Top 10 Reasons To Take Life Visioning Mastery On Mindvalley

In the first intro class of Life Visioning Mastery on Mindvalley, Michael Beckwith says he’s like an alarm clock that wakes people up to the potential of their own soul.  It’s a beautiful view of himself, and it’s absolutely true. His Life Visioning Quest is an insightful journey from victimhood to expanded awareness. It helps you see the processes we go through along the way, understand how to overcome obstacles that are keeping you from moving forward, and then gives you a life visioning process to use in any area of your life where you want more awareness and growth. If you are thinking about taking Life Visioning Mastery, but you are not totally sure whether you should, here are my 10 reasons that you may want to start your life visioning journey as soon as possible.

Life Visioning Mastery Mindvalley

1. Get Out Of A Victim Consciousness

A big part of the Life Visioning Mastery quest is moving out of the victim consciousness.

You may not think you are acting like a victim or talking to yourself like a victim, but you may just not realize it. I didn’t think I carried a victim mentality, but I had moments where I realized that I was holding victim beliefs in areas of my life and they were holding me back in various ways.

If you are holding onto anything where you blame someone else – even yourself – for ANYTHING, then you have a victim mentality in some shape or form.

Life Visioning Mastery can help you get unstuck and start moving forward to a more empowering consciousness that will help you create a happier life now and in the future.

2. Stop Getting Caught Up In Collective Beliefs

Life Visioning Mastery teaches that we can easily get caught up in collective beliefs. This is an important concept to understand, especially when big things like pandemics or other world issues happen. It’s easy to get caught up in what other people believe and take on those beliefs as our own.

I don’t think I’ve ever listened to the news as much as I have during this pandemic. In fact, I find myself searching through social media constantly to find out what’s going on. Doing so has been a stark reminder of how outside influences can affect my beliefs in a negative way.

Not only can we get emotionally drained from all the negative beliefs, but we can also let these collective beliefs hold us back from doing things that could benefit our lives.

Life Visioning Mastery helps you to avoid getting swept up in collective beliefs and allowing them to affect your life negatively.

3. Stop The Negative Chatter In Your Head

Do you go over the same negative thoughts again and again? This can have a huge impact on your happiness and success in life. These thoughts keep you stuck and your mindset can get very rigid, and that’s when life starts to feel very hard, unfair, and cruel.

In Life Visioning Mastery, you learn what these thoughts are and how to stop them from repeating and, ultimately, running your life.

4. Take Responsibility For Your Happiness

Do you find yourself getting depressed or upset when other people are not acting in a way you want them to act?

Does a good day for you depend on other people’s emotions, actions, or behaviors?

What if your boss, friends, family, kids, or strangers didn’t affect how happy you were in life? What if their decisions and behaviors didn’t direct how you felt today and tomorrow?

Michael Beckwith helps you to take ownership of your own happiness in life and break free from depending on what others do to keep you sane and happy.

5. Repair Damaged Areas Of Your Life

There are 8 structures of life that Michael Beckwith talks about in Life Visioning Mastery. These 8 structures can be a liability in your life or an asset.

The life visioning process helps you to look at each structure in your life and come out with insights and answers to help you heal them and make them an asset in your life.

Making these structures an asset helps you to attain personal success, which helps you to contribute to the world in a positive way.

6. Help Future Generations Thrive

If you have kids or care about future generations at all, this will appeal to you.

When you contribute to the world in a positive way, Michael Beckwith says that you can raise the frequency of the planet and leave it better than you found it. In other words, everyone who contributes positively makes the planet just a bit better for the next generation.

That’s big! There are people who are trying to drag the frequency of the planet back down, so we need as many people as we can fighting to raise it up for future generations.

7. Gain A Sense Of Trust That Something Has Your Back

Having trust that something is present and has your back can relieve a huge load off you, both physically and emotionally. Life Visioning Mastery helps you to surrender and trust that something bigger than you is on your side and has your back.

In fact, the life visioning process is about allowing something to happen, which requires trust in something bigger than yourself. It requires you to know that the answers you seek are out there and the obstacles put in your place are for your greater good, not as a punishment.

8. Get Answers That Provide Relief And Move You Forward

Do you ask a lot of questions? For instance, do you ask, ‘Why me?’ or ‘Why does this happen?’ or ‘Why can’t this happen?’.

Michael Beckwith says that all questions get answers, but some answers keep you stuck and some answers benefit your life.

In Life Visioning Mastery, he teaches you how to get the answers that benefit your life.

9. Let Go Of Anger And Hurt

Life Visioning Mastery helps you to forgive – yourself and others. To move out of a victim state, you need to forgive and let go of past hurts and anger. When you let go of the anger and hurt you are free to create and move forward.

10. Join A High Vibe Tribe

This Mindvalley quest gives you access to a Facebook group with other students who are taking or have taken Life Visioning Mastery.

One of the 8 structures Michael Beckwith talks about is ‘community’ and how it can get you out of the lower frequencies in life, expand your gifts, and give you a place where you can learn and contribute. You start to realize how important it is and appreciate the like-minded people around you.

Michael Beckwith calls the tribe on Facebook the High Vibe Tribe.

There Are Many Reasons To Take The Life Visioning Mastery Quest

These are just a few of the reasons you should take the Life Visioning Mastery quest on Mindvalley.

I really enjoyed the quest and got a ton of out it. Michael Beckwith is one of those people who can break down complicated ideas in a way that everyone can understand.

In the quest, he does weekly webinars where he answers the most pressing questions from students. You may not get live versions of these webinars, but the ones I had access to were AWESOME! I’m hoping they do more with him because he makes you feel good when you listen to him – he really is a high vibe person, even through video.

You can take the masterclass for his quest here. It’s around 60 minutes long and will give you even more insight into living your best life.

And, if you are interested in taking the quest, you can learn even more about it on the enrollment page here.

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