16 Evident Signs He Doesn’t Want a Relationship with You

Signs He Doesn't Want a Relationship with You
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Gone are the days when girls are told to wait for a guy to initiate a dating relationship. With woman empowerment, ladies now have an equal right to pursue someone they like. Nevertheless, it is still a blow to a girl’s self-esteem when the guy she likes does not return her affection.

So, how would you know if a man does not want a relationship with you? And how should you respond to the situation? Should you let it affect your confidence?

Of course, no one is immune to rejection. However, it would be better to face the truth as early as possible. It hurts to know that the man you like does not want to commit to you, but it will help you move on immediately.

16 Evident Signs He Doesn’t Want a Relationship with You Video

Signs He Doesn’t Want a Relationship with You

Do you want to know how the guy you like really feels about you? Here are some clear signs that he does not want a relationship with you.

1. He Does Not Invite You Out.

Does the person you like take you out on a date? If yes, when was the last time, and how often does he invite you? However, if he has never initiated a date with you, it means he is not checking you out at all. On the other hand, if a man is interested in you, he will be brave enough to express his desire to spend time with you.

2. He Does Not Initiate Conversations.

How about all your conversations? Do you always approach him first? If he never talks to you first except for important matters, it is an indication that he has no intention of being in a relationship with you. On the other hand, no matter how shy a guy is, he will find the courage to get your attention if he wants to date you.

3. He Refuses Your Help.

If the guy refuses your offers all the time, consider it a sign. It is not pride or trying to look strong. Instead, it is an indication that he does not want to do anything with you. If he knows that you like him, he will reject anything from you to get the message across.

4. He Does Not Always Reply to Your Messages.

A person in love will respond to the messages of the one they like in a heartbeat. And they will answer their calls on the first ring, if possible. So, how about this guy you like? If he does not even view your messages, your value in his life is clear.

5. He Tells You He Wants to Keep Your Friendship.

If this man keeps reminding you that he does not want your friendship to be over, you should get the message now. It is his subtle way of telling you that he wants your relationship status to stay as it is—friends. He is just being kind enough to sugarcoat his real feelings with you.

6. He Shares about a Girl He Likes.

Hopefully, you will stop assuming that your love story has a chance if the guy likes someone else. There are two reasons why he would share this with you. First, maybe he thinks of you as a confidante—someone he can trust with his longings. And second, he probably knows about your feelings for him, and he wants you to stop.

7. He is Not Always Available for You.

A man who loves you will always be there whenever you are in need. How about this person you are dreaming about? Is he always available whenever you need help? Or is he often unreachable or too busy whenever you try to ask for help from him? If he is not willing to sacrifice his precious time for you, it means he has no intention of committing to you.

 Signs He Doesn't Want a Relationship with You
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8. He Says You Deserve a Better Man.

This is another cliché that many guys use to drive away the women who care for them, but they cannot love in return. If you have heard this from the man you like, stop insisting yourself on him. The guy who values you will stop making this as an excuse. Instead, he will use it as a motivation to improve himself, so he can be the better man you deserve.

9. He Ships You with Another Guy.

If this guy is teasing you with a particular person or encourages you to date someone else, it means he wants you to bother a different man. He is probably aware of your feelings for him, and he feels guilty that he cannot like you back. For this reason, he hopes you will divert your affection to another guy. That is why he is ‘trying to help’ you find your true love.

10. He Gets Mad When Teased with You.

On the other hand, the person who does not like you will be pissed off if teased with you. It means he does not want you to be encouraged that your love team is possible. Or maybe, he cringes at the thought of being paired with you (sorry for being mean). It is also possible that he likes someone else, and he does not want her to be jealous of you.

11. He is Sweet to Other Girls When You are Around.

If a guy liked you, he would behave when other girls are around. But, of course, he wanted you to know that his attention is all for you. So, if your crush acts very sweet to all other girls in the office except you, it is a sign. He wants you to understand that you are not special to him, and he does not care about your feelings.

