most human beings born in the world can see energy, but it tends to go dormant.

Donna Eden says she can see energy. Understanding other people’s energy is in part how she helps people.

There are many people out there who say they can see energy.

When I was younger, I remember seeing energy around certain people. One man had a bright white aura around his head that I remember clear as day. I probably remember it so well because my dad had seen it too, while my mother had not, and we all thought that was really weird.

Donna says that after studying energy medicine for a while, you start to see energy again. For most people, I think this would be extremely beneficial. It would be a reminder that there is more to life than just the physical body, and it may even help us understand other people better and help them like Donna Eden.

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