7 Quotes On Taking Inspired Action That Will Motivate You

Do you ever get an internal signal that you should do something? Do you trust it? Do you follow that intuition or do you let it pass and continue on doing what you were doing? If you are not taking the hint and taking action on something that you are suddenly inspired to take action on, you may want to give it a try next time. Often times your inner self knows something you don’t, and the signal to take action on something could be a fast-track ticket towards something better. These quotes on taking inspired action will motivate you to take inspired action when it arises!

Inspired Action

1. Inspired Action Feels Like A Fun Ride You DON’T Have To Pay For

Inspired action feels great because you are on a frequency of receiving. – Unknown

Inspired action feels good. It feels like you are taking natural effort that has the potential to result in something big.

It doesn’t feel forced, boring, or energy draining. In fact, it’s just the opposite.

Inspired action often gives you energy and makes you feel alive and living on purpose.

2. Inspired Action Is Great When You Logically Don’t Know What To Do Next

Don’t overthink the process of creation. It doesn’t matter how your goals manifest. Believe they will and take inspired action. The Universe will make it happen. – Vex King

Sometimes we can write out all the steps we need to take to get from point A to point B, but sometimes we are a little less clear on what to do. Usually, this is because we are working towards something we’ve never done before and the next step isn’t always known.

This is where inspired action comes in.

If you are stuck on what to do next, listen to your intuition. If it tells you to do something, do it!

Take action and see where it leads you.

It may help you move a step closer to what you want, or it may help you see what you need to do next to move a step closer to what you want – either way, it’s going to help.

3. Inspired Action Can Change Your Life

A year ago on this day, I took an inspired action that changed everything. Grateful for every experience it led to. – Akancha S. Srivastava

Why take action on a whim? Because it could change your life.

One action could lead you down a path that you would not get on otherwise. It could help you do exactly the right thing that will ensure you meet that person or find that insight or learn that skill that moves you forward towards what you want.

Planned action is good. It can help you move forward. But, sometimes inspired action can move you in a direction you didn’t know you could be moved.

4. Inspiration Requires Faith

Don’t be a faith wimp.  – Joe Vitale on Taking Inspired Action

If you get inspired to take action on something, you can do one of two things – get busy taking action or start questioning where that inspiration came from.

When you start questioning where the inspiration came from, you can go down a rabbit hole of uncertainty and disbelief as you contemplate where it came from, which will keep you from taking action.

Like Joe Vitale says, don’t be a faith wimp. Have faith that you can (or did) receive the perfect inspiration and then do what you have been moved to do.

5. Good Intention Combined With Inspired Action Produces Good Results

With good intention and inspired action, good results follow. It’s karma.” – Annette Vaillancourt

Don’t worry about making the wrong move or things turning out poorly. Just take action when inspiration hits.

If you have good intentions and a clear vision of where you want to go, then taking action when inspiration hits is only going to be a positive experience for you. It will either help you move forward towards what you want, get what you want, or give you an idea of how to move towards what you want.

6. Inspired Action Doesn’t Need To Be Loud

“Inspired action is when you take action with no mind. Pure silence.” ― Matthew Donnelly

You don’t need to be jumping up and down screaming for the inspiration to be worthwhile. Sometimes a thought that pops into your head quietly can be executed quietly by you in one easy motion.

When this happens:

  • You don’t think.
  • You don’t plan.
  • You don’t process.

You just get the inspiration and then do it.

7. Stop Taking Desperate Action

inspired action quote

Anyone who has had to do something quickly in desperation knows how much can go wrong when doing so. It can be a complete disaster that may bring about some results, but not the results you truly want.

The best results don’t often come from desperate action. The desperation often brings about ‘whatever’ comes instead of what you truly want.

Being in a state of relaxation brings about better results because there is nothing rushed or forced, it just flows naturally the way it is supposed to.

Therefore, try not to do things in desperation. Focus on what you want and then take both planned and inspired action with a sense of knowing that you are going to get there.

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