Quotes From The Mother Earth Video: Nature Is Speaking Series

Conservation International gave nature a voice a few years ago through video. They used people like Julia Roberts, Robert Redford, Harrison Ford, and Edward Norton to give the videos a voice in the ‘Nature Is Speaking’ series. Nature is definitely speaking as we move through a pandemic. We can see how impactful we are on nature as we stay home and pollution clears up and water runs clearer. Our actions as individuals clearly impact the world around us. Watch this video and take to heart the big quotes that come from it.

Mother Nature Speaks Narrated By Julia Roberts

The Quotes From Mother Nature Speaks

I Dont Really Need People But People Need Me 4

I think this is very clear now as staying at home is resulting in a healthier planet, which will result in a healthier us! Always remember that your actions have a huge impact on your fate, so make sure that what you do today is in line with what you want tomorrow and beyond.

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We need to change if things are going to change. This pandemic has caused us to change dramatically. Some people have had to change whether they wanted to or not. Others have reluctantly given up some pleasures so that they can avoid getting sick. And, others have gladly done what they can to slow the spread of the virus. The latter people are who we need to be to evolve as a species. We need to be glad to do our part to create a better tomorrow. We need to be willing to do those things that will help our planet help us thrive.

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The fact is that the planet can go on without us. It can replenish and adapt and evolve and be here long after we disappeared. But we can not go on if the planet is not a good host for us. We need water, food, good air, and safety, all of which the planet will provide if we take care of it.

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We are not invincible. A lot of people seem to think that we are by the way they treat each other and the planet. But the truth is that we can die out as a species if we don’t do the right things. We can kill ourselves, slowly or quickly, in many different ways. The planet can also kill us in many different ways. We need to remember that we do not own the planet. It supports us, and we need to respect that fact.

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We need to get this through our heads if we want to survive and thrive as a species. The planet may go on without us, but it can falter in health. We already know that because we’ve poisoned it in many ways. Once it falters, we pay the price.

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When we take care of Mother Earth, she will take care of us. If she is doing well, we can do well. We need to take action and start treating this planet with the respect it deserves so that it can take care of us. It’s overdue.

Go to the Conservation website to learn more about what nature is saying and how you can help. You can also check out this article on Covid-19 and nature.

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