15 Sure Signs God Wants You with Someone

Signs God Wants You with Someone
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Everyone wants to love and be loved. In short, love is one of the ultimate needs that each human has to meet. Unfortunately, however, many people searching for true love end up being broken-hearted because the person they chose was not the right one for them.

For devoted Christians, relying on God’s wisdom is necessary to help them find the right person. They have faith that if they marry a person according to God’s will for them, they are more likely to have a successful and fruitful marriage.

If you need wisdom in figuring out whether your relationship has God’s favor, you can check out these signs that He truly wants you to be with your partner now.

1. Your partner has Christlike qualities.

If your boyfriend or girlfriend has character traits that genuinely reflect Christ in their lives, then it is one sign that God favors that person. As His child, God does not want you to end up with someone who has many issues. Instead, he wants you to be with a person who has integrity, accountability, and maturity. Moreover, God wants you to be with someone who can influence you to grow in your Christian walk.

2. You feel comfortable and at peace when that someone is around.

Another sign that you and your partner are meant to be is the peace you feel in your heart. It means that you are comfortable enough to be yourself around that person. Also, you have no inhibitions, and you feel sure that you want to marry that individual.

3. The two of you have a proven and tested friendship even before the relationship.

One good sign that God has fated you to be together is your solid friendship. If you and your partner have started being good friends, you are so blessed. Most successful relationships and marriages start with friendship. It allows the couple to get to know each other well before committing to love each other. Thank God if your partner is your best friend.

4. You know there is true love between you.

God would never want you to be stuck in a relationship without true love. Is your love for each other unconditional, selfless, and goes beyond physical attraction and intimacy? If yes, then it is the real thing.

5. The person is your answered prayer.  

If you believe that your boyfriend or girlfriend is the answer to your prayers, then it is a sign. God listens to your prayers, and if they are according to His will, He will make surely grant them. Did you pray for a person with godly qualities? If your partner now fits your checklist, your prayer has been heard.

6. The people around you are in favor of your relationship.

Another sign could be the peace that the people around you feel about your relationship. If God has given your family, friends, and spiritual family assurance that you are in good hands, it could because He is really the one who orchestrated your love story.

7. Your relationship makes you better individuals.

Your relationship must be really heaven-sent if it has made you a better person. If the two of you are growing as individuals and as a couple, you are good together. But, of course, every good gift comes from God (James 1:17), so your relationship is a blessing.

Signs God Wants You with Someone
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8. The person has helped become spiritually mature.

God will send someone who can help you get closer to Him. If your boyfriend or girlfriend encourages you to seek God’s will in everything, be thankful. If that person has helped you become more Christlike in character, you are blessed.

9. Your traits complement each other.

Does it seem like your personalities are perfectly matched? Do your strengths and weaknesses complement each other’s? If yes to both questions, you are a match made in heaven. You are blessed to have a partner whose capabilities make up for what you cannot do and vice versa.

10. Your ministries also complement, if not the same.

A godly relationship is meant to end up in a marriage that will build a family that serves God altogether. So, if you and your partner belong to the same ministry, that sign is good enough. Or, your ministries could be probably related to each other. If that is the case, you can consider it a sign.

11. The two of you aim to put God at the center of your lives and relationship.

God is indeed pleased with your relationship if you strive to make Him its center. Be assured that you have His favor if you both are doing your best to live godly lives. Of course, this will include keeping your relationship pure and a blessing to God and others.

12. You can envision growing old and building a family with your partner.

If God has given you the vision to marry and start a family with your partner, it could be another sign. It means that your heart and mind are truly at peace with the idea. On the other hand, if God is against your relationship, He would warn you about it—and that would be bothersome.

13. Your relationship has survived a lot of trials.

Have you been together for long years and survived different challenges? If all those trials did not break you apart, maybe they were meant to strengthen your love. You are probably meant to last together.

Signs God Wants You with Someone
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14. Being with the person taught you to love yourself more.

The right kind of relationship will also help you to value yourself more. For example, if your girlfriend or boyfriend encourages you to have self-love, you are on the right track. Yes, true love will make you selfless, but at the same time, it will help you see your worth as a person. Your partner’s true and selfless love for you should make you feel special and valued.

15. Your relationship glorifies God.

Overall, your relationship must be glorifying to God to have His favor. It means that you and your partner must be living according to His will. Plus, you should keep your relationship pure in all sense before Him. If all the abovementioned traits are present in your relationship, you can clearly say that the Lord has blessed you with an incredible partner.

Keep Asking for Wisdom

These are all signs, and not all may be present in your relationship. However, you should not immediately conclude that you and your partner are not meant to be. Do not be entirely hopeless that the person you love is really the one for you.

While you are evaluating your relationship, do not forget to ask God for guidance. Keep praying for Him to reveal His wisdom regarding your relationship.

James 1:5 says, “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.”

Until God’s answer becomes clear to you, do not give up asking for wisdom. The verse promised that the Lord would generously give wisdom to everyone who asks. Also, ask Him to help you and your partner become better Christians and use your relationship to give glory to Him.

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