20 Sweet Signs He Has Feelings for You

20 Sweet Signs He Has Feelings for You
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How can you say that a guy is attracted to you? Are men usually obvious with their feelings? Are they all expressive? Well, not everyone can be aggressive since some are shy, but you can still tell if he has feelings for you.

Here are some of the signs that may help you confirm that there is this guy who is secretly in love with you:

Mesmerized by You

1. He Compliments You a Lot.

If a man never runs out of praise for you, there is a big chance that he likes you a lot. He probably sees you as a perfect angel since he is head-over-heels with you. That is why he cannot help but compliment your looks, ideas, and every other little thing about you.

2. He Always Stares at You.

Do you always catch this guy looking at you? Whether he likes locking gazes with you or he immediately stares away when caught, this is one of the apparent signs of his attraction. He cannot help but sneak glances whenever he can.

3. He Follows You Everywhere.

Does it seem like he is always where you are? For example, he seems to know your favorite hangout spot and when you usually visit it. Or whenever you are in the same place with the same group, he is always near you.

4. He Always Agrees to Everything You Say.

Yes, some men are simply courteous to disagree with women’s opinions openly. However, some guys can be so infatuated that the girls they like are perfect in their eyes. For this reason, whatever these ladies say is instantly right to their ears.

5. He Cannot Say “No” to You.

One obvious sign that a guy has feelings for you is his inability to resist your requests. You can count on him all the time because he would willingly sacrifice anything to help you.

Stands by You

6. He is Your No. 1 Cheerleader.

This man is your constant supporter. He believes that you can achieve your dreams. When you are discouraged, he will do everything to motivate you back.

7. He is Always Available to be Your Crying Shoulder.

The guy who likes you is willing to listen to your rants and heartaches. He is always available to you. That is why you can run to him whenever you feel like bursting into tears. Also, you can expect him to keep your secrets and tell you that your emotions are valid.

8. He is Your Constant Backup.

If a guy has feelings for you, he is not just your supporter and comforter. You can also count on him whenever you need Superman to save your day. He always got your back and would defend you from others.

9. He Joins Your Cause.

Are you part of an organization that advocates something you are passionate about? If this man supports or even joins your activities, it is clear he wants to touch your heart. He wants to show you that he can be your partner in your calling.

20 Sweet Signs He Has Feelings for You
Photo by chermitove

Cares for You

10. He Checks on You a Lot.

Does he send a message to check if you are already home? In a week, does he regularly ask how you are doing? This gesture is an obvious sign that he has feelings for you.

11. He Always Reminds You to Get Enough Sleep.

If he chats with you every night just to tell you to sleep early, he is not just concerned about your health. It can also be his excuse to start late-night conversations with you. It contradicts his reminder, right?

12. He Visits You When You’re Sick.

Has there been a chance that you got sick, and he panicked? Did he visit you in the hospital or at home? Did he call every now and then to check if you were getting better? Or did he even volunteer to take care of you? If he did it, it is clear that he adores you.

13. He Lets You Have His Jacket.

Have you ever forgotten your hoodie one freezing day, and he suddenly came to the rescue? Did he put his jacket on you? This small act of kindness can tell you how he feels about you. The fact that he can sacrifice his own comfort for you shows that he cares about you.

14. He Likes to Help You Around.

Aside from being selfless around you, does this guy help you with anything you need? Of course, he knows that offering you help is one of the sure ways to get close to you. Therefore, do not be surprised if he loves lending you a hand.

Loves Your Company So Much

15. He Laughs Hard at All Your Jokes.

Does he laugh at your jokes even if they are corny? Have you observed that he is always the one who laughs the hardest at them? Well, he surely wants you to know that he loves your crazy moments—and again, he is your no. 1 cheerleader.

16. He Keeps Your Conversations Going.

Does this guy prolong your conversations through chats, calls, or face-to-face talks? Like he always has follow-up questions to your answers? Or does he open up another topic whenever one ends? He probably does not want to let you go.

17. He Always Approaches When He Sees You Alone.

Another sign that he is into you is how he takes advantage of your alone moments. He cannot resist approaching you whenever you are alone. He takes this as an opportunity to have you solo. In addition, his feelings make him care about you.

18. He Invites You to ‘Friendly Dates’.

Does this guy often ask you out? He probably tells you it is nothing romantic—he just wants your company to watch a movie. Or he says he only likes treating you to snacks because he enjoys talking to you.

19. He Always Arrives Whenever You Invite Him.

And what about your invitations? Does he never say “no” to them? If he always makes time for you, it is clear that he values you so much. Thus, he will not be absent from your birthday parties and other special occasions.

20 Sweet Signs He Has Feelings for You
Photo by chermitove

20. He Likes to Walk You Home.

Has he committed to walking you home each evening after work? While it could be a genuine concern for your safety that he is after, he probably takes this as an opportunity to be with you too. This is actually one of the sweetest moments of the early dating stage.

What Do You Feel About Him?

If most of these signs apply to someone who likes to linger around, it is clear that he has feelings for you. The question is, do you feel the same way for him?

If not, make sure you do not give him hope that he has a chance with you. Do it gently and courteously, though. You can still be friends with him, but avoid being too sweet or taking advantage of all his offers.

On the other hand, if you like him too, see that you get to know him well before dating him formally. Wait for him to verbally express his feelings before assuming that you are an item. Also, observe how he behaves around other people, including his friends and family. This will help you decide if you really want to date him.

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