16 Painful Signs He Is No Longer Interested in You

16 Painful Signs He Is No Longer Interested in You
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The idea that the guy you thought was in love with you is no longer into you can be a terrible feeling. How can you know whether he is truly over you and ready to move on, even if you might still adore him? What are the signs he is no longer interested in you?

Truly, if your boyfriend hasn’t explicitly broken up with you, it may be difficult to discern when he isn’t interested in you anymore. However, if you pay attention and avoid letting your feelings cloud your judgment, you can always see the indications.

Check out the following signs that your boyfriend has already lost affection for you:

16 Painful Signs He Is No Longer Interested in You Video

No More Excitement with You

1. He Doesn’t Seem to Talk with You as Much as He Normally Did.

He loved talking to you in the past. Whenever you talked about your concerns, he truly listened, paid attention to the little things, and seemed genuinely happy to be speaking with you. And now? His energy level has decreased. He pays little attention to you and rarely offers recommendations to help you solve your difficulties.

2. He is No Longer as Responsive As He Once Was.

If he isn’t replying to your text messages or doesn’t talk to you for long periods of time, such as he used to, you should be concerned. Furthermore, if you have the impression that he isn’t interested in talking with you on the phone but makes time to call someone else, this could be an obvious sign that he doesn’t like to be around you anymore.

3. He Does Not Take the Initiative.

Are you constantly texting him first? Is it you who approaches him? Probably, your boyfriend was the one who usually initiated calls and dates at first, but if that interaction has shifted and you’re now in charge, he may have lost interest in spending time with you. The guy who is genuinely interested in you will make time for you. He’s not going to “hopefully” run into you by chance.

4. He Notices Nothing About You Anymore.

He used to recognize your small changes, whether it was a new hairstyle, new shoes, or a new hobby you tried. In addition, your boyfriend was committed to doing small stuff to make you feel valued, like comforting you when you were upset or offering you his jacket when there was a chill in the air. However, those small acts of kindness have dwindled.

Setting You Aside

5. You’re Simply No Longer a Priority.

Your boyfriend suddenly doesn’t have time for your relationship anymore. He’s always working late, hanging out with his friends, or going to the gym. In short, you’re no longer a priority for him. He’d never skip an important date when he was “wooing” you. He devoted all of his spare time to you. But what about now? He no longer says “yes” to your invitations to go out. He’ll say things like, “maybe we can go out on the weekend,” but when the weekend comes around, he’ll have an excuse for not meeting you.

6. He Has Begun to Make Excuses.

He used to make time for you between meetings and work. However, whenever you request him now to spend some time with you, he apologizes for the tight schedules and important work matters. On some other days, he avoids spending quality time with you for illogical reasons. All of these things could indicate disinterest.

7. He Does Not Plan for Dates Anymore.

You were overwhelmed by romance and thrill when you were only starting together. For sure, your guy was always excited to plan for a movie night, dinner, or a day at the beach. Now, if he is too lazy to plan for your dates, it is a sign that he is drifting away.

Not Included in His Plans Anymore

8. He No Longer Discusses Future Plans with You.

Has he stopped discussing the future with you? If he no longer involves you in decision-making about settling down, this could be a red flag. He also might avoid using a label on your relationship, insisting it is unofficial. Also, you may catch him making statements that he is looking for a serious relationship or that his family or friends are unsure about the relationship.

9. He is Confusing You.

This is a continuation of the preceding sign. You may have noticed that your boyfriend has been hesitant and evasive for some time. Furthermore, you may have difficulty comprehending his plans and intentions. If he makes plans with his family or friends but not with you, it implies that he is ignoring you. Something else is going on.

16 Painful Signs He Is No Longer Interested in You
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Irritable Towards You

10. He is Harsh and Defensive.

You were in love with a sweet and friendly man. He used to tell you all the little details. But he has now turned cold and rude. He becomes irritated and defensive if you pose questions and demand to know the details. Moreover, he eventually uses snide remarks or sarcastic jokes to deflect your questions. These are clear indications of his lost interest in you.

11. He Always Starts Fights with You.

When you’re together lately, your boyfriend often complains about insignificant things or tries to find flaws in minor issues.  Also, he argues with you about everything. It seems that he intentionally does things to make you feel bad.

Obvious Loss of Passion

12. His Body Language Reveals It.

If a man is comfortable around you, he will display “open body language”. So, what does that mean if your boyfriend acts stiff and differently lately? Examples of closed body language are the following:  his body is turned, he folds his arms, avoids eye contact, and won’t even stay close to you. This could indicate that he is no longer interested in you. If you notice that your boyfriend behaves like this, trust your “gut feeling” that something is not right.

13. He Doesn’t Mind if You Mention Other Guys.

You have probably tried to make your boyfriend jealous by talking about other guys. This is a viable strategy if your man is still into you. However, if you notice that he doesn’t seem to care when you bring up other guys, that’s not a good sign. It’s a particularly bad sign if he seems enthusiastic about you seeing other guys.

14. There is No More Intimacy.

You can tell he is losing interest if you two have no more physical intimacy. Plus, he is probably not expressive of his affection anymore. If you notice that he is uninterested in making intimate contact with you, it is a sign that he is fading away.

15. It is Only About Physical Intimacy Now.

This sign may surprise you because it is the opposite of the previous one. If the only thing going on between you two now is sex, with no emotional bond, he is just after fulfilling his needs.  He may see you less frequently but demands sexual intimacy whenever you meet.

16. He Enjoys Flirting with Others.

Is your man no longer flirting with you? Yet, if he actively does that to other girls, even in front of you, that is an obvious sign. This could indicate that he no longer respects your relationship. He may be doing it on purpose to irritate you. Or it may be his way of signaling that you need to leave on your own already.

16 Painful Signs He Is No Longer Interested in You
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Moving On

Insecurity in a relationship can be frightening, so it is best to recognize signs that your guy is losing interest in you. If you start noticing more of the abovementioned signs in your boyfriend’s behavior, it could point to the unpleasant truth you’ve been avoiding. If this is the case, investigate the underlying causes of his loss of interest in you.

If you feel the same, but both of you want to save the relationship, strive to resolve your problems. However, you must acknowledge that it is not working anymore if he refuses to put in the effort. Know that you need someone who loves you as much as you love him.

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