11 Eric Edmeades Quotes That Might Make You Want To Learn More

Eric Edmeades is the creator of WildFit, a popular nutritional course that walks you through a transformation in eating and health. If you haven’t read our WildFit review, I recommend doing that to learn more about what Eric Edmeades can offer you in that challenge. If you are interested in learning from him, then following are some quotes to help you get insight into Eric Edmeades and what he teaches.

1. Who Is Controlling What You Eat?

Big food has sponsored your holidays and emotions; don’t let them.

Big food companies know that if they can get you to associate their food with a holiday, they have it made. This is why they work their butts off to influence your food choices.

Don’t let them control what you eat. If something is unhealthy, it doesn’t become healthy during a holiday. Create your own menu based on what’s healthy for you and makes you feel good.

2. Creating Unwanted Side Effects Because Of Emotions?

Your emotions need to be satisfied, and if you use food to satisfy them, then you are going to create some unwanted health side effects unless you are using the right food.

This is a good reason to eat a healthy diet and live a healthy lifestyle. If you reach for the right foods and do the right things when you are stressed out or upset, then you don’t do the damage to your body that unhealthy foods do.

That’s why learning about something like WildFit from Eric Edmeades is important. Knowing more about what constitutes healthy eating can help you make the right choices.

3. Hunger Pangs Or Just A Feeling?

An empty stomach is actually not a hunger, it’s just a feeling.

Do you feel like your stomach rumbling means you need to eat? Eric Edmeades says that most people don’t actually know what a true empty stomach feels like because we get to a point where we have a feeling of being empty and we run out and eat right away.

4. Consume With Awareness

I want you to consume with awareness.

Educating yourself about what food does in your body and taking the time to see how you feel when you eat it is important. That’s part of the WildFit strategy. You learn about foods that aren’t so good for you, but you keep consuming them so that you can eat with awareness.

5. Drink Water To Get Water

Do you know what is water? Water is water, and you got to get enough of it.

You may excuse the pop, coffee, or juice by saying it’s got water in it, but Eric Edmeades says that only water gets you hydrated in the way you need to be for your body and mind.

5. Get More Of The Good Stuff

Your health is far more dependent upon you getting enough of the good stuff than it is you eliminating the bad stuff.

Eric Edmeades mentions this a few times in various talks. He says that it’s more important to ensure that you are getting enough of the good stuff – the stuff your body needs and thrives on – than it is to eliminate all the bad stuff. He says that when you are giving your body the nutrients it needs, it can handle some bad stuff once in a while.

6. Healthy Living To Prevent Sickness

When somebody is sick or they’re in pain, there’s very often things they could have done to prevent that sickness or prevent that pain.

The good news is that Eric Edmeades says that the right course correction can help them recover and heal. And then they can go forward and prevent future sickness.

7.  True Transformation Doesn’t Come From Suffering Through Strict Guidelines

Transformation is not about giving people a bunch of specific rules. It’s not about telling people you can and can’t do this. It’s about changing your psychology.

If you can change the mind, the habits will follow suit.

Whether you want to stop smoking, eat healthier, reduce stress, or exercise more, it’s not about following a specific guideline to get there. It’s about acquiring the knowledge and then changing the way you think about things, and then letting those new beliefs guide you towards the right decisions.

8. You Have To Meet Your Body’s Needs

The body has certain physical needs and if you aren’t meeting those needs, there’s going to be consequences.

Here are 8 things Eric says are essential Needs.

9. Sleep Is Important

If you are lacking sleep, your immunity goes down by as much as 500%.

Wow. We tend to think about diet and exercise when it comes to health, but things like stress reduction and sleep are very important too.

10. Things Don’t Have To Stay The Same

The past is now gone, and the meaning that you created back then is not the truth.

Just because you think that you have to do something, doesn’t mean you have to. If you told yourself in the past that something was important because [fill in the blank], you can change your mind. Especially if that thing is unhealthy, unhelpful, and unwanted.

11. Sugar Is Everywhere

Out of the like sixty thousand different packaged foods that are available in our shopping mechanism today, something like 70% of them had some form of sugar, corn syrup, or other refined sweeteners.

This is something a lot of people don’t think about. We know sugar is bad for us, so most of us try to eat less of it, but the sugar industry doesn’t want that to happen, so they put sugar in everything! In other words, even if you think you are avoiding sugar, you may not be.

Note: While Eric Edmeades is best known for WildFit on Mindvalley. He also teaches another course in business called Business Freedom Blueprint. You can take the free masterclass to learn more about that.

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