21 Painful Signs He Never Loved You

21 Painful Signs He Never Loved You
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Do you think you are in a one-sided love? Loving someone who never loves you in return hurts, but it is more painful if that person is acting as they do. If you want to free yourself from this kind of misery, you should be brave enough to face the truth.

So, is there any way of knowing whether your boyfriend really loved you?  How can you say that he never loved you at all?

Check out the following signs:

21 Painful Signs He Never Loved You Video

No Affection

1. He Always Seems Distant.

Do you feel that your boyfriend is always cold towards you? For example, he never hugs nor kisses you tightly. Or you probably feel that he is not excited to see or talk to you whenever you are together. And whenever you try to be sweet to him, he does not respond and even gets annoyed.

2. He Does Not Initiate Intimate Moments.

Moreover, he never initiates sweet talks or any romantic gestures. You can never hear him say “I love you” first. It is also possible that he avoids being alone with you, so he often meets with you somewhere where there are other people you can interact with.

3. He Never Gives You Gifts.

Love is generous, so it is impossible to love someone without wanting to give them anything that can make them feel valued. Therefore, if your boyfriend has never given you any kind of gift, even simple ones, maybe it is a sign.

4. He Has Limited Time for You.

How about your dates? Does he always make excuses to go ahead after an hour of being together? Or is he always busy to call or chat with you? And does he discourage you from staying a long time whenever you visit his house?

5. He Spends More Time with His Friends than You.

If your boyfriend spends most of his free time with his friends than with you, he obviously does not love you. He should be excited to hang out with you if he does, especially if you are both busy most of the week.

6. He Has Never Been Romantic with You.

Does it seem like your boyfriend has no sweet bone at all? While it is true that some people are not expressive, any person in love would go through that romantic stage. However, if he never gave you flowers, surprised you with a song, touched your hand softly, or brought you to his favorite secret place, he never loved you at all.

7. He Does Not Care about Your Interests.

Love will make you interested in what the other person likes. Therefore, if your boyfriend does not listen to you whenever you talk about your hobbies, favorite series or band, or the books you want to buy, he is not interested in you overall.

8. He Never Offers Help or a Crying Shoulder.

If your boyfriend is never thoughtful enough to offer help when you need it, you cannot count on him. In addition, if he does not have time to comfort you or at least listen to your heartaches, it is clear that there is no affection.

Insensitivity to Your Feelings

9. He is Not Hesitant to Say Something that Can Hurt You.

Another sign that he has not loved you is his indifference to what you feel. He does not care about you if he talks to you without any filter, even if he knows you will be offended.

10. He Makes You Wait.

Whenever you have a date, does he often arrive too late? If he makes you wait all the time—sometimes even for hours—it is hard to say he truly loves you. On the other hand, a boyfriend in love is gentlemanly, so you would not be treated this way.

21 Painful Signs He Never Loved You
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11. He Compares You to Other Girls.

If he often compares you to the women he looks up to, it means there is no love. True love accepts a person for who they are, including their flaws and limitations. Meanwhile, comparison only creates insecurities, and any sensible person must know this.

12. He Criticizes You Often.

If you can feel that he sees nothing good about you, ask why. Love makes you appreciate your partner in every little way. Therefore, if he does nothing but complains about your fashion sense, movie choices, friends, decision-making, and even how you laugh, he is not in love with you.

13. He Disrespects You.

Aside from constant criticism, the lack of respect is another sign that he does not love you. If he does, he will respect your views, ideas, principles, and culture, even if they are different from his.

14. He is Rude to Your Family.

If your partner does not try to be close to your family, you should wonder why. Unless they had done something terrible to him, he would have been doing his best to win their trust. So, if you cannot think of any reason he does not associate with your family—and even treats them harshly—just accept that he does not love you.

15. He Does Not Associate with Your Friends.

In addition to his rudeness to your family, his disinterest in your friends can tell you his true feelings. He probably knows he will be leaving you soon, so he does not see the need to get acquainted with your social circle.

16. He Embarrasses You Infront of Others.

Does he shout at you in front of other people? Is he unhesitant to express his dismay in you even if others can hear him? If your boyfriend does not care if you feel humiliated in public, do not think he really loves you.

Not Proud of You

17. He Hides You on Social Media.

If he never flexes you on his social media accounts, you should ask why. People in love would be excited to flaunt their special someone on social media. So, if your boyfriend does not give a hint on his timeline that you exist in his life, it is because he probably wishes you did not.

18. He Does Not Celebrate Your Success.

Is he happy and excited for you whenever you achieve something? Does he call for a celebration for it? If he is content with telling you a plain “congratulations”, you cannot say he is truly proud of you. But, on the other hand, if your boyfriend really loves you, he will flaunt your accomplishment to the world.

21 Painful Signs He Never Loved You
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19. He Keeps You from His Family Gatherings.

Another sign that he never loves you is how he keeps you from his family. Normally, partners would invite each other to their family events. If your boyfriend does not, he is probably not serious about your relationship.

20. He Does Not Flaunt You to His Friends.

The same thing applies to his friends. If he does not involve you in his social circle, you can expect him to dump you anytime. He is clearly hiding you from his friends.

21. He Wants to Keep Your Relationship a Secret.

Overall, if your boyfriend is not proud of your relationship, you can conclude that he never loves you. Why would he want to keep you a secret if he is in love with you? Yes, it is advisable to keep your relationship private, but it is a different thing to keep it a secret.

Accept the Truth

Are these signs present in your relationship? If you have confirmed that he never loved you, it is time to move on. It may hurt a lot, but acceptance is the first step to healing. Just let go and learn to love yourself first.

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