12. He Insists on Going Out in Group.

Whenever there is a chance to go out with this person, does he always want to bring other people? And does he joke about going out with a group, so no one will think you are dating? If you have a mutual feeling for each other, you would surely want to flaunt to the world that you are dating.

13. He Tells You to Focus on Your Studies or Career.

Another subtle way of telling you off is encouraging you to focus on your priorities. Have you ever tried to open up about your feelings, and he just told you to focus on your work or finishing college first?

Signs He Doesn't Want a Relationship with You
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14. He Immediately Corrects Anyone Mistaking Him to be Your Boyfriend.

Another sign that he does not want a relationship with you is when he is defensive whenever people think you are an item. It seems like he does not want to be associated with you. He wants to make it clear to everyone. If this is the case, do not expect anything more than being mere acquaintances with him.

15. He Does Not Flirt Back.

Have you tried the ultimate technique of winning the guy you like, which is flirting? If yes, did he flirt back? If not, it is a clear sign that he is not interested in you. So, you better not do it again, or you would look desperate.

16. He Talks about Not Wanting Any Commitment Yet.

Another clear sign that he does not want any relationship with you is when he tells you he is not ready for a commitment. He may have flirted with you a few times, but a serious relationship is a different thing. If he has set this straight with you, stop forcing yourself on him.

How to know if a man is really into you?

Signs that He’s Really Into You
1. He compliments you a lot.
2. He pays attention to your likes and dislikes.
3. He calls or texts first.
4. He doesn’t use his phone around you.
5. He laughs at all your jokes.
6. He can’t take his eyes off of you.
7. He goes out of his way for you.
8. He takes the initiative to makes plans with you.
9. He opens up to you.
10. He loves to hear your thoughts.
11. He wants to know more about your life.
12. He wants you to meet his friends.
13. He teases you a lot.
14. He gives you sweet little touches.
15. He follows you on social media.
16. He tells you that he likes you.
17. He is persistent.

Please visit Signs that He’s Really Into You for the details.

15 Signs He’s Just Playing Your Feelings

1. Mood swings
2. He only shows up when you’re needed
3. You do things according to his time
4. No deep conversations
5. Not interested in your life
6. He’s hiding you
7. He doesn’t want you to ask questions about him
8. He doesn’t want you to meet his friends
9. He plays with your feelings and emotions
10. Empty promises
11. He pressures you into bed
12. He treats other girls badly
13. He makes you feel insecure about yourself
14. He does not care about you at all
15. You feel it in your gut

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10 Things Guys Do When They Like You

1. They become attention-seekers.
2. They will try to impress you.
3. They become extra generous.
4. They act like a gentleman.
5. They want to be your knight-in-shining-armor.
6. They will make you feel special.
7. They will often check on you.
8. They will consistently appreciate you.
9. They will make friends with your friends.
10. They will always be available for you.

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Signs Your Partner is Cheating on You

1. He doesn’t leave his phone lying around.
2. Didn’t share passwords.
3. You catch him lying to you.
4. Suddenly too busy to see you.
5. He does not open up with you anymore.
6. He is unusually sweet or cold.
7. He accuses you of cheating.
8. He only sees your flaws.
9. He’s not that interested in you.
10. He can take you for granted easily.
11. She unusually makes an effort to look beautiful.
12. Gets unusually busy with phone.
13. Oddly hangs out with friends more often.
14. Become short-tempered with you.
15. Does not post about you on social media accounts anymore.
16. She does not get jealous anymore.
17. She always finds an excuse not to see you.
18. She does not demand your time and attention anymore.
19. Asking for space.
20. She doesn’t like it when you ask questions.
21. He smells like someone else.

Please visit here for the details.

Rejection Does Not Define You

So, what if he does not want to be in a relationship with you? Should you feel bad about yourself? No. A rejection from one man does not mean you are unlovable. It simply means he is not the right one for you. What you need to do is choose to move forward and continue to be the awesome girl you are.

